For all dog lovers who like to keep a tab on the life of their pets, GoPro Dog Harness is the perfect way for you to capture the world from your dog’s point of view.

You must look for a mount which is strong, easy to adjust, washable and most importantly comfortable for your dog while he is playing, jumping or running.

In this article, you’ll find the best GoPro dog harnesses along with instructions on how to put them on and the best settings for your camera.


Top 5 GoPro Dog Harness 

Below mentioned are the best dog harnesses you can find on the market:

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness | Official GoPro Mount

The official GoPro Mount Fetch is very popular for its quality and durability. Its soft and padded construction keeps your dog comfortable while he is digging, playing, running etc.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official GoPro Mount
  • Capture the world from your dog’s point of view
  • 2 mounting locations (back and chest) enable a variety of perspectives
  • Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds (7 to 54 kilograms)

 What we like:  I found it to be a very comfortable fit for my dog. It is adjustable to fit different sizes. The material it is made of is waterproof and washable. It supports quick release mechanism and has two mounting locations on the back and chest for varied angles and high quality footage.

 What we don’t like:  I found the mount to be a bit shaky as compared to the other options available. But this is almost irrelevant if you film with GoPro stabilization on (or hypersmooth).

Dog  Harness Besvalo

This dog harness has versatile mounting options: The mount base allows you to attach your camera to either your dog’s back or chest, or both simultaneously, for a variety of interesting perspectives.

Dog Harness Mount for Gopro, Soft and Adjustable Dog Harness Vest with 2 Mouting Base Pet Chest and Back Fixation for Gopro Hero All Models, Suitable for Small Medium Large Dogs
  • 2 Mounting Base: Mount your camera on your dog's back or chest (or both at the same...
  • Adjustable: Elastic bands, making the harness suitable for small, medium, large dogs....
  • Ensure Pets' Comfort: Paded elastic bands, contact surface with sponge, your pets...

 What we like:

  1. Ensures Pet Comfort: With padded elastic bands and a sponge contact surface, this vest holder is designed to keep your pet comfortable while wearing the harness.
  2. Standard Quick Release Bases: The harness features quick-release bases, making it easy and fast to attach and remove the camera as needed.

 What we don’t like:

  1. Not Ideal for Small Dogs: Although the harness is adjustable for different dog sizes, it is more recommended for medium and large dogs, potentially limiting its usefulness for small dog owners.
  2. Potential Movement Limitations: The harness may restrict your dog’s movement to some extent, which could be an issue for very active dogs or during high-energy activities.

GoPro Dog Harness Pet Vest | Smile Powo

For dog owners who are looking for a stylish and versatile yet comfortable dog harness mount, this product is just for you! It is made of soft, durable, breathable material and allows visibility at night.

SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount Chest Back Strap Belt Pet Vest for GoPro Hero 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 Max Black Hero 2018 Session Fusion Silver White Insta360 DJI AKASO DBPOWER Action Camera for Dog Night Walk
  • ✔【Dog Perspective】- The action camera dog harness features camera mounts on the...
  • ✔【Large Compatibility】- Perfectly work with FOR GoPro Hero 10 9 8 7 6 5 Black,...
  • ✔【Fully Adjustable Dog Chest Back Strap】- Neck Girth: 15.55"-22.2"; Chest...

 What we like:  This harness mount will definitely turn heads. It is simple to use and quick snap buckles allow easy in-out. Along with being weatherproof and washable for all-season use, it is made of super reflecting material which allows visibility even in the dark. This mount is highly compatible and fully adjustable to fit different sizes and capture world from your dog’s perspective.

 What we don’t like:  I received a feedback from few that this mount is not very suitable for large and heavy dogs.

Dog Vest Harness Chest Strap

This Dog Harness is ideal for dog owners looking to attach action cameras on their active pets while they are digging, chewing, swimming, playing etc. It provides steady and good quality footage from your dog’s point of view.

Dog Vest Harness Chest Strap for Action Camera GoPro Hero 10 9 8 7 6 Xiaomi Yi 4K Dog Belt Mount for GoPro Accessory (L)
  • [Comfortable Design] - Padded Design let your dog wear up very comfortable.
  • [Keep Camera Safe ]- Dog walking harness accompanied by a video camera hanging belt,...
  • [Keep Camera Safe ]- Dog walking harness accompanied by a video camera hanging belt,...

 What we like:  This dog harness is a basic yet flexible gear which is compatible with almost all GoPros. It is adjustable and suits either for medium or big dogs.

 What we don’t like:  May slip to the sides while filming.

Dog Harness with Camera Mount | PROtastic Deluxe 

PROtastic Deluxe Dog Harness is a comfortable, durable, and high quality pet harness designed for outdoor adventures. This dog harness is a simple and easy to use gear.  It is solid, durable and highly adjustable.

PROtastic Deluxe Dog Mount (Large) Compatible with GoPro/Xiaomi/SJcam Action Cameras
  • High quality harness style mount designed for larger dogs
  • Body Harness Adjusts From 25-35.5 inches (64-90cm). (Measure Behind Front Legs Around...
  • Unlike other mounts, This mount stays securely in place and won't rotate.

 What we like:  The best thing I liked about this harness mount is the additional stability it offers to keep the camera from wobbling around. This mount is compatible with almost all GoPro cams. It is made of durable and highly breathable material. Also, it is waterproof and washable.

 What we don’t like:  Though I found the harness to be of good quality and design but the mount is not that strongly attached to the harness which can be a problem.

GoPro Camera on my Husky Left Home Alone!


How to Put GoPro Dog Harness On

It seems to be a wonderful idea to film the life of your dog from your dog’s unique perspective. Near or far, you can always be along with your dog in his/her daily adventures. GoPro Dog Harness is very easy to install and use. Have a look at the video below to check out the wide possibilities you can capture.

GoPro: Introducing Fetch (Dog Harness)


Best Settings for GoPro for Dog Harness

When using a GoPro with a dog harness, it’s essential to select the best settings to ensure optimal video quality and stability. Here are some recommended settings for capturing footage with your GoPro on a dog harness:


Choose 1080p or 2.7K for a good balance of quality and file size. Higher resolutions like 4K may provide more detail but can also result in larger file sizes and quicker battery drain.

Frame Rate

A higher frame rate such as 60 fps will capture smoother video and is ideal for fast-paced activities. For more casual use or if you wish to conserve battery life, 30 fps should be sufficient.

Field of View (FOV)

Select “Wide” or “Superview” to capture the most expansive view possible, giving a more immersive feel to the footage. This will help to capture the full range of your dog’s movements and the surrounding environment.

Video Stabilization

Turn on video stabilization (HyperSmooth, if available on your GoPro model) to help reduce shakiness and ensure smooth footage even when your dog is running or jumping.


Enable ProTune for more control over video settings such as ISO, sharpness, and color profile. This is especially useful if you plan to edit the footage later. Keep ISO at a lower level (100-400) for better image quality and reduce sharpness to avoid overly processed footage.

Loop Recording

If you’re planning to capture a specific moment and don’t want to record continuously, consider using Loop Recording. This will overwrite older footage, saving only the most recent footage in set intervals (e.g., 5, 20, or 60 minutes).

Auto Low Light

Enable Auto Low Light mode to allow your GoPro to automatically adjust settings for optimal performance in varying lighting conditions.

gopro fetch


Can You Mount the Pet’s Harness on Cats or other Animals?

You can definitely mount a GoPro on most medium size pets and animals.

Pets are adorable and they fill your life with ultimate happiness. GoPro gives you the chance to record those interesting, fun videos of your dogs while they are surfing, swimming, digging, rolling, playing or just walking along those beautiful sceneries with you.

We reviewed some of the best pet’s mounts and most of them come with an extendable strap, so they could be adapted to cats and other pets of a similar size as a dog. However, double check exact sizes of these harnesses to ensure it fits your pet comfortably.

Someone has even mounted a GoPro on surfing pig! Check out this funny video below 🙂

GoPro: Kama The Surfing Pig


More GoPro Mounts for Awesome Shots!

To achieve surprising results on your outdoor adventures, all you need is a GoPro camera and the right mount! GoPro Mounts are the perfect tools to capture outdoor memories with ease. Have a look at some of these amazing GoPro Mounts below :



Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide helped you know all about Top 5 GoPro dog harness mounts for your pet 🙂


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