GoPro can do a lot of stuff that a traditional camera can’t, like taking action shots and videos of your adventures with your camera mounted to your gear. But, what if you want to film while you’re surfing, white-water rafting, scuba-diving or simply hiking in the rain? Well, there is a solution for that too. You need a GoPro Housing/Dive Housing to protect your camera from water.

Since a GoPro camera is a costly investment, you should make the necessary arrangement for its protection. The right housing for your GoPro helps keep your camera protected in all weather conditions, while still allowing you easy access to its controls.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top 8 GoPro Dive Housings & Underwater Cases in the market in 2021.


Do You need a Dive Housing for GoPro?

If you own a newer GoPro camera, chances are that it is already waterproof without a housing. The older units, however, do require a housing for underwater use.

Here are the details of waterproof characteristics of GoPros from Hero 3 to Hero 8 (including Session and Max/Fusion).

GoPro Fusion & Max:

  • Yes. As long as all camera doors are closed, Fusion/Max cameras are waterproof down to 5m (16ft) without a housing.

GoPro Hero 8 Black, Hero 7 Black/Silver/White, Hero 6 & 5 Black, Hero 4 & 5 Session:

  • Yes. As long as all camera doors are closed, all these cameras are waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing.
  • Hero 8 Black users can use the GoPro Protective Housing to take your camera down to 60m (197ft).
  • Hero 7, 6 & 5 Black users can use the GoPro Super Suit housing to dive deeper with your camera down to 60m (196ft).
  • Hero 7 Silver/White users can use the GoPro Protective Housing to use their camera up to a depth of 40m (131ft).

GoPro Hero 4 Black/Silver:

  • ​No. These cameras are NOT waterproof without a housing.
  • All Hero 4 cameras come with a Standard Housing that can go as deep as up to 40m (131ft).

GoPro Hero 3 Black/Silver/White:

  • ​No. These cameras are NOT waterproof without a housing.
  • All Hero 3 cameras come with a Protective Waterproof Case that can withstand depths of up to 60m (197ft).


GoPro Hero 8 Dive Housing

As mentioned previously, Hero 8 Black is waterproof up to 10m (33ft), but needs a case to go beyond that. Have a look at two of the best housing cases for your Hero 8.

#1: GoPro Protective Housing (HERO8 Black)

The GoPro official protective housing is meant for you if you own a Hero 8 Black and would like to dive down to 60m (196ft) depth with your camera.

GoPro Protective Housing (HERO8...
  • Protects your HERO8 Black from mud, dirt and debris during extreme activities
  • Waterproof down to 196ft (60m)—perfect for deep-water diving
  • Includes a skeleton backdoor for improved audio capture and easy access to the...

What we like: Although your Hero 8 Black is rugged and waterproof right out of the box, this tough housing is a perfect solution for you if you want to go deeper than 10m (33ft) underwater. It is an amazing companion for your GoPro during deep-sea diving and protects it from mud, dirt and debris during your extreme activities. The included skeleton backdoor helps to capture audio effectively and easily access your camera’s touchscreen. It also features a flat glass lens for sharp and high-quality images both above and below water.

What we don’t like: Although this GoPro housing case functions perfectly, it is a bit expensive for what it does! Another thing that we wish it had is the option to allow charging of your cam while in the case.

#2: 60m Waterproof Housing Case for GoPro Hero 8 Black

Designed specifically for GoPro Hero 8 Black, this waterproof housing case by Finest+ allows you to use your camera down to 60m underwater while diving, snorkeling and other underwater extreme activities.

FINEST+ 60m Waterproof Housing Case...
  • Specifically design for GoPro HERO 8 Black Action Camera Only.
  • High Strength PC Material, perfectly use the camera 60m underwater, ideal for diving,...
  • Large Flat glass lens and high transparent material provides a maximum sharpness...

What we like: With this durable housing case made of high strength PC material, you don’t need to worry about your GoPro anymore while enjoying extreme underwater sports. This case has a large and flat glass lens which provides maximum sharpness to image both over and underwater. Its rubber material pins ensure better protection for your power button unlike normal metal pins. The case has a special T-Form Thumbscrew design that helps you install your camera quickly. It also offers a better grip while you tighten the camera.

What we don’t like: A few users have reported issues of leakage and its soft rubber button pressing itself when subjected to pressure of water while diving below 30ft.


GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Dive Housing

Like Hero 8, GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7 are also waterproof (only up to 33ft). Here are the three best dive housings for these cams.

#1: Waterproof Dive Case for GoPro by Kupton

Kupton Dive Case is our top pick when it comes to waterproof cases meant for the ultimate protection of your GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7 Black. Please note that it’s NOT suitable for GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero 7 Silver/White.

Kupton Housing Case Compatible with...
  • 【Professional Design】Compatible with GoPro Hero 7 Black/ Hero 6 / hero 5 / Hero...
  • 【Inallation is a Breeze】No need to remove cover lens before placing camera in...
  • 【45M/147FT Waterproof】This waterproof housing case with upgraded waterproof...

What we like: This waterproof diving case comes with an upgraded waterproof sealing ring and tight buckle to ensure that there’s no water leakage while shooting underwater (down to 45m/147ft). Perfect for use during extreme outdoor activities and deep-water diving, it provides protection to your GoPro while still enabling you to shoot clear, crisp footage. Made of high-quality PMMA plastic, the case is durable and protects your GoPro against high impact drops, dents and scratches. It’s affordable and quite similar to the original GoPro case.

What we don’t like: While this case is compatible with most GoPro filters, it may not work with off-brand filters. You’ll also have to double check to ensure that your existing accessories will mount with this case.

#2:  Protective Dive Case Waterproof Housing for GoPro

Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7 Black, this protective dive housing for your camera by VGSION works up to 50m (164ft) underwater.

What we like: Made of plastic and stainless steel, this durable dive housing case for your GoPro is perfect for your underwater adventures like snorkeling and diving, as well as other sports like skiing, riding, climbing and skydiving. It effectively protects your camera from water, shock and dust. The case is easy-to-install, and you don’t need to remove your camera lens cover while putting it into the housing. It also comes with an extra touchable door in the package to allow you to use your cam’s touchscreen with this case on.

What we don’t like: The locking mechanism of this case is not as straightforward as the GoPro original case. So, you need to be careful when unlocking for the first time because the locking tab does not always engage smoothly. However, as you learn how to do it practically, it becomes easier.

#3:  GoPro Dive Housing Case with Red Filters & Anti Fog Inserts

This product by Sruim includes some awesome accessories for using your GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7 Black underwater. With a wonderful dive housing case for underwater photography (down to 45m/147ft), the package also includes red filters and anti-fog inserts.

Waterproof Case for Gopro Hero 7...
  • Specially designed accessories for GoPro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Black/ Hero (2018)....
  • This case for GoPro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Black/ Hero (2018) easy to install. It's no...
  • Includes 3-Pack dive filters: The filters can be easily snap on and off waterproof...

What we like: This waterproof housing case is ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports activities. It’s extremely easy-to-install as you don’t need to remove the cover lens before the camera is put into the housing. Thanks to this design, your camera lens is also better protected! What’s more? You get 3-Pack dive filters with this case, containing Light Red, Red and Magenta filters for awesome underwater photography at varied depths. The included anti-fog inserts prevent fogging of your camera lens in cold, humid environments inside the housing.

What we don’t like: The only down side of this case is that the touchscreen doesn’t work in the housing.


Underwater Dive Case for GoPro Hero 3/4

Designed specifically for GoPro Hero 3/4, this underwater dive case by Yimobra is perfect for use in harsh environments of outdoors/underwater while enjoying your favourite adventure sports like surfing, diving, mountaineering and riding.

Yimobra Waterproof Housing Case for...
  • HD Scratch Proof Lens & Clear Shooting Under Water: This waterproof housing case is...
  • Big Button Size: Easily operate the shutter/ Power button or select key/ Mode button...
  • Specially Designed For Gopro Hero 4 Hero 3+: Ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling,...

What we like: Made of PMMA material, this high quality waterproof housing case is equipped with HD, scratch proof tempered glass lens to let your GoPro record clear and vivid footage. It is lightweight and easy to carry, with big button sizes that allow for easy underwater operation of the shutter, Power or Mode buttons. This product comes at a highly affordable price. And the brand is also very thoughtful and sensitive to your needs, which is why they have included an extra clip for you to use in case the original one is damaged.

What we don’t like: Fogging up of lens when using underwater is an annoying issue with this case. The buttons are also a bit hard to press with this case on.


Dive Housing for GoPro Hero Sessions

If you own a GoPro Session cam, here are the two protective dive housing cases that we highly recommend.

#1: 60m Dive Protective Housing Case for GoPro Sessions

Perfect for scuba-divers, Nechkitter Protective Housing Case for GoPro Session cameras allows you to dive into the sea up to 60m (196ft) underwater.

Nechkitter 60m Dive Protective...
  • [High Transmission] The front cover of this housing is made of high quality optical...
  • [Deep Waterproof & Anti-rust] With professional waterproof seal and stainless steel...
  • [Extra Production] The housing does not only offer greater waterproof protection to...

What we like: With professional waterproof seal and stainless steel production, you don’t have to worry about the rust while taking your camera into the sea with this case on. In addition to being waterproof, this housing also offers extra protection for your GoPro against dust, scratch and shock. The front cover is made of optical tempered glass with a great light transmission rate of 98%, which means that you get to shoot high definition, crystal clear footage. Big external button design makes it extremely easy to operate your camera buttons.

What we don’t like: A lot of users have complained that this case starts malfunctioning as you go down deeper into the water, and that it can’t handle the pressure at 60m depth as the company claims.

#2:  60M Dive Housing + Filter Kit for GoPro HERO5 Session

This kit by GOSCOPE includes a dive housing and a 3-filter set for your GoPro Hero 5 Session cam. It works down to 60m (196ft) depth underwater.

No products found.

What we like: Apart from being waterproof, this housing for your Session also protects it from sand, snow and dirt. With GoPro quick buckle, it is easy to install and remove. The included filter kit lets you make your underwater explorations come to life! You get 3 filters in this kit: Snorkel Filter, Tropical Water Filter and Green Water Filter for color correction in varying depths (0-90ft) and water types. The filter pouch allows for easy storage.

What we don’t like: The plastic material used for the latch is a bit brittle. So, don’t force open/close it as it is prone to break. Placing anti-fog inserts is also hard as GoPro fits too snugly in this case.


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