If you want to capture a baseball/softball game with your GoPro, you have to use the right accessories with your action camera.

A GoPro Fence Mount is really useful for quality shots in such a scenario. It ensures that your camera remains stable while shooting the baseball action.

So, you get a stable and focussed shot always. All you need to do is to attach your GoPro to a fence and make sure it’s angled properly.

In this post, you’ll discover some of the best GoPro fence mounts available on the market.


5 BEST GoPro Baseball/Softball Fence Mounts

Enlisted below are the 5 best GoPro Fence Mounts, useful for both spectators as well as baseball players:

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

A Quality, GoPro Official Product – Our Top Pick!

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount
  • Clamp your GoPro to objects ranging in size from 0.25” to 2” (0.6cm to 5cm) in...
  • Optional neck adjusts to enable a variety of shooting angles
  • Camera can be attached directly to clamp for low-profile mounting

The GoPro official Jaws Flex Clamp mount is a quality product by GoPro. It offers superior durability as well as the flexibility of shooting angle. With this mount, you can conveniently clamp your GoPro to any object ranging from 0.25” to 2” in diameter.

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount also features a Quick Release Base for different camera adjustments. It offers amazing variety and precision with simple neck adjustments. Therefore, it’s one of our top picks for shooting baseball/softball action with your GoPro.

MEINUOKE Chain Link Fence Mount for GoPro

A Simple Fence Mount for Quick GoPro Mounting & Unmounting

Action Camera Chain Link Fence Mount for Gopro Action Cameras - Ideal Backstop Camera Mount for Recording Baseball,Softball and Tennis Games
730 Reviews
Action Camera Chain Link Fence Mount for Gopro Action Cameras - Ideal Backstop Camera Mount for Recording Baseball,Softball and Tennis Games

The Meinuoke Chain Link Fence Mount is a simple GoPro accessory. It’s ideal for those who want the ability to quickly mount and unmount their GoPro while shooting. This mount is super convenient to use. It just takes a second to clip it to the fence and you need no tools for the job.

This Chain Link Fence Mount is lightweight and lets you adjust your desired angle easily. Since it also lets you quickly unmount your camera, changing the angle and focus of your shots is a breeze!

Pmsanzay GoPro Chain Link Fence Mount

A Fence Mount that can be used with GoPro as well as other Cameras

3 in 1 Action Camera Chain Link Fence Mount for Waterproof Action Camera/Digital Camera/Smartphone - Ideal Backstop Camera Mount for Recording Baseball,Basketball,Softball and Tennis Games
  • Pacakge Contents: 1 Set Fence Mount holder - 3 in 1( Three installation methods...
  • Multipurpose use - Want to record a Baseball or Softball Game with your Action Camera...
  • Perfect video shooting - You can use the action camera Fence Mount holder to record a...

This chain-link-type Fence Mount by Pmsanzay is specially built to let you capture your Baseball or Softball Game from the backstop behind the plate. It’s extremely convenient to set up, without the need for any additional tools to install it.

Pmsanzay GoPro Chain Link Fence Mount is feather-light, yet sturdy at the same time. It lets you easily adjust your desired angle with ease. The mount is compatible with almost all the cameras around, including DSLRs or smartphones.

Pronaco Action Camera Fence Mount

Clamp-style Mount

Action Camera Fence Mount Metal Camera Fence Mount for GoPro iPhone, Mevo Start, Phones, to a Chain Link Fence for Recording Baseball/Softball (Mini)
  • The mini size is more convenient to carry. The integral metal structure ensures a...
  • Design ensures that enough adjustment is available to properly locate camera in any...
  • The upper, and right are freely adjustable to ensure that the camera does not capture...

The Action Camera Fence Mount from Pronaco is a clamp-style mount that can be attached to a fence or railing to provide a stable platform for action cameras like GoPro. The mount is made of durable plastic and has a screw-tightened clamp that securely attaches to the fence or railing. It also includes an adjustable ball joint that allows you to adjust the camera angle to your liking.

One advantage of this mount is that it’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry with you on outdoor adventures. Additionally, it allows you to capture unique angles and perspectives that may not be possible with traditional camera mounts, and you can mount the camera on a variety of surfaces.

However, there are some potential downsides to this mount. It may not provide enough stability in windy or shaky conditions, and there is a risk of damage to the fence or railing if the mount is not securely attached or properly positioned.

 ParaPace Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

A Versatile Accessory with Multiple Mounting Possibilities

ParaPace Jaws Flex Clamp Mount with Adjustable Clip Universal Mount Interface for Gopro Hero 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3+ DJI SJCAM Action Cameras Accessories(Black)
  • ⚽【Compatible】Suitable for GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5s/5/4S/4/3 + and most motion...
  • ⚽【Expandable】 The top can be fitted with a camera or any other accessory with a...
  • ⚽【High quality】 made of high quality plastic, make the product strong and...

The ParaPace Jaws Flex Clamp Mount features a clamp mount that lets you clip the camera to a fence or any other object you like. Made of high-quality materials, this fence mount always ensures the safety and stability of your GoPro. With this versatile mount, you can adjust the angle of your shots to anywhere you want – front, sideways, or even backward!

The one thing that I love about this mount is the ample mounting possibilities it offers. With this product, you can mount your GoPro on anything, be it your bicycle or your desktop. Overall, it’s a great choice for shooting quality footage of your baseball game.


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What is The Best GoPro Setting for Baseball?

When it comes to filming baseball with a GoPro, the best setting will depend on the specific shot you want to capture. Here are some general settings that can work well for different types of baseball footage:

For action shots of gameplay

Use a high frame rate and resolution setting to capture the fast movement of the ball and players. A good setting could be 1080p at 120 frames per second (fps) or 4K at 60 fps.

For slow-motion footage

Use a high frame rate such as 240 fps or 120 fps in 1080p to capture slow-motion footage of a pitcher throwing or a batter hitting the ball.

For close-up shots

Use the SuperView mode to capture a wider angle and get a close-up shot of the pitcher or batter.

For time-lapse shots

Use the time-lapse photo mode to capture a series of photos at a set interval, which can be useful for creating a time-lapse video of a baseball game.

For low-light shots

Use the Night mode or lower the frame rate to capture better quality footage in low-light conditions.

gopro baseball mount

Can You Take a GoPro To a MLB Game?

The policies regarding camera use at Major League Baseball (MLB) games can vary depending on the stadium and team. Generally, small cameras such as GoPros are allowed, but professional cameras with detachable lenses are prohibited.
It’s always best to check the stadium’s policies before bringing a camera, as some may have additional restrictions such as not allowing selfie sticks or prohibiting camera use during certain parts of the game. It’s also important to be considerate of other fans and not obstruct their view with your camera.
gopro baseball mlb game

Is a GoPro Good for Sporting Events?

Yes, GoPro cameras are great for capturing action shots and videos at sporting events. They are small, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them perfect for filming on the go. Additionally, many GoPro models come with features such as image stabilization, slow-motion recording, and waterproof capabilities, which make them ideal for filming high-energy and fast-paced sports like skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and mountain biking.
The wide-angle lens of a GoPro also allows for a unique perspective and immersive footage. However, it’s important to follow the rules and regulations of the sporting event and venue to ensure that camera use is allowed and to be respectful of other spectators.

gopro baseball


Which Mount Should You Choose?

GoPro Fence Mounts are the perfect way to capture your baseball/softball game with your GoPro, whether you’re a spectator or a player. All mounts that I’ve mentioned in the list above are some of the best-rated products of this category available on the market today.

However, if you want my opinion on which one is the best of all, I’d definitely say – the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount. This mount provides exceptional quality and durability, along with amazing flexibility of shooting angle. But, that obviously comes at a higher price (being GoPro official).

So, if you don’t want to spend 50 bucks for a fence mount, then you should go for the ParaPace Jaws Flex Clamp Mount. It’s the most affordable product on the list. But, that doesn’t mean it’s any less when it comes to quality. You can definitely go for it worry-free!

Find all cameras that are just perfect for filming baseball games: 10 Best Cameras to Record Baseball Games in (All budgets).



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