Apart from being the best rated action camera, GoPro comes with a world of possibilities and customization prospects to fulfil all your creative photography and videography needs. For example, you can even turn your GoPro into a Macro Camera!

So, whether you’re looking to buy an accessory to protect your GoPro, or you want to do more with your camera in addition to action or sports photography, there are several different kinds of GoPro Lens or filters available in the market that you can choose from…

Let’s have a look at 7 GoPro Lens compatible with your GoPro.


GoPro Protective Lens Replacements

GoPro Protective Lens Replacements help in protecting the interior lens of your GoPro from wear & tear due to factors like scratch, dust or other damage.​ Here are the Top 3 products in this category that we recommend.

#1: GoPro Protective Lens Replacement for (HERO7 Black)

This official GoPro accessory is meant to shield the interior lens of your GoPro Hero7 Black, and protect it from dirt, dust and scratches.

GoPro Camera Accessory Protective...
  • Shields the interior Lens of your Hero7 Black from dirt, dust and scratches​
  • Easy to remove and replace-no tools needed​
  • Made with Corning Gorilla glass for exceptional strength​

What we like: Made with Corning Gorilla glass, this protective lens replacement is strong and sturdy. It is the exact replacement of what your Hero7 originally comes with! You can conveniently remove and replace it, with no requirement of extra tools. If you’re looking to use your GoPro while snorkelling or diving, this lens is perfect, as its flat design prevents distortion underwater.

What we don’t like: A few users have complained that this product cracks and shatters easily.

#2: Silicon Lens Cap for GoPro Hero 5/6/7

If you’re looking for a cap for your GoPro lens to protect it from scratch, dust, hit or other damage, this 2pcs Lens Cap from Taisioner is an ideal product for you. It is compatible with Hero 5, 6 & 7.

Taisioner 2pcs Silicon Lens Cap for...
  • ☆ Compatible with GoPro Hero 5 Hero 6 Hero 7 Black.
  • ☆ This Lens protector let your gopro camera whole lens without scratch, dust,...
  • ☆ Our lens cap of thickness only have 0.3cm, better than other silicon & plastic...

What we like: Made from highly elastic silicone material, this lens protector cap is durable as well as lightweight. It feels soft and comfortable to touch. With this cap on, you can be assured that the lens is safe as it’s great in absorbing shock/impact. This product also repels water, thus ensuring that the surface is always clean.

What we don’t like: The main issue with this product is that it is too loose for the GoPro lens and doesn’t stay on for as long as you like. It falls off very easily.

#3: Transparent Cover Lens Protector for GoPro Max

This transparent cover lens protector by VGSION is specifically designed for GoPro Max. It is great to secure your camera lens from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

What we like: Made of acrylic, this lens protector super-sturdy and easy to install/remove. Since it is transparent, you do not need to remove it while shooting. Your GoPro lens is shielded against shock, dust and water with this product on, as it is anti-collision, dust-proof and water-repellent. You get two lens covers in the pack: One each for the front and rear lens of your GoPro Max.

What we don’t like: It is an amazing, quality product with no known shortcomings.


GoPro Macro Lens

With the help of GoPro Macro Lens you will be able to capture amazing macro shots with your GoPro.

But, you might be thinking what a macro lens actually does?

Here’s the answer: A macro lens lets you film and photograph subjects that are as close as just two to three inches from your camera! Otherwise, anything closer than 10 inches from your standard GoPro lens tends to get blurry.

Here’s an example of the shot you can achieve using a Macro Lens with your GoPro.

Macro Lens focuses the camera on the close up subject, and blurs everything in the background.

There are several macro lenses available in the market for your GoPro. Following there’s a detailed review of our favourite two:

#1: PolarPro Macro Lens for GoPro

Built specifically for your GoPro Hero 5 & 6, this macro lens by PolarPro lets you achieve razor sharp close-up shots.

PolarPro Macro Lens for GoPro Hero6...
  • Engineered specifically for the GoPro Hero6 / Hero5 Black camera
  • Glass lens for razor sharp close-up shots
  • Macro Lens allows you to capture extremely close up shots

What we like: Multi-coated glass body makes this lens tough and reduces flaring and ghosting of the resulting image. If you own this amazing product, you’re sure to get some exciting close-up shots from your GoPro, without the need of any adapter whatsoever. It is incredibly quick to install and remove from your camera.

What we don’t like: This product is prone to get scratches easily.

#2: 52mm Professional Close-Up Macro Filter Lens 10X Magnification

Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7, this is another great macro lens for high definition close-up shots, even if you’re using it under water.

D&F 52mm Professional Close-Up...
  • Use for GoPro hero 5/ Hero 6/ Hero 7 black/ Hero(2018) camera directly, no need to...
  • 52mm Filter, made of optical glasses and aluminum alloy frame,lightweight and...
  • High Definition, 10x Close-Up Lens. The scratch-resistant layer on the lens surface...

What we like: This 52mm macro filter lens is made of optical glass and aluminum alloy frame, which makes it lightweight and portable. It is a superb product that can zoom in 10 times on small things, such as small insects, bees and flowers. There is a scratch-resistant layer on the lens surface which prevents the camera lens from scratching.

What we don’t like: Although it is a good-quality product, some users have reported that it is a bit loose to stay on your GoPro lens.


GoPro ND Lens Filters

Using ND (Neutral Density) filters with your GoPro enables you to shoot at lower  shutter speeds during sunny days and achieve a more cinematic look. It ensures that you get natural and smooth movements in the footage, similar to how our eyes see while in motion. These filters also help protect your camera lens and reduce the jello effect caused by vibrations.

Following are our top picks for GoPro ND Lens Filters:

#1: PolarPro Venture Filter 3-Pack for GoPro

Specially built for Hero 5 & 6 cameras, this 3-filter pack for GoPro is perfect for those who aspire to be a filmmaker. The three filters included in this pack are: Polarizer, Neutral Density and Graduated ND filters.

PolarPro Venture Filter 3-Pack for...
287 Reviews
PolarPro Venture Filter 3-Pack for...
  • Engineered specifically for the Hero6 / Hero5 Black camera
  • Perfect starter set for the aspiring film maker
  • Includes Polarizer, Neutral Density, and Graduated ND filters

What we like: This product has a sleek, low profile design which makes it lightweight. The included filter case ensures that all filters are protected and always ready to use. With the press-on design, you can easily change filters or keep no filter. The three filters do their job perfectly:

  • Polarizer filter removes all unwanted reflections, reduces glare, and leaves behind vivid colors.
  • ND Filter slows down shutter speed, and creates smooth, cinematic-looking videos.
  • Macro Lens enables focused shots of subject as close as four inches.

What we don’t like: This product is prone to get scratches easily.

#2: Neewer Multi-coated Lens Filter Kit

This Muti-coated Lens Filter Kit by Neewer is compatible with Hero 5, 6 & 7. It includes three ND filters : ND8 Filter, ND16 Filter & ND32 Filter.

Neewer Multi-coated Lens Filter Kit...
  • It’s specially designed for the GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6 Hero 5. NOTE: The GoPro Hero...
  • Kit included: (1) ND8 Filter , (1) ND16 Filter, (1)ND32 Filter , (3) Lens Cap; Three...
  • Neutral Density (ND) filters decrease the amount of light coming into the sensor...

What we like: Made of premium materials: Aluminum alloy frame and multi-coated glass, all filters in this kit are perfectly color neutral and offer a low refractive index. These ND filters help you shoot at shutter speeds of 1/60th the normal speed to capture smooth footage. The filters are meant for natural looking shots in different lighting conditions, which include Partly Cloudy (ND8), Sunny (ND16), and Very Bright (ND32).

What we don’t like: It is a premium quality product at a non-premium price. You must grab it, as it is a great deal and the product doesn’t have any major shortcomings.


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