The GoPro Hero 7 series has three variations – Black, Silver and White. While the Hero 7 Black is the most versatile and expensive out of the three, its White counterpart is the cheapest. Silver falls in between the Black and White variants.

The Hero 7 Black, basically, has everything that’s present in Hero 7 Silver, plus several improved and additional features. In this article, we compare GoPro Hero 7 Silver and Black. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture as to what additional features does a GoPro Hero 7 Black offer as compared to the Silver variant.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the key features of both the cameras.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro Hero 7 Black

The flagship model of Hero 7 series – GoPro Hero 7 Black is versatile and has loads to offer. You can enjoy recording your fun moments using some exciting new features like HyperSmooth which ensures ultra stable, shake-free videos, TimeWarp, SuperPhoto etc. It can record videos in Full HD at 240 fps, that you can slow down up to 8 times to create slow-motion recordings. This camera comes with a 12MP photo resolution and up to 4K at 60fps video resolution. It can capture high dynamic range (HDR) images, and also has the option to shoot in RAW.

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof...
6,507 Reviews
GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof...
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  • TimeWarp: Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move about a scene....
  • Live streaming in 720p: Share while you’re there. Live stream in 720p on social,...

GoPro Hero 7 Silver

GoPro Hero 7 Silver

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is a tough, waterproof action camera which lets you shoot stunning 4K video (at 30fps max). You also get a time-lapse feature which ensures recording of stabilized time-lapse videos. It allows you to shoot 10 MP photos with WDR and burst mode wherein you can get 15 photos in one second! The Hero 7 Silver has a 1220 mAh built-in battery (can’t be removed/replaced). For connectivity, a USB-C port is available. Several other features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Voice Control Commands are available for enriching your shooting experience.

Hero 7 Silver lacks the HyperSmooth stabilization, live-streaming and instead of high dynamic range (HDR) images, it only captures wide dynamic range (WDR) images.

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GoPro Hero 7 Black VS GoPro Hero 7 Silver: Specs Table

Here’s how the specifications of GoPro Hero 7 Black compare with those of the GoPro Hero 7 Silver:

SpecificationsGoPro Hero 7 BlackGoPro Hero 7 Silver
Photo Resolution12 MP10 MP
4K Resolution max. 60fpsmax. 30fps
Bitrate in 4K 78 Mbps60 Mbps
1080p Resolutionmax. 240fpsmax. 60fps
720p Resolutionmax. 240fpsno
Battery (Capacity)1220 mAh
1220 mAh
Image Stabilizationup to 4K 60fpsup to 1080p 60fps
WiFi, BluetoothWiFi, Bluetooth
ConnectivityUSB-C port, micrto HDMIUSB-C port
StoragemicroSD (up to 128GB)microSD (up to 128GB)
external Microphoneyes (via adapter)no
Voice Controlleryesyes
GPS recording yesyes
Waterproof 10m without case
60m with case
10m without case
no case available!

GoPro Hero 7 Black VS GoPro Hero 7 Silver

Here are the most notable differences between the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the GoPro Hero 7 Silver:

#1. Design

Other than the obvious difference in colour, both the cameras look almost the same on the outside. They both have the lens port on the top right corner and a touchscreen that covers most of the rear part of the camera. Also, both these models are waterproof up to 10m depth.

The notable difference is that – if you need to take the cam a little deeper in water – the Black is compatible with GoPro’s SuperSuit cover. With the frame on, it can be taken up to 60m depth. Silver is not compatible with the cover and thus, a separate protective housing is required built only for these cams. Another noticeable difference is that the Black has a small black-and-white LCD screen on the front of the camera, while the Silver doesn’t. Also, the Silver has only one door as the battery is built-in while Black has two.

#2. Connectivity

Both the Hero 7 Black and Silver models support WiFi and Bluetooth. The battery life is almost the same as both use rechargeable batteries rated at 1220 mAh. The difference is that Black has a removable battery and can be swapped with batteries of previous models (Hero 5, 6 Black). But Silver has a built-in battery. So, the only way to charge it is connecting the camera directly to a power source. Both models have a USB-C port, but Black has a micro-HDMI port as well.

#3. Resolution

Both the cameras have the ability to shoot videos in 4K resolution. But, while Silver maxes out at 4K / 30fps, the maximum resolution for Black is 4K / 60fps. For slow-motion videos, the highest framerate available on the Silver is 60 frames per second at the 1440p resolution. On the Black, you can get up to 240 fps (in 1080p, 960p, and 720p). The bitrate on Black is 78Mbps which is much better than that on Silver as 60Mbps.

The Hero 7 Black offers awesome stabilization with its new feature HyperSmooth which makes it smooth and less shaky. It produces larger images (12MP vs 10MP) and has the option to shoot in RAW format as well as JPG. With HDR function over WDR and burst options available, it produces better quality images.

#4. Audio

There are only two onboard microphones on Silver, whereas the Black has three. Therefore, it produces better sound quality. Also, there is a provision to connect an external microphone via adapter in Black for enhancing the voice quality but the same is not available in Silver.

#5. Other Features

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is somewhat limited in its functionality and compatibility. The camera does not support additional features like HyperSmooth, Super Photo, Live streaming etc. It’s not compatible with the GoPro Karma grip as well. The Hero 7 Black, on the other hand, offers all these features. It makes shooting with GoPro more flexible and enjoyable.

Final Words… Hero 7 Black vs Silver. Which one?

Both GoPro Hero 7 Black and Silver have rugged design and are capable of shooting good quality footage in 4K. If you want to choose one of these cameras, I’d say the flagship model (Black) wins. However, you’ll have to spend extra bucks for it.

So, for those who are looking for a low-budget, simple action camera that works pretty well, Silver is not a bad option. But if you need a high-quality action camera with incredible image stabilization, good sound quality, amazing time-lapse videos and many more additional features, you should go for Hero 7 Black.

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof...
6,507 Reviews
GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof...
  • HyperSmooth: Get gimbal‑like stabilization—without the gimbal. HERO7 Black...
  • TimeWarp: Capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move about a scene....
  • Live streaming in 720p: Share while you’re there. Live stream in 720p on social,...


Enjoy your GoPro adventures!

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