The GoPro MAX is, undoubtedly, a wonderful and rugged 360-degree action camera by GoPro. The brand advertises the camera as waterproof. But can you really take it out for diving? Read on to know all about this and more. I’ve also compiled a list of the best underwater dive housings that you can buy for GoPro Max.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

GoPro Max Housing

Do You Need Underwater Housing For GoPro Max?

Most 360-degree cameras don’t work underwater because water causes refraction, thereby making the light split and causing visual aberrations. As a result, you need a special bubble shaped lens for using GoPro Max underwater. These protective lenses are included in the package when you buy Max, which makes it waterproof down to 16 feet (5 metres).

However, GoPro says that Max is NOT an underwater camera. Stitching 360-degree footage underwater is an ongoing problem for GoPro. Therefore, Max’s waterproofing essentially means that it’s suitable for mounting on the surface of a surfboard or a kayak without having to worry about it getting wrecked due to water. Moreover, if you want to seriously take your camera underwater for diving, 16ft/5m depth is barely enough!

That’s where GoPro Max underwater dive housing comes into picture. It enables you to capture stunning 360-degree underwater footage while you are scuba-diving or snorkelling.

What’s more?

These dive housings can go up to 45 metres underwater and let your GoPro Max capture the spectacular views of marine life and coral reefs.

Best GoPro Max 360 Underwater Dive Housings

Here are the best underwater dive housings of GoPro Max 360-degree camera:

Srium Waterproof Housing Case

Waterproof Housing Case for Gopro...
  • 【APPLICABLE】Specially designed for Gopro Max. Ideal for diving, surfing,...
  • 【WATERPROOF】Use this waterproof housing case for Gopro Max you can take your...
  • 【LENS MATERIAL】underwater diving shell for Gopro Max is adopts R270...

Specially designed for GoPro Max, The Srium Waterproof Housing Case is ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports activities. It has wonderful water-resistant properties allowing you to safely take your GoPro Max action camera up to 30 metres underwater.

This housing has R270 high-definition, scratch resistant optical lens with H6 hardness, providing you crystal-clear footage without any distortion. It’s really useful in the ocean where the sand and seawater can easily scratch the GoPro Max’s lens if you don’t use a housing.

VGSION Underwater Housing

VGSION Dive Case Underwater Housing...
  • The housing is compatible with GoPro Max. With this housing, camera can work...
  • Housing is made of acrylic and it has high light transmission and pressure...
  • The lens is made of tempered glass and adopts AF, AR double-layer optical coating to...

This VGSION Underwater Housing is compatible with GoPro Max, allowing your 360-degree camera to work underwater down to 40 metres (131 feet). It’s made of high-quality materials and a rubber seal to prevent water damage to your camera.

The lens of this dive housing is made of tempered glass and adopts AF, AR double-layer optical coating which makes it more transparent and scratch-proof. All these great features make this housing perfect to capture your memorable moments underwater, whether you’re out for diving or snorkelling.

ParaPace Waterproof Housing Case

ParaPace 45M Waterproof Housing...
  • 💙【Applicable】Designed for Gopro Max. Ideal for diving, surfing and other water...
  • 💙【Waterproof】You can take Gopro Max to a depth of 45M with our waterproof...
  • 💙【Lens material】The lens is made of curved tempered glass, which can better...

Designed for GoPro Max, the ParaPace Waterproof Housing Case is perfect for diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports. With this housing installed, you can take your GoPro Max to a depth of 45 metres, thanks to its waterproof shell.

The lens of this housing is made of curved tempered glass, which prevents it from scratching and prolongs the service life of your camera. The waterproof shell is made of high transparency PC material. It provides amazing clarity to your underwater shots captured with Max. At the same time, this protective shell also lets you control your camera conveniently.

How to Install GoPro Max Dive Housing?

Have a look at the detailed steps to install dive housing to GoPro Max:

Step 1: Put the camera into the housing

Step 1

While putting the GoPro Max camera into the housing, please note the direction of the screen.

Step 2: Press the buckle to reach the housing groove

Step 2

Press the buckle to reach the groove of housing to lock it.

Step 3: Push down the lock

Step 3

While you use one hand to press the buckle to reach the housing groove, use the other hand to push down the lock to reach the other side of housing groove. This will securely lock the housing.

Step 4: Check if the buckle is locked well and do a waterproof test

Step 4

Double check if the buckle is locked well and do the waterproof testing before dive. In case the buckle isn’t locked properly, repeat the process again.

Which Dive Housing Should You Choose?

All the dive housings for GoPro Max that I’ve included in the list above are great when it comes to quality and reliability. You can choose any one of them with your Max if you plan to dive with your camera. So, get ready for a whole lot of fun and create some amazing 360 videos underwater!


Enjoy your GoPro adventures!

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