Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering time lapse and time warp photography with the GoPro Hero 12! Whether you’re an adventurous traveler looking to capture stunning landscapes or a creative storyteller wanting to add a dynamic twist to your videos, understanding how to harness the power of time manipulation can take your GoPro footage to the next level.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of time lapse and time warp, providing you with expert insights and the best settings to unlock the full potential of your GoPro Hero 12.

Get ready to create mesmerizing visual experiences that will leave your audience captivated. Let’s dive in!


Understanding GoPro Hero 12 Time Lapse & Time Warp

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of settings and techniques for creating stunning time lapse and time warp videos with your GoPro Hero 12, let’s start by unraveling the fundamentals of these two captivating shooting modes. Understanding the underlying concepts will empower you to make informed decisions and unleash your creative potential.

To begin with, you can take a look at my video where I epxplain the differences between Timelapse and Time Warp modes:

GoPro: Timelapse vs Timewarp (Modes Explained)

Time Lapse: Freeze Time in Motion

Time lapse photography allows you to condense long periods of time into short, visually striking sequences. It’s all about capturing the gradual changes in a scene, whether it’s the movement of clouds, the bustling streets of a city, or the transformation of a sunset into a starry night.

hero 12 timelapse

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Interval Shooting: Time lapse works by taking a series of still photos at specified intervals. These photos are then played back as a video, creating the illusion of time speeding up.
  2. Interval Settings: Adjusting the interval (the time between each shot) is crucial. Shorter intervals capture rapid changes, while longer intervals smooth out slower movements.
  3. Duration Planning: Plan your time lapse by estimating how long you want your final video to be and calculating the number of shots needed. This will help you determine the interval and shooting duration.

Read more about Timelapse: GoPro Timelapse Beginner Guide

Time Warp: Bend and Twist Reality

Time warp is a dynamic feature that combines time lapse and hyperlapse techniques to add dramatic motion to your footage. It’s perfect for showcasing action-packed sequences or revealing hidden details in fast-paced environments.

Learn more on what is Time Warp and how to use it: GoPro Time Warp Ultimate Guide

time warp hero 9

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Hyperlapse Effect: Time warp involves moving the camera while shooting a time-lapse sequence. This movement can be done manually, with a stabilizer, or even by mounting your GoPro on a vehicle.
  2. Speed Control: You have the flexibility to control the speed of your time warp video, allowing you to emphasize specific moments or create a sense of urgency.
  3. Stabilization: To achieve smooth and cinematic results, consider using a gimbal or electronic stabilization features if available on your GoPro Hero 12.

Understanding these core principles of time lapse and time warp photography is the first step toward creating visually captivating content. In the following sections, we will explore the best settings and techniques to make the most of your GoPro Hero 12 in both modes, helping you capture breathtaking moments that tell a compelling story.


GoPro Hero 12 – Best Time Lapse Settings

In the realm of time lapse photography with your GoPro Hero 12, understanding the optimal settings is paramount for achieving outstanding results. Let’s delve into a comprehensive overview of the available resolutions, digital lenses, and aspect ratios tailored for various time lapse modes:

  1. TimeWarp: Resolutions include 5.3K, 4K, and 1080P, with versatile digital lens options such as Wide, Linear, and Linear + Horizon Leveling. Aspect ratios include 16:9, 9:16, and 8:7.
  2. Star Trails: You can capture the celestial beauty of star trails in 5.3K and 4K resolutions using the Wide digital lens. The aspect ratios available are 16:9 and 8:7.
  3. Light Painting: For artistic endeavors, the 5.3K and 4K resolutions with the Wide digital lens offer a canvas for your creativity, featuring aspect ratios of 16:9 and 8:7.
  4. Vehicle Light Trails: Immortalize the movement of vehicles with 5.3K and 4K resolutions, employing the Wide digital lens. Aspect ratios here encompass 16:9 and 8:7.
  5. Time Lapse Video: This versatile mode offers resolutions of 5.3K, 4K, and 1080P, along with digital lens options in Wide and Linear. Aspect ratios cover 16:9 and 8:7.
  6. Night Lapse Video: Capture the mystique of nighttime scenes with resolutions of 5.3K, 4K, and 1080P, using the Wide and Linear digital lenses. Aspect ratios include 16:9 and 8:7.

Now that you’re acquainted with the resolution, lens, and aspect ratio options, let’s dive deeper into the crucial aspect of setting the right time lapse interval.

Time Lapse Interval

The interval setting dictates how frequently your GoPro Hero 12 captures a shot in both Time Lapse video and Time Lapse photo modes. A range of intervals is at your disposal, allowing you to tailor your time lapse to the specific scenario:

  • 0.5 (default) – 2 seconds: Ideal for dynamic activities like surfing, biking, or other sports.
  • 2 seconds: Great for capturing the bustling energy of a busy street corner.
  • 5 – 10 seconds: Perfect for observing gradual changes in scenes, such as drifting clouds or extended outdoor sequences.
  • 10 seconds – 1 minute: Suited for recording art projects or any extended activities.
  • 1 minute – 1 hour: Designed for time lapses spanning over extended periods, such as construction work or lengthy events.

Time Lapse Video Recording Time

To further assist you in planning your time lapse videos effectively, consider this handy chart detailing the video lengths corresponding to various interval settings:

  • 0.5 seconds: Yields 5 minutes and 20 seconds of video.
  • 1 second: Results in 5 minutes and 10 seconds of footage.
  • 2 seconds: Provides 10 minutes and 10 seconds of video.
  • 5 seconds: Extends to 1 hour and 20 seconds of captivating footage.
  • 10 seconds: Stretches to 1 hour and 10 seconds of engaging content.
  • 30 seconds: Offers an impressive 5 hours and 20 seconds of video.
  • 1 minute: Grants you 5 hours and 10 seconds of continuous footage.
  • 2 minutes: Delivers 5 hours and 5 seconds of mesmerizing time lapse.
  • 5 minutes: Unfolds into a remarkable 10 hours and 4 seconds of visual storytelling.
  • 30 minutes: Extends to a staggering 1 week of continuous recording.
  • 1 hour: Provides an astonishing 1 week and 5 seconds of captured moments.

Pro Tip: To ensure the best results, stabilize your camera on a tripod or any stable surface to prevent wobbling or shaking. For on-the-go time lapse video, consider using the TimeWarp feature, which excels at capturing dynamic time lapse sequences while in motion.


GoPro Hero 12 – Best Time Warp Settings

When it comes to capturing the essence of fast-paced action and creating captivating time warp videos, understanding the optimal settings is key. In this section, we’ll explore the Time Warp settings for your GoPro Hero 12, empowering you to harness the power of speed and create mesmerizing videos that tell a compelling story.

Find all the best Time Warp settings in my video:

GoPro Timewarp: 5 Tips for Shooting Cool Hyperlapses

Time Warp Video Speed

One of the defining features of Time Warp on the GoPro Hero 12 is the ability to manipulate video speed, allowing you to turn extended activities into easily shareable moments. By default, the setting is on “Auto,” which intelligently determines the speed for your video. However, you also have the option to manually set the speed to your preference.

To help you plan your Time Warp adventures, refer to this chart to estimate the duration of your resulting videos. For instance, recording at 2x speed for 4 minutes will yield approximately 2 minutes of Time Warp video.

  • 2x: Records for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • 5x: Results in a 1-minute and 10-second video.
  • 10x: Extends to 5 minutes and 30 seconds of captivating footage.
  • 15x: Provides 5 minutes and 20 seconds of dynamic storytelling.
  • 30x: Delivers 5 minutes and 10 seconds of high-speed excitement.

It’s important to note that these recording times are approximate and may vary depending on the movement within your shot. Use the following speed examples as a guide: 2x-5x for scenic drives, 10x for hiking and exploration, and 15x-30x for running and mountain biking.

For the best results in situations with potential bumps or jolts, it’s advisable to leave the speed on the “Auto” setting.

Speed Ramp

To add an extra layer of dynamism to your Time Warp videos, the GoPro Hero 12 introduces the Speed Ramp feature. This function allows you to transition from the speed you’ve chosen for your video to a real-time speed of 30 frames per second.

It’s a straightforward process: while recording your Time Warp video, simply tap the rear touch screen to slow down to real speed, capturing or creating a dramatic moment. Tap again to seamlessly accelerate back to your chosen speed.

In the resulting video, any high-speed action will gracefully slow down to real-time speed during the time you engaged Speed Ramp and will smoothly accelerate back to your selected speed when you disengage this feature. It’s a creative tool to craft captivating narratives within your Time Warp sequences.


GoPro Hero 12 – Best Night Lapse Settings

In the world of night photography, mastering the settings on your GoPro Hero 12 can make the difference between capturing captivating nocturnal scenes and missing out on those mesmerizing moments. In this section, we’ll explore the essential Night Lapse settings that will enable you to create stunning time-lapse videos under low-light conditions.

gopro time lapse

Night Lapse Interval

Selecting the right interval for your Night Lapse shots is crucial for achieving the desired effect in your videos. Your GoPro Hero 12 offers a range of Night Lapse intervals, ensuring flexibility in your nighttime photography adventures. These intervals include Auto (the default setting), 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 seconds, as well as 1, 2, 5, 30, and 60 minutes.

  • Auto (default): This setting synchronizes the interval with the Shutter setting, capturing shots as quickly as possible based on the Shutter setting. For instance, if your shutter speed is set to 10 seconds, and you choose Auto as the interval, your camera will take a shot every 10 seconds.

Here are some interval examples to guide your Night Lapse adventures:

  • 4-5 seconds: Ideal for capturing an evening city scene, street lighting, or scenes with subtle movement.
  • 10-15 seconds: Suited for dimly lit environments with slow scene changes, such as night clouds with a bright moon.
  • 20-30 seconds: Perfect for very low light conditions or scenes with minimal ambient or street lighting, like capturing stars against a dark sky.

These interval options empower you to adapt to various lighting and scene conditions, allowing you to create stunning Night Lapse sequences that showcase the magic of the night.

Learn more on what setting do you need for a night lapse: Best Tips For GoPro Night Lapse


Tips for Better Time Lapse & Time Warp Videos

Your GoPro Hero 12 Black is a powerful tool for capturing mesmerizing time lapse and time warp videos. Whether you’re capturing the passage of time in stunning landscapes or adding dynamic motion to your storytelling, here are some essential tips to elevate your footage to the next level.

#1. Plan Your Shots

Before you hit record, have a clear idea of what you want to capture. Time lapse and time warp videos require careful planning to ensure you capture the right moments. Think about the composition, movement, and lighting conditions.


#2. Use a Tripod or Stabilizer

Stability is key to achieving professional-looking footage. Invest in a quality tripod or a stabilizer compatible with your GoPro Hero 12 Black. This will minimize camera shake and result in smoother videos.

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More tripods for your camera: 7 Best GoPro Tripods

Gimbal Stabilizer

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More option for gimbal stabilizers: TOP Choices for GoPro Gimbals 

#3. Choose the Right Interval

Selecting the correct interval between shots is crucial. Short intervals like 1-2 seconds work well for fast-paced action, while longer intervals are ideal for slow changes in scenery. Adjust your settings to match the pace of your subject.

#4. Experiment with Speed

In time warp mode, you have the flexibility to control video speed. Experiment with different speeds to create dramatic effects. Slow down for intense moments and speed up for added excitement. Don’t be afraid to try different speeds to see what works best for your story.

#5. Monitor Lighting Conditions

Pay close attention to lighting conditions, especially in time lapse mode. Adjust your exposure settings to ensure proper exposure throughout the sequence. For night time lapses, consider using a lower ISO to reduce noise.

#6. Frame Your Shots Thoughtfully

Composition is just as important in time lapse and time warp videos as it is in regular photography. Frame your shots carefully, and make use of leading lines, interesting angles, and foreground elements to create visually compelling footage.

#7. Use ND Filters

Neutral density (ND) filters are useful for controlling exposure in bright conditions. They allow you to use slower shutter speeds, resulting in smoother motion in your time warp videos. ND filters are particularly handy when shooting in bright daylight.

REYGEAK 4-Pack Filter Set

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Mor options: GoPro Filters (ND, Polarized, Red)

gopro tripod mounted

#8. Experiment with Motion

In time warp mode, adding camera movement can create captivating effects. Experiment with panning, tilting, and tracking shots to add dynamic motion to your videos. Use a motorized gimbal for smooth, professional-looking movements.

#9. Monitor Battery Life

Time lapse and time warp sequences can be time-consuming. Keep an eye on your GoPro Hero 12 Black’s battery life, and carry spare batteries or a portable charger to ensure you don’t miss any crucial moments.

#10. Post-Processing

After capturing your footage, consider using video editing software to enhance your time lapse and time warp videos further. Adjust colors, add music, and stabilize shaky footage to create a polished final product.

It’s always good idea to use GoPro Luts in postproduction to adjust color fast and easy.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to create stunning time lapse and time warp videos that captivate your audience and tell a compelling visual story with your GoPro Hero 12 Black.

You can use the following programs for video editing: TOP 10 GoPro Video Editing Softwares (Phone and Desktop)


Ready to take cool lapses?

As we wrap up this journey into the world of time manipulation and storytelling with your GoPro Hero 12 Black, it’s clear that mastering time lapse and time warp videos is all about planning, precision, and creativity. With the right settings, equipment, and techniques, you can capture moments that transcend the ordinary and transport your audience into the extraordinary.

Remember to plan your shots, use stabilizers for smooth footage, and experiment with intervals and speeds to achieve the desired effect. Keep a keen eye on lighting conditions, frame your shots thoughtfully, and consider using ND filters for better exposure control. Don’t be afraid to explore camera movement and experiment with dynamic shots. And when your masterpiece is captured, post-processing tools can add that final touch of polish.




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