GoPro ISO is a setting that controls the image sensor’s sensitivity to light.

A higher or lower ISO value setting means the image sensor is more or less sensitive to light, which results in either brighter or darker footage.

In this article, you’ll learn how to change your GoPro ISO settings and get some tips on how to use this feature effectively.


GoPro ISO Settings

In photography and videography, ISO is one of the three key components of exposure, along with aperture and shutter speed. ISO is a crucial setting that can greatly affect the overall quality of your footage, especially in low-light situations. By adjusting the ISO settings on your GoPro, you can capture clear and detailed footage even in dimly lit environments.

Auto ISO

GoPro cameras offer a range of ISO settings that can be adjusted to suit different lighting conditions. By default, GoPro cameras use Auto ISO, which automatically adjusts the ISO based on the available light. However, you can also set your own ISO values for more control over your footage.

In Auto mode, your GoPro will vary its ISO value according to surrounding light levels. Flip on Protune and you can control ISO at your discretion.

GoPro ISO vs Video Noise

*Video Noise (High – Medium – Low) / for better results keep it low!

  • ISO 100 (low)
  • ISO 200 (low)
  • ISO 400 (low)
  • ISO 800 (medium)
  • ISO 1600 (medium)
  • ISO 3200 (high)
  • ISO 6400 (high)

The ISO settings on GoPro cameras typically range from 100 to 6400, depending on the shooting mode. It’s important to note that higher ISO values can produce image noise or grain, which can reduce the quality of your footage. There are some risks to assuming manual control of your camera’s ISO levels. Choose too low and you risk underexposed footage. Conversely, setting it too high may brighten your video, but you also risk producing a grainy effect — something often called “noise”.

Therefore, it’s generally recommended to keep the ISO as low as possible in bright lighting conditions and only increase it when necessary in low light situations. Additionally, using an external light source can also help to improve the quality of your footage in low light.

The following images show the differences between a well exposed photo with the maximum ISO level kept to a low value (eg. ISO max. 200) and a noisy photo having a higher ISO level (eg. ISO max. 1600).

Why You Should Keep GoPro ISO Low

High ISO values can produce “grainy” video footage. By understanding GoPro’s ISO capabilities you will learn how to correctly adjust your ISO for any lighting situations. But generally, try to keep a low ISO value (not more than 400) to get the best video quality possible and avoid video noise.

Although you can reduce image noise with editing software in post-production, it is recommended you keep ISO values as low as possible to avoid grainy footage.

Suggested GoPro ISO Values

To be safe and to avoid noisy images and footage, keep ISO min. at 100 and ISO max. at 200 or 400.

Finally, if you realize that your footage looks too dark in low light, instead of increasing your ISO levels, you might try using an external light source to brighten your settings.

Does changing the ISO on GoPro change the image quality?

Your GoPro camera will produce a better image quality at lower ISO values, while at higher ISO values and in low light, video noise is likely to occur.

Generally, to keep high image quality, just ensure that your scene is well lid and GoPro ISO Settings are set at “low noise range”between 100 and 400.

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Best GoPro ISO Settings for Low Light

In low light situations you are forced to increase the value of GoPro ISO settings. But bear in mind that high values (like 3200 and 6400) will produce image noise. So instead try to brighten up your scene with an external light and keep ISO values as low as possible.

But generally, when filming in low light adopt these ISO Settings:

    • ISO Min: 100
    • ISO Max: 1600

In addition to brightening up the scene with an external light, there are some other tips to keep in mind when adjusting GoPro ISO settings. For example, if you’re shooting in a fast-paced environment, such as sports or action, you may need to increase the ISO to maintain a faster shutter speed and freeze the action. On the other hand, if you’re shooting a slower scene, such as a landscape or a portrait, you can afford to use a lower ISO to reduce noise and maintain better image quality.

It’s important to note that GoPro ISO settings can vary depending on the specific model and shooting mode. For instance, newer models like the GoPro Hero 11 and 10 offer the option of using Auto ISO to adjust the settings automatically based on the lighting conditions. Understanding how to adjust GoPro ISO settings can greatly enhance your footage and help you capture stunning images and videos in a variety of environments.

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What is The ISO Range of GoPro Hero 11?

The minimum and maximum ISO can be adjusted based on the shooting mode for various settings on your GoPro camera. The video mode allows for a range of 100-6400 ISO, while photo, night photo, time lapse photo, and time lapse video modes range from 100-3200 ISO.

Night lapse photo and night lapse video modes have a range of 100-800 ISO.

The GoPro HERO 11 Black now features an Auto ISO option for both the minimum and maximum ISO settings. When the camera is static, Auto ISO will use lower ISO ranges to limit noise. However, in high-demand situations, such as mountain biking through a forest with limited light but lots of vibrations, Auto ISO will automatically expand the ISO up to ISO3200 to prevent artifacts caused by stabilized motion blur from long shutter speeds.

Best GoPro ISO Settings For Hero 11

The GoPro Hero 11 has some updated ISO settings that can help you get the best footage in various lighting conditions. Here are some of the best GoPro ISO settings for Hero 11:

  • For bright and sunny outdoor scenes, you can set the ISO minimum value to 100 and the ISO maximum value to 100.
  • In indoor or low light situations, you may need to increase the ISO settings. For example, you can set the ISO minimum to 400 and the ISO maximum to 1600 to get a good exposure without introducing too much noise in the footage.
  • For night scenes or very low light situations, you can set the ISO minimum to 800 and the ISO maximum to 3200. This will allow the camera to capture more light and produce brighter footage, but keep in mind that the higher ISO values may introduce more noise in the image.


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GoPro ISO Settings for Hero 10

The GoPro Hero 10 Black has a minimum ISO setting of 100 and a maximum ISO setting of 6400 for video mode. For photo mode, the minimum ISO setting is also 100, but the maximum ISO setting is 3200 for standard and raw output.

The Hero 10 Black also has an Auto ISO option for minimum and maximum ISO settings. The Auto ISO Min will use lower ISO ranges to limit noise when the camera is static, while the Auto ISO Max will automatically expand the ISO up to 3200 in high-demand situations for HyperSmooth where there is limited light but lots of vibrations. This is to help prevent artifacts created by stabilized motion blur caused by long shutter speeds.

Best GoPro ISO Settings For Hero 10

  • Video: 100-3200
  • Photo (Standard, Raw output only): 100-3200
  • Night Photo (Standard, Raw output only): 100-3200
  • Time Lapse Photo: 100-3200
  • Time Lapse Video: 100-3200
  • Night Lapse Photo: 100-800
  • Night Lapse Video: 100-800

As you can see, the Hero 10 has a lower maximum ISO for most shooting modes compared to the Hero 9. This may result in less image noise but may also require more light in low-light situations. It’s always important to adjust ISO settings according to the lighting conditions to get the best results.

hero 10 set up

GoPro ISO Settings for Hero 9

The GoPro Hero 9 Black allows you to manually adjust ISO settings for different shooting modes. Here are the available ISO settings for Hero 9:

  • Video: 100 – 6400
  • Photo (standard and RAW output): 100 – 3200
  • Night Photo (standard and RAW output): 100 – 3200
  • Time Lapse Photo: 100 – 3200
  • Time Lapse Video: 100 – 6400
  • Night Lapse Photo: 100 – 800
  • Night Lapse Video: 100 – 800

It’s important to note that using higher ISO values can lead to more image noise, especially in low light situations. So, it’s recommended to keep ISO values as low as possible to maintain the image quality. However, in some low light situations, increasing ISO values may be necessary to properly expose the image.

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How To Change GoPro ISO Settings

Here are the steps to change your ISO:

First, make sure Protune is activated.

You’ll be prompted on a settings window with two ISO values: ISO Min and ISO Max:

By default, your GoPro has ISO Min set at 100 and ISO Max set to 3200.

Keep ISO Min. at 100 (this is the lowest ISO value that the camera will adjust when it’s bright)

Adjust ISO Max. according to your lighting conditions but remember that high ISO values will produce image noise.

Why to change GoPro ISO settings?

Default ISO values may produce image noise since ISO Max. is as high as 3600 ISO. So I’d suggest to change your ISO values according to the lighting conditions. If your scene is bright then keep both ISO values low.

On the other hand, in low light conditions, you may need to increase the ISO values to get a brighter image, but you should be cautious of image noise. In general, it’s a good idea to experiment with different ISO settings to find the optimal value for your shooting situation. By changing the GoPro ISO settings, you can also create unique looks and styles for your footage, such as high-contrast or grainy effects.

What does ISO limit mean on GoPro?

GoPro cameras let users take control over the range of ISO values through ISO Min and ISO Max. After you set these limits, the camera will adjust the brightness of the image based on ambient light and the limits set.

If you would like to have a fixed ISO value (not variable) then set ISO Min and ISO Max at the same value. For Example:

    • ISO Min: 100
    • ISO Max: 100



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