GoPro has finally given us the battery boost we’ve been dreaming of. The GoPro Hero 12 battery can film up to 70 minutes at 5.3K/60fps, and guess what? It even holds up in extreme cold conditions.

Finally, I can shoot my skiing without constantly worrying that my GoPro will die soon. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything I know about the GoPro Hero 12 battery.

Plus, I’ve got some tips to squeeze out even more recording time!

Here’s what I think about GoPro Hero 12 battery:

How to Use GoPro HERO 12 [Beginner’s Guide 2024]


  • GoPro Hero 12’s longest record time is at 1080p 30fps, lasting up to 155 minutes
  • Turn off the GoPro when not recording to save battery
  • Keep the battery in an interior pocket to maintain optimal temperature
  • Carry spare batteries or a power source for extended shooting sessions.


GoPro Hero 12 Battery Life

Here’s a breakdown of the expected battery life for the GoPro Hero 12 Black when shooting in various modes using a fully charged, official GoPro battery:

  • 5.3K / 60fps: 70 minutes
  • 5.3K / 30fps: 98 minutes
  • 5.3K(8:7) / 30fps: 79 minutes
  • 4K / 120fps: 62 minutes
  • 4K / 60fps: 81 minutes
  • 4K / 30fps: 102 minutes
  • 4K(8:7) / 60fps: 67 minutes
  • 4K(8:7) / 30fps: 88 minutes
  • 4K(9:16) / 60fps: 85 minutes
  • 4K(9:16) / 30fps: 111 minutes
  • 2.7K / 240fps: 64 minutes
  • 2.7K(4:3) / 120fps: 78 minutes
  • 2.7K(4:3) / 60fps: 88 minutes
  • 1080p / 240fps: 69 minutes
  • 1080p / 120fps: 91 minutes
  • 1080p / 60fps: 102 minutes
  • 1080p / 30fps: 155 minutes

As you can see, the longest record time is achieved at 1080p 30fps, which can last up to 155 minutes.

However, this also means sacrificing some quality and features, such as stabilization and slow motion. You can also extend the battery life by turning off features like Wi-Fi, GPS, stabilization, voice control, and LCD screen.

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Tips for Maximizing GoPro Hero 12 Battery Life

Watch this tutorial where I explain how to extend GoPro battery life:

5 Tips for Saving and Extending your GoPro Battery Life (HERO 6/7/8/9/10/11/12)

Even though the Hero 12 battery offers improved performance over previous models, you can still follow these simple tips to conserve power:

Strategic Power Management

When your GoPro is not actively recording, powering it off is a straightforward approach to prevent unnecessary battery drainage. This is a simple habit that I always use.

Cold Weather Care

While the Enduro battery is designed to excel in low temperatures, it’s prudent to provide additional protection. Storing it in the interior pocket of your jacket when not in use helps maintain optimal battery temperature, ensuring reliable performance in chilly conditions.

hero 12 battery

LCD Screen Optimization

The LCD screen, while invaluable for framing shots and reviewing footage, is a power-hungry component. To extend battery life, I recommend you either turning off the screen when it’s not actively in use or adjusting the settings to make it turn off automatically after a brief period of inactivity.

Resolution and Frame Rate Adjustment

The choice of resolution and frame rate significantly impacts power consumption. Higher resolutions and frame rates demand more energy from the battery. Therefore, selecting settings that align with your shooting needs and preferences can contribute to prolonged battery life.

Disable Unnecessary Features

GoPro cameras come equipped with various features like Wi-Fi, GPS, image stabilization, voice control, and more. These features, while valuable in certain scenarios, can deplete your battery more rapidly when not in use. I totally recommend you to disable them when they’re not essential for your current shooting situation.

Preparedness with Extra Power

For extended shooting sessions, always consider carrying spare batteries or a reliable power source. This proactive approach ensures you have backup power readily available when your primary battery is depleted. Utilizing the GoPro Dual Battery Charger allows you to conveniently charge two batteries simultaneously, reducing downtime.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + 2 Enduro Batteries

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + 2 Enduro Batteries (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory
  • Optimizes charging so you’ll get a fully charged battery as quickly as possible
  • Dual LED lights display charging status of both batteries
  • Works with Enduro and standard GoPro batteries

Designed for efficiency, it ensures rapid charging, bringing your battery to full capacity in no time. The dual LED indicators provide real-time feedback on the charging status of each battery, eliminating guesswork. Compatible with both Enduro and standard GoPro batteries, this charger truly shines when paired with the Enduro variant. The advanced 1720mAh Enduro lithium-ion battery not only offers a capacity boost over standard GoPro batteries but also delivers consistent performance across diverse temperature conditions.

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Are GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 12 Batteries the Same?

Both the GoPro Hero models rock the same 1,720mAh battery. However, the real differentiator here lies in how efficiently each camera manages its power, especially when shooting at demanding settings like 5.3K/60 recording mode.

The Hero 12 is the true champ here. Even though it shares the same battery size with the Hero 11, it manages to film for a whopping 70 minutes in that high-end 5.3K/60 mode on just one charge. Hats off to GoPro for making such strides in power optimization—it means we get to film more of our fun without those annoying battery swaps!

On the other side, the Hero 11 Black, while still a strong contender, lasts about half as long. If you’re recording in that same 5.3K/60 mode, you’ll get around 35 minutes before needing a battery boost.

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gopro hero 12 black

The Hero 12 Black can work with both types of batteries, but GoPro recommends using the Enduro battery for optimal performance. The Enduro battery can also last longer than the Standard battery in some video modes. 

For example, the Enduro battery can record up to 70 minutes of continuous video at 5.3K 60fps, while the Standard battery can only record up to 35 minutes at the same resolution and frame rate.

Therefore, if you have a GoPro Hero 11 or Hero 12 camera, you can use either the Enduro or the Standard battery, but you will get better results with the Enduro battery. You can also use external power sources like power banks or wall chargers to keep your camera running for longer.


How Long GoPro 12 Battery Takes to Charge

The Enduro battery also features a faster charging rate than standard GoPro batteries, and it can be charged using the USB-C port on the camera, or using an external charger. You can also use external power sources such as power banks or wall chargers to keep your camera running for longer.

charging hero 12 battery

The time it takes to fully charge the GoPro Hero 12 battery depends on the power source you use. According to the official GoPro website, the Hero 12 Black can be fully charged in about 2 hours using a USB-C wall charger that outputs 5V and 2A.

However, if you use a computer USB port, it can take up to 4 hours to fully charge the battery. This is because the computer USB port has a lower voltage and amperage than the wall charger.

Therefore, if you want to charge your GoPro Hero 12 battery faster, you should use a USB-C wall charger or a power bank that has a high output. You should also turn off your camera and any unnecessary features like Wi-Fi, GPS, stabilization, voice control, and LCD screen while charging.

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Can the GoPro Hero 12 Record While Charging?

The GoPro Hero 12 Black can record while charging, but it will not charge the battery at the same time. The camera will use the power from an external source, such as a wall charger or a power bank, to record the video.

However, the battery will remain at the same level as when the camera was plugged in. To charge the battery, you will have to stop recording and turn off the camera.

It can record while charging with or without the battery inside. The camera uses the same Enduro battery as the previous Hero 11, Hero 10, and Hero 9 models, which is a 1,720 mAh lithium-ion battery that offers better performance in cold weather and improved performance in average temperatures. The Enduro battery has a white cap on the top and bottom of the battery.

One of the drawbacks of recording while charging is that the camera may overheat, especially if you use high resolution and frame rate settings.

This may cause some damage to your camera or your battery in the long run. Therefore, you should monitor your camera’s temperature and avoid using it for too long in hot environments.



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