Hunting is an art and if you are someone who is keen to capture those thrilling moments on the field, then what’s better than a GoPro?

Over the years, GoPro is known for its quality and durability. The rugged design and waterproof exterior makes it a perfect fit for any outdoor adventure.

A few added accessories and certain change of settings on your GoPro can enhance your overall experience. GoPro mounts for hunting let you remain hands-free and capture some fabulous shots during your adventures. The following sections cover some amazing options and add-on tips for you to make your hunting experience with GoPro a memorable one.

hunting with gopro

What’s the Best GoPro for Hunting?

Although people ask what’s the best GoPro for hunting, there’s no such best GoPro for hunting. Best is what is most suitable for you and for what you’d like to achieve. So generally I’d say that the best GoPro you can buy right now is the latest model, like it will always be (most likely). Anything from GoPro Hero 5 to GoPro Hero 8 are perfect for hunting. Hero 7 and 8 just feature a better stabilization (with its advanced hypersmooth feature) so they may perform better for action hunting (eg. gopro mounted on your dog).

GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Action...
  • Streamlined design - The reimagined shape is more pocketable, and folding fingers at...
  • HERO8 Black Mods - Vloggers, pro filmmakers and aspiring creators can do more than...
  • Time Warp 2. 0 - Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move through an...
GoPro Hero 7 Black Action Camera +...
  • Includes Original USA GoPro Battery, Sandisk 32GB U3 MicroSDHC and Free 16GB Polaroid...
  • Video File Format MP4 (H.264/AVC), MP4 (H.265/HEVC)


GoPro Accessories for Hunting

It is not possible to hunt or fish with all your focus while filming eye-catchy, perfect angle shots at the same time. GoPro accessories not only let you remain hands-free but also ensure great adjustability and wide range of applicability. They keep your GoPro in better condition and provide stability so you can have a fulfilling experience on your next hunting trip.

This video illustrates how to film hunts with a GoPro and it also shows the GoPro hunting mount that we’ve reviewed here in this article:

Let’s have a look at some of these incredible GoPro gear for hunting:

#1: GoPro Camo Housing + QuickClip

GoPro Camo Housing is popular due to its fabulous camouflage print which helps maintain a low profile and eliminates unwanted reflections. It helps you stay focused and blends you in with the woodland surroundings.

GoPro Camo Housing + QuickClip...
  • Realtree Xtra-5 Camouflage Print - Non-reflective print is optimized for all...
  • Includes QuickClip - Lets you attach the Camo Housing to a backwards baseball cap or...
  • LCD Concealment Stickers help eliminate light reflection from the housing’s LCD...

What we like: This waterproof Camo housing with a quick clip for easy accessibility is perfect for your next adventure outing. It can fix well with any object ranging from 3mm to 10mm. The Realtree Xtra pattern blends perfectly with the surroundings and the concealment stickers protects the GoPro LCD screen from light reflections. This product features a standard, skeleton and touch backdoors along with a strong mounting buckle.

What we don’t like: (There are as such no major drawbacks for this product).

#2: GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount

The GoPro official Gun Mount is favoured for its stability and quality. It is light-weight, easy to carry and a stylish gear which is compatible with almost all Guns/Rods/Bows. It proves to be a perfect mount for your GoPro to carry on your next adventure.

GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount (All GoPro...
175 Reviews
GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount (All GoPro...
  • Compatible with most shotguns, rifles, revolvers, airsoft, paintball and pellet guns,...
  • Mount up to two cameras to capture footage looking forward, backwards, or both...
  • Camera(s) can be mounted below or to the side of a gun barrel or fishing rod

What we like: It is a light-weight, steady mount with amazing glare-eliminating black matte finish to stay out of sight. Two cameras can be mounted for front and back footage. The specially designed backdoor mount ensures extra stability during recoil. This mount is compatible with almost all guns, rods and bows.

What we don’t like: The only drawback is the lack of padding on the mount.

#3: Adjustable Crossbow Gun Scope Clamp

This strong, flexible crossbow gun clamp mount is perfect for capturing perfect shots while hunting through varied angles.

Kolasels Easy Installation...
  • Crack-resistant and durable nylon material clamp.
  • Clamp any pole diameter up to 1.3 inch.Perfect for crossbow gun to capture your bow...
  • Non-slip rubber padded clamp ensure the camera stayed in place and will not move.

What we like: It is a compact, portable clamp mount made of tough and durable nylon material. The clamp is made of anti-slip rubber which keeps the GoPro safe by maintaining a strong hold. This clamp is scratch-resistant and can mount to any pole upto 1.3 inch in diameter. It has great adjustability and the easy in-out mechanism makes it even more desirable.

What we don’t like: Though this clamp mount is well designed and constructed but it is a bit bulky.

#4: Sportsman Clamp Gun/Rod/Bow Mount for GoPro

GoPro Sportsman Clamp Mount is known for being super compatible with many sports cameras, and also, for its great stability at a reasonable price. It is solid, durable and versatile. It proves to be a great deal if you are looking for adventure outings or training the people who like fishing, shooting, and hunting.

VGSION Sportsman Camera Clamp...
498 Reviews
VGSION Sportsman Camera Clamp...
  • 【Fits for 0.4 "to 0.9" diameter】The clamp enables one or two GoPro cameras or...
  • 【Convenient installation and angle adjustable】With handle it is easy to adjust...
  • 【Compatibility】It is for GoPro, Insta360 One R and other similar action cameras

What we like: Along with being made of extremely strong and durable material, it offers great stability. It is well compatible with many sports cameras other than GoPros. The mount offers amazing adjustability supporting 360 degrees rotation. You can mount two GoPro cameras or similar action cameras simultaneously for wide applicability.

What we don’t like: It is a multi-functional clamp mount but is a bit confusing to assemble (put on and off).

#5: GoPro Performance Chest Mount

The official GoPro Performance Chest Mount is steady, flexible and made with padded design which makes it comfortable to wear and capture stable, hands-free great POV footage during different activities like biking, skiing, surfing and many more.

GoPro Performance Chest Mount (All...
4,268 Reviews
GoPro Performance Chest Mount (All...
  • Lightweight, flexible construction balances comfort and performance
  • ​Padded and breathable materials stay comfortable during any activity
  • ​Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and over heavy winter jackets

What we like: It is made from lightweight, breathable material with a standard 3-prong mount. The Chesty is adjustable to be an easy fit for almost everyone with heavy clothings as well, during varied adventures. The Quick-release buckle enables for easy in and out even with gloves on. This Chest mount ensures steady, hands-free, great POV footage.

What we don’t like: In spite of the comfortable and flexible design there is a minor drawback, which is that the J hook isn’t available with the mount.

#6: GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

The official GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is very popular for its quality and durability. Its soft and padded design keeps your dog comfortable while he is digging, playing, running etc.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official...
1,242 Reviews
GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official...
  • Capture the world from your dog’s point of view
  • 2 mounting locations (back and chest) enable a variety of perspectives
  • Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds (7 to 54 kilograms)

What we like: It is a very comfortable fit for any dog due to its brilliant adjustability to fit different sizes. The material is waterproof and easily washable. This dog harness supports quick release mechanism for easy in-out. The two mounting locations on the back and the chest provide wide range for capturing stunning footage from your dog’s POV.

What we don’t like: The mount is a bit wobbly at times which can lead to shaky output.

#7: Aluminum Alloy Cap Clip for Hunting with GoPro

A trendy way to attach your Gopro on the bill of your baseball hat to capture some fabulous shots while in action. It is easy to carry, assemble and lets you enjoy your adventure hands-free.

TELESIN Multi Functional Aluminum...
  • BASEBALL CAP CLAMP: Wear your Gopro on the bill of your baseball hat and catch all...
  • MULTIPLE USES: Clip to backpack, purse straps, even to your dog's harness! Get...
  • POSSIBILITIES: Imagine filming sporting events, hiking, scenic drives, boating,...

What we like: It is an easy and convenient way to capture great POV footage from various different angles. The clip is compatible with almost all GoPro models and is multi-functional, other than the cap, it can be attached to your backpack, purses, hats etc. This small accessory helps in widening your perspective and makes your shooting experience all the more fun.

What we don’t like: It does work well with stiff brim caps but proves to be a bit heavy and wobbly with the light-weight ones.

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GoPro Hunting Tips

As hunters, many of you might get too involved and wrapped up into the action. With GoPro mounts you can continue with your adventure without worrying about not getting a perfect, stabilized shot. For example, while shooting ducks, turkeys etc. You can always clamp the mount below the barrel for getting wide range of view.

For most gun shots, I personally prefer to keep my GoPro settings as 1080p/60fps in medium view because 1080p allows a lot of storage space and 60fps allows good quality slow motion videos while post processing.

Here are few tips which might prove to be beneficial while you are on a hunt…

 GoPro Settings for Hunting

  • Slow action (idle times): 1080p / 30fps / Protune ON / ISO min 100 / ISO max 400 / Stabilization OFF/ON
  • Fast action (GoPro on dog): 1080p / 120fps / Protune ON / ISO min 100 / ISO max 400 / Stabilization ON

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Recording Audio while hunting 

GoPro is not the best when it comes to recording audio while in movement. It does take in the vibrations from surroundings and makes the audio all muffled up. So a tip, if you still need to record while shooting is :

  • Keep the GoPro as still as possible. Do not hold it in your hand but mount it to a handle or elsewhere to minimize the effect of noise.

Reducing effect of Water while hunting

  • Use a backdoor floaty which is compact, handy and keeps your GoPro from sinking in. The bright orange colour of the floaty makes it easy to spot if your GoPro falls in water while hunting.
  • Also, to reduce the effect of raindrops and moisture use GoPro casey, waterproof housing or other accessories like anti-fog inserts to protect the lens.

Using different Mounts while hunting

  • Head Mount: Angle the camera (not downwards or upright but slightly in between) and adjust the strap a bit sidewards towards tilting of your head while shooting. That way your gun would not hinder the view.
  • Chest Mount: It is not a good option while you are shooting, lifting up your gun or bow, but does capture the movement of your hands well.
  • Sportsman Mount: It is a strong mount which can withstand rough field conditions and keeps the cam safe even in heavy movements.
  • Dog Harness: You can always get creative and attach a mount on your dog’s harness to have an idea of what lies in the field ahead.