A GoPro Hero 11 dive housing will help protect your camera underwater.

Indeed, the GoPro Hero 11 is waterproof up to 33 feet, but for deeper dives, a high-quality housing case is essential.

This article introduces some of the best underwater cases for your GoPro Hero 11, along with my top recommendation.


7 Best GoPro Hero 11 Dive Housings

Below mentioned are some of the best Underwater Cases for your GoPro Hero 11:

GoPro Hero 11 Protective Housing Case

GoPro Protective Housing (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory
  • Protects your GoPro from mud, dirt and debris during extreme activities
  • Front LCD screen remains accessible for viewing
  • Waterproof down to 196ft (60m) perfect for deep-water diving

GoPro’s very own official Protective Housing to keep your Hero 11 completely safe underwater is the most compatible option. It is a bit more expensive than the other mentioned option but if you can chip in a few extra pennies, this model is worth it. The Housing lets your camera go as deep as 60m/196ft underwater. It includes a skeleton backdoor for improved audio capture and lets you access the camera’s touchscreen even with the case on. Along with this, it features a flat glass lens for sharp, high-quality images. So, you can now shoot carefree and do underwater extreme activities with your Hero 11.

gopro underwater case

Fitstill Waterproof Case

FitStill 60M/196FT Waterproof Case for Go Pro Hero12 Black/Hero11 Black/Hero10 Black/Hero9 Black,Protective Underwater Diving Housing Shell with Accessories for Hero12/11/10/9 Black Action Camera
  • 【LIFE-TIME Warranty】 30-Day money back guarantee, LIFE-TIME Warranty and friendly...
  • 【60M/196FT Waterproof】This waterproof housing case with upgraded waterproof...
  • 【DESIGNED FOR】Go Pro Hero 12 Black/Go Pro Hero 11 Black/Go Pro Hero 10 Black/Go...

Next up, is a high-quality housing case designed especially for your GoPro Hero 11, the FitStill Waterproof Case. It is highly durable and is made of superior-quality PMMA material. Like the above model, the housing features a flat glass lens for delivering maximum image sharpness underwater. Allowing the camera to shoot at depths of 60 m/196ft without any leaks, the FitStill Case is a perfect option for your next underwater adventure. Adding to the camera protection, it comes with a waterproof sealing ring and tight buckle that help prevent water leakage.

OKFUN Waterproof Case

OKFUN Waterproof Housing Case for Go Pro Hero 12/Hero 11 Black/Hero 10 Black/Hero 9 Black,Protective Underwater Dive Case Shell for Go Pro Hero12/11/10/9 Black Action Camera Accessories
  • 【DESIGNED FOR】Go Pro Hero 12/11/10/10/9 Black.
  • 【LARGE FLAT GLASS LENS】Delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.
  • 【60M/196FT Waterproof】Even moving underwater at depths of 60 meters/196 feet...

If you are on a budget and do not wish to spend much on the housing case yet, and want fair protection for your Hero 11 then, the OKFUN Waterproof Case would serve the purpose well. Along with a pocket-friendly price, the housing comes with an integrated design that makes it extremely easy to install and remove. It is made of a high-strength material and allows your camera to shoot as deep as 58m/190ft underwater. It is ideal for diving, snorkeling, or performing other extreme activities. The housing features a large flat glass lens, which provides extra protection for your GoPro lens and guarantees high-definition imaging while shooting.

Hongdak Waterproof Housing Case

HONGDAK 196ft/60m Waterproof Housing Case for GoPro Hero 12 11 10/9 Black, Protective Underwater Dive Housing Shell with Bracket Accessories for Go Pro Hero12 Hero11 Hero10 Hero9 Action Camera
  • 【Compatible with Gopro Hero 9/10/11/12】: Perfect for GoPro Hero 9/Hero 10/ Hero...
  • 【60m/196ft Waterproof】: Our waterproof housing case for Hero 9/Hero 10/Hero 11...
  • 【Scratch Proof Lens】:The main body of this underwater dive case is made of...

The Hongdak Waterproof Housing Case presents an excellent choice to enhance your underwater photography with the Hero 11. Designed for worry-free shooting up to 60m/196ft below the surface, it serves as an ideal safeguard for your Hero 11 across a range of aquatic activities, including deep-sea diving, surfing, and snorkeling. Crafted from high-strength PMMA plastic, it boasts a waterproof sealing ring and a secure buckle for comprehensive protection. Its quick-release buckle mount facilitates effortless attachment of the camera to other gear. The lens’s 99% transmittance ensures you can capture exceptionally clear footage while exploring underwater environments.

Suptig Waterproof Case Protective Housing

Suptig Waterproof Case Protective Housing Underwater Dive Housing for GoPro hero12 Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Waterproof 196Ft
70 Reviews
Suptig Waterproof Case Protective Housing Underwater Dive Housing for GoPro hero12 Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Waterproof 196Ft
  • 【Perfectly Compatible】The waterproof housing compatible for Gopro hero 12/hero...
  • 【EXTRA PROTECTION】Protective case does not only offer greater waterproof...
  • 【High Light Transmission】Toughened glass in front of the camera, you can make...

Lastly, the Suptig Waterproof Case Protective Housing is no less than the above-mentioned options when comes to offering great protection for your Hero 11. It is a rechargeable waterproof housing compatible with your GoPro Hero 11 along with the previous model’s Hero 10 and 9. It allows the camera to go as deep as 50m/164ft with the case on. Along with offering great waterproof protection, it also offers extra protection against dust, scratches, and shocks. What makes it all the more desirable is the build, it is made of ultra-strong stainless steel material with toughened glass in front of the camera that protects it from any harm. The housing also provides better light transmittance for shooting some beautiful underwater footage. 

Kuptone Waterproof Case

SOONSUN Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 12 11 10 9 Black Camera, 60M Underwater Protective Dive Housing Case with Cold Shoe Mount Adapter for Go Pro Hero 9 10 11 12 Black Action Camera
27 Reviews
SOONSUN Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 12 11 10 9 Black Camera, 60M Underwater Protective Dive Housing Case with Cold Shoe Mount Adapter for Go Pro Hero 9 10 11 12 Black Action Camera
  • Perfectly Compatibility: This waterproof housing case is compatible with GoPro Hero...
  • Waterproof Down to 196ft / 60m: This waterproof housing is made of high-quality PMMA,...
  • Upgraded Design: Different from other waterproof housing cases in the market, this...

The SoonSun Waterproof Case offers unparalleled protection for your camera while submerged, enabling dives of up to 60m/196ft. Its user-friendly design facilitates quick and easy installation and removal, making it an ideal choice for rigorous outdoor adventures and deep-sea exploration.

Constructed with premium PMMA, extra-thick tempered glass, a durable sealing ring, and a secure locking mechanism, it provides comprehensive protection for your Hero 11.


Does Hero 10 Housing Fit Hero 11?

For those upgrading from a GoPro HERO 10 and HERO 9 to the HERO 11, there’s good news. The existing housing for the GoPro HERO 10 and HERO 9 is compatible with the new HERO 11, meaning you don’t have to purchase a new housing if you already own one for the HERO 10 or HERO 9.

On the other hand, note, that GoPro Hero 8 has another dimensions, so its diving house will not fit Hero 11.

GoPro Hero 10 Waterproof Case


 Which One To Choose?

The GoPro official Protective Housing Case is our top choice though it is a bit pricey. If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly option then, the FitStill Waterproof Case is a great option as well. So, get your GoPro Hero 11 ready and dive in for some super cool adventure.

Sometimes it’s hard to obtain perfect underwater shoots because of differences in filming conditions. To begin with, I totally recommend you to read my Diving Tips for Incredible Underwater Videos written specially to Hero 11 and have in mind to set your GoPro for underwater filming before entering the water.



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