If you want to keep your GoPro protected from damage and store it securely along with its mounts & accessories, you need a GoPro Bag. There are several kinds of bags for GoPro on the market. Some are small, case-type bags, while others include spacious backpacks.

In this post, we discuss some top-rated GoPro bags on the market, which include all kinds of products – small as well as large cases, backpacks, sling bags, and more.

So, let’s dive in!

GoPro Bag

5 GREAT Bags for GoPro & Accessories

Here are the five great bags for the GoPro camera and its accessories:

#1: GoPro Casey

Our Favourite Small GoPro Bag for the Camera + Mounts/Accessories

GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts +...
  • Conveniently keep your GoPro, mounts and accessories together All in one place
  • Fully customizable to fit any gear setup
  • Durable, semi-rigid shell and padded inner walls protect and cushion gear

The GoPro official product – Casey is a stylish and durable bag by the company. It lets you carry two or more GoPro Hero series action cameras along with mounts, and other accessories. The GoPro Casey is probably the best option when it comes to quality, which is why it’s our top pick when it comes to small GoPro bags.

The semi-rigid shell outside and a padded inside make this case weather-resistant too. Therefore, it’s is a perfect fit for any outdoor adventure. What’s more? You also get a pull-out pouch that can be used to store things like batteries, thumbscrews, micro SD cards, and more.

#2: AmazonBasics Large GoPro Carrying Case

Our Top Pick for Large GoPro Bag for the Camera + Mounts/Accessories

Amazon Basics Large Carrying Case...
  • Large case for 2 GoPro cameras and accessories; compatible with all GoPro cameras...
  • Keeps your GoPro and accessories safe, protected, and organized
  • Foam padding with pre-cut slots to hold your gear in place; high-quality EVA interior

AmazonBasics Large GoPro Carrying Case is a spacious and durable large case that holds your GoPro and accessories securely. You can safely carry it for your varied adventures, whether it is surfing, climbing, or a safari.

This large carrying case by AmazonBasics can carry two action cameras and several other accessories. Its compartments are well-padded, and the pre-cut slots help in holding the accessories well in place. The case also features an elastic mesh pocket on the underside of its lid for extra storage space.

#3. GoPro Seeker Backpack: 18L Bag

Most Spacious Bag on this list – Ideal for vloggers who love to travel & shoot outdoors

GoPro Seeker Backpack (All GoPro...
  • Built in, soft lined compartment stores up to five GoPro cameras and multiple...
  • Integrated chest mount captures hands free footage from your point of view
  • Adjustable shoulder mount keeps your GoPro within reach and always ready to capture...

Your ideal travel GoPro bag – the GoPro official Seeker Backpack is super spacious! It can store up to five GoPro cameras along with multiple batteries, microSD cards, mounts, and other GoPro accessories. It has a built-in, soft-lined compartment to keep everything inside it protected, organized, and easily accessible.

Although the Seeker Backpack offers great capacity, it is lightweight and is designed in such a way that it’s highly convenient to carry along. And, it’s weather-resistant too. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet in the rain. However, this bag is a bit pricey and may be unaffordable for many.

#4. Tenba ActionPack for GoPro: 14L Bag

A Spacious Backpack for GoPro + Multiple Mounts & Accessories

Tenba 632-451 ActionPack for GoPro...
  • Rear access to the main compartment allows cameras, mounts and accessories to be...
  • Two internal pouches organize cameras (up to two GoPros), and there are pockets for...
  • Front pocket stores an iPad or similar sized small tablet, and includes small pockets...

The Tenba ActionPack is another spacious backpack for GoPro that helps organize your camera and its various mounts & accessories. Its systematic design lets you keep everything inside it in order always.

One thing that I like the most about this bag is that you can swap out the camera or its accessories without having to remove the bag from your body. You can do it even while you’re shooting your adventure, like on a bike or a snowboard.

#5. GoPro Sling Crossbody Bag

A Sleek yet Spacious Sling Bag that can fit your GoPro, 3-Way mount & more

Buy it on GoPro.com: GoPro Sling Crossbody Bag

The GoPro Sling Crossbody Bag is a minimalist bag for your GoPro which you can also wear as a waist pack. Its compact size enables it to be used for your daily adventures, commutes, cycling, and more. It is stylish, lightweight, and weather-resistant (only for light snow/rain).

Inside the GoPro Sling, you can easily get enough space to fit your GoPro camera, a 3-Way mount, and your personal belongings like your wallet, phone, camera, and keys.

Which GoPro Bag is the Best?

All the bags in the above-mentioned list are top-notch when it comes to quality and durability. The one you choose should depend upon your purpose.

For example, if you want a small GoPro case that’s not very bulky, is easily portable, and lets you carry your GoPro along with its accessories, you should go with the GoPro Casey.

However, if you travel a lot and have a lot of GoPro accessories that you carry along frequently with your GoPro camera, then I would suggest that you buy the GoPro Seeker Backpack. That, obviously, would come at a higher price.


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