Ready to plunge into the world of GoPros, but unsure of which model to buy? You’ve landed at the right place! Here, we talk about the best GoPro camera for beginners.

The short answer to the question – ‘What is the BEST GoPro for Beginners in 2021?’ – is the GoPro Hero 7 Silver. Wondering why? Read on to know more.

best gopro for beginners

GoPro Hero 7 Silver – The Best GoPro for Beginners

In my opinion, if you’re just getting into the world of action cameras, then the GoPro Hero 7 Silver is where you should start. The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is not only stylish in looks but also allows you to capture some stunning footage! It is highly durable & waterproof (down to 33.0′ / 10.0 m). The action camera offers a pretty decent maximum video resolution of 4K/30FPS with stabilization and can take 10MP photos with a wide dynamic range.

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The GoPro Hero 7 Silver has a 1220 mAh built-in battery. However, this essentially means that you can’t replace the battery on your own, which is a bit of a letdown. You also get great connectivity options with WiFi and Bluetooth. With GoPro Voice Control activated, you can also give voice commands to your Hero 7 Silver and operate your camera hands-free.

Hero 7 Silver lacks HyperSmooth stabilization and live-streaming. Also, instead of high dynamic range (HDR) images, it only captures wide dynamic range (WDR) images. However, although these are some notable drawbacks, you can do without them. More so, if you’re just getting started with GoPro.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver – Features

Here’s a rundown of the several features the GoPro Hero 7 Silver offers:

#1. Resolutions & Frame Rates

The Hero 7 Silver offers the highest resolution of 4K/30FPS. If you want to shoot at higher frame rates, you can go for 1440p resolution at 60FPS. For capturing pictures, you get a 10MP (megapixel) lens.

Here are the different resolutions and frame rates offered by the GoPro Hero 7 Silver:

  • 4K – 30FPS
  • 1440p – 60, 30FPS
  • 1080p – 60, 30FPS

With limited options available when it comes to resolutions, choosing one of them is easier for beginners. And, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality. With 4K and 1440p support, you get decent quality footage with the GoPro Hero 7 Silver.

#2. Field of View

You get only one FOV with the Hero 7 Silver: Wide. Yes, it’s the same super wide-angle that GoPro cameras are known for. Again, having only one FOV can prove to be a boon for beginners for the simple reason that you don’t have to fiddle a lot with the settings.

That said, you do get a fisheye effect on the edges, which may look annoying in certain circumstances. But, there’s a way to get rid of that too. Just use the digital zoom feature to cut out the edges (available in 1440p resolution only).

#3. Electronic Image Stabilization

Although it’s not as advanced as HyperSmooth, you do get built-in electronic stabilization (EIS) with the GoPro Hero 7 Silver. And, it’s ON by default, and there’s no way to turn it off.

So, if you’re just starting off with your GoPro, you will get stabilized image without even having to worry about turning EIS on or off.

#4. Touch Screen

Like its Black counterpart, the GoPro Hero 7 Silver also has a touchscreen for easy access to the camera settings. Having a touch screen also makes it a lot easier to operate the action camera.

#5. Waterproof

Like most other recent GoPro models, the Hero 7 Silver is waterproof. It means that you can go down to 10m (30ft) depth underwater with the camera, without issues! However, if you plan to go deeper than that, such as while scuba-diving, you won’t be able to use the GoPro’s SuperSuit Housing with the Hero 7 Silver (unlike Hero 7 Black). For this, you’ll have to buy a separate housing meant specifically for your Hero 7 Silver.

#6. Voice Control

With the Voice Control feature, the GoPro Hero 7 Silver is highly convenient to use hands-free. You just have to give voice commands to the camera, like ‘GoPro, Start Recording’, or ‘GoPro, Stop Recording’, and your action camera will smoothly function accordingly.

#7. Other Features

You get several other awesome features with the GoPro Hero 7 Silver which might come in handy for beginners. With Photo Timer, you can easily capture your group shots by setting a time frame for capturing the shot. The ability to shoot in vertical orientation is a wonderful option for many situations. And, with GPS Stickers, you can track your trajectory, speed, elevation, and more. So, you can show off how fast, high, or far you went—all as the action unfolds.

Final Words: Best GoPro for Beginners

So, if you’re looking for your first GoPro camera, you should definitely go with the GoPro Hero 7 Silver. There are plenty of reasons behind it. If you ask me what is the rationale behind this choice, I’d say that the Hero 7 Silver doesn’t have a lot of complicated settings that you need to juggle with. It’s pretty much ready to use straight out of the box! And, even then, you get amazing video quality with in-built stabilization and a lot of other useful features – all this at a price that’s significantly lesser than the flagship Hero 7 Black or newer models.


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