GoPro Hero 10 Black was a much-loved model by users but the introduction of the new GoPro Hero 11 Black has created a buzz in the market. It comes with almost the same design yet some improved and interesting features. If you are wondering whether the upgrade to Hero 11 is worth it? Then, you have hit the right page. With a larger sensor and greater image stabilization, Hero 11 is an eye-catcher. Let’s dig in deeper to know more.

In this article, you will get to know whether the upgrade to GoPro Hero 11 is worth it or not. 


GoPro Hero 11 VS Hero 10: Specs Comparison

Here’s the full specs comparison of GoPro Hero 11 Black and GoPro Hero 10 Black:

SpecsGoPro HERO 11GoPro HERO 10
Weight153 grams158 grams
Dimensions2.64 x 1.34 x 1.85 inches2.8 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches
Screen SizeRear: 2.27-inch
Front: 1.4-inch
Rear: 2.27-inch
Front: 1.4-inch
Front DisplayColor DisplayColor Display
Image Sensor27MP 1/1.9-inch CMOS sensor23 MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor
Resolution5.3K60, 4K120 + 2.7K240 Wide FOV 16:9, 4:3, 8:7 aspect ratios5.3K / 60fps
4K / 60fps
1080p / 240fps
Image StabilizationHyperSmooth 5.0HyperSmooth 4.0
WaterproofYes, Up to 10mYes, Up to 10m

GoPro Hero 10 VS Hero 9: Key Differences

Here are the key differences between the GoPro Hero 11 Black and the GoPro Hero 10 Black action cameras:


No major change here except the GoPro a few more controls have been introduced

The original classic black, rectangular design has been retained with two touchscreens placed at the front and back of the camera. A minor difference is GoPro Hero 11’s rear LED appears to be white when off, rather than the darker grey/black. The battery, USB port, and other buttons are placed exactly like they were in GoPro Hero 10. Another noticeable difference in the display of Hero 11 is, that some new controls have been introduced. You can choose between the Easy and Pro modes. The Easy mode narrows down the settings for you or you can enjoy full creative control using the Pro mode.

Camera Specs

Hero 11 bumps up the sensor size and introduces Hyperview that makes it easier to capture more of your surroundings

The all-new 1/1.9 inch sensor of GoPro Hero 11 is capable of delivering 10-bit color video with over 1 billion colors at up to 5.3K/60fps. The larger sensor also means a larger field of view and thus you can now capture videos with an 8:7 aspect ratio. It offers a 16% increase in vertical FOV over the Hero 10 Black with the ‘full-frame’ setting. Also, as compared to Hero 10’s SuperView digital lens technology, the Hero 11 takes the camera settings a notch up featuring Hyperview. Superview is undoubtedly impressive but Hyperview is a game changer.


The Hero 11 comes with an Enduro battery that improves performance in cold and moderate temperatures

There is no difference in the battery capacity of GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 10. Both offer 1720mAh capacity but with the introduction of the Enduro Battery, the camera performance dramatically improves in cold and moderate temperatures. GoPro claims that the recording time can be extended up to 38 percent as compared to that in Hero 10.


There is a noticeable improvement in Hero 11’s video quality 

While in Hero 10, the maximum shooting bit rate is 100Mbps. The Hero 11 Black improves the video quality further by offering you to shoot at up to a 120Mbps bit rate. For super slo-mo, the Hero 11 can record 5.3K video at up to 60fps, 4K at up to 120fps, and 2.7K at up to 240fps. The GP2 processor remains the same in both for butter smooth performance.


HyperSmooth is upgraded on Hero 11 for steadier video

The Hero 11’s performance has radically improved owing to the HyperSmooth 5.0 with Horizon Lock to ensure footage remains steady even if you rotate the camera 360 degrees. When compared to Hero 1o’s Hypersmooth 4.0, the footage is smoother and more stable, particularly during rough activities like mountain biking, etc. The Horizon Lock works with almost all resolutions and frame rates.

Low Light Performance

Hero 11 offers improved low-light performance as compared to Hero 10

If you wish to experience finer color grades then, GoPro Hero 11 Black is a much better option than Hero 10 Black. With a 10-bit color video, providing 1 billion shades of red, blue, and green, it makes the footage more vibrant and appealing. Hero 11 also features three timelapse presets that are not available on Hero 10 namely, Light Painting to create brush stroke effects with moving light in a dark environment, Vehicle Light trails useful in moving vehicles, and Star Trails to create some brilliant effects in the night sky.

GoPro Hero 11 VS Hero 10: What Remains Unchanged?

Here’s what remains the same in both the models:


The overall build and design of GoPro Hero 11 Black are the same as its predecessor, GoPro Hero 10 Black. The same black matte finish and rectangular design with two screens on either side of the camera. There is a negligible difference in the size and weight of both models.

Front Color Display

As mentioned above, there is no whatsoever difference in the overall design of the GoPro Hero 11. Like Hero 10, the GoPro Hero 11 also has a front color display screen with the same dimensions. The front screen of both models is 1.4 inches in size and the rear screen measures 2.27 inches.

Waterproof Capabilities

Both cameras are waterproof up to 33 feet (10m) without requiring additional housing. If you want to take the camera any deeper then, a waterproof housing case will be required.


For a closer look and a detailed review of GoPro Hero 11. Click here.


So, Is it Worth Upgrading from Hero 10 to Hero 11?

Though the design remains the same, still the GoPro Hero 11 Black brings a lot of improvements over the Hero 10. The new and updated sensor is the most powerful one.

Check out the price for GoPro Hero 11 Black on Amazon:

GoPro HERO11 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 27MP Photos, 1/1.9' Image Sensor, Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
64 Reviews
GoPro HERO11 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 27MP Photos, 1/1.9" Image Sensor, Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
  • Revolutionary New Image Sensor: expansive field of view ever on a HERO camera out of...
  • Unbelievable Image Quality: With 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than...
  • High-Res Photos + Videos, High Frame Rate: HERO11 Black’s new image sensor boosts...

Here you can check out the current price of the GoPro Hero 10 Black on Amazon:

GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
1,123 Reviews
GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
  • Revolutionary Processor: Faster. Smoother. Better. The powerful new GP2 engine...
  • High-Res Photos plus Videos, High Frame Rate: Step up to the sharpest-shooting GoPro...
  • Unbelievable Image Quality: Shoot with fine detail, realistic textures and stunning...

The GoPro Hero 10 is an impressive camera and can be better for users in terms of value for money but undoubtedly, GoPro Hero 11 is a more versatile and improved option for all photographers and videographers out there. The bigger sensor, better stability, timelapse options, and extended battery life gives it an edge over the Hero 10.


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