If you are someone who loves to shoot underwater then, you must be well aware that the right settings are the key to a perfect output. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, with the newly launched GoPro Hero 11 there is nothing that can miss your camera lens. It comes with some stunning features and improved battery performance, with the correct levels of resolution and other settings, you will be able to capture the underwater world like never before.

In this article, you will come across the best Underwater Settings for Photos and Videos. 

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GoPro HERO 11 Underwater Settings for Photos & Videos

There are a lot of things to consider while diving in to capture the beautiful blue seas. Along with the correct settings, a little pre-prep is required. Some of the necessary steps are mentioned below.

Recommended Settings for Hero 11

Some of the best underwater settings for shooting some mesmerizing footage are as follows:

Resolution and Frame Rate

Resolution and Frame Rates are really important for shooting a premium-quality underwater video. Correct settings can lead to some great results. When it comes to Snorkelling, it’s recommended to use higher frames per second example 120 or above. The best shots can be captured in 4K @ 120fps as you will have a great resolution and you can also slow down your footage. If you want amazing slo-mo videos then, 2.7K @ 240fps is an ideal choice. The only downside in doing so is that the 10-bit color is not accessible.

Find out how to manually adjust resolution in this guide for the best settings for Hero 11.

In the case of Diving, you should at least film in 4K. You can choose 4K @ 120fps, 4K @ 60fps or 5.3K @ 60fps. Higher frame rates are not that important while diving. Now whichever settings you want to choose comes down to whether you want to use 10-bit color or not. It works only with 4K and 5.3K @ 60fps. Higher frame rates drain the battery life a litter quicker.

Not 100% sure what is a frame rate and how to use it? Read this article where I explain all the settings for your GoPro.


The GoPro Hero 11 features HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization technology with an in-camera 360-degree Horizon Lock. It keeps your footage steady even if the camera rotates 360 degrees during capture. Hero 11 offers the best stabilization among all the action cameras available in the market today. While shooting underwater photos and videos, always keep the Hypersmooth ON. It makes the final output butter smooth and eye-pleasing. You can also use Hypersmooth Boost which amps up the smooth video.

You can read more on what is an innovative Hypersmooth 5.0 stabilization in this article.

ISO Levels

The ISO settings are quite important as well. ISO adjusts your camera’s sensitivity to light. A lower ISO value means less sensitivity to light, while a higher ISO means more sensitivity. If you plan to film with your Hero 11 in shallow waters where ample light is available, then the ISO minimum should be set to 200 and the maximum no more than 1600. But if you are going into deeper water more than 40 or 50 feet, you should keep the ISO minimum of more than 200 and a maximum of about 3200. The simple logic is that the dark the water surroundings become, the higher the ISO levels should be used. Though the safest choice for all environments is to set Min to 100 and Max between 200 & 400.

White Balance

White balance is used to adjust colors to match the color of the light source. If you are shooting in 4K 120 and not using the 10-bit color feature, the white balance is the key to making your footage better. The more blue the water is, the higher levels of white balance should be used. If you dislike using filters the white balance is an awesome substitute. If you increase the white balance levels, you will get color tones like red, orange, and yellow. Setting it to Native is the safest way to go.

Field of View

The FOV is the most crucial setting. It can give your entire footage a whole different look. With a larger sensor, the Hero 11 is capable of shooting at up to an 8:7 aspect ratio at 5.3K that the company claims is the largest vertical field of view ever on a GoPro. Whenever in doubt, set the camera to Wide, it does create a bit of a fisheye look and is amazing for underwater videos. If you wish to give a more cinematic look to your output footage then, Linear is a good way to go. It makes the video crisp and sharp. You can also use Superview for a shot or two, which can make the underwater scenes look pretty cool.

For more information regarding the definition and best settings of FOV take a look at this guide.


What Underwater Settings Do You Prefer?

Underwater Photography and Videography require a lot of skill. Even with the best camera in hand, you might not get the best footage if the settings aren’t apt. Choosing the right settings can yield great results. By now you must have got a fair idea of what settings you want to choose on your GoPro Hero 11 to get the perfect shots. The above article just gives a rough idea of what works best underwater but depending on your perspective and the choice of output you are looking for, feel free to experiment.

So, set up your GoPro with all the necessary accessories and choose some fun settings to create magical underwater memories for a lifetime 🙂

Find more tips on underwater filming in this ultimate underwater guide for GoPro Hero 11.




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