GoPro is a waterproof camera. However, it’s prone to moisture issues. This is especially true while you’re using it underwater or in humid environments. In fact, lens fog is a real problem when you use your GoPro with a housing. It can potentially ruin the shots of your exciting adventures like scuba-diving, snorkeling etc. Therefore, Anti Fog inserts are essential to eliminate the lens fog as they absorb the moisture.

In this article, you’ll learn all about GoPro Anti-Fog inserts – our top-recommended inserts, why you need them and various tips regarding these accessories 🙂

Anti-Fog Inserts

Why You Need Anti Fog Inserts for GoPro

While GoPro housings do a great job of keeping the water out, they are also notorious for causing lens fogging. This is because, being waterproof, any humidity inside the case gets trapped inside. So, if the outside temperature drops significantly or if the air inside the housing case is very humid, it can cause the moisture to condense in it.

This problem is most common in water sports like surfing, diving etc. because of variance in temperature of the air and water. It also happens in case of winter sports like skiing because the temperatures inside and outside the case varies. You may also encounter fog inside the housing from the heat of the camera when filming in cold or humid environments.

GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts are a simple fix to avoid fogging of your GoPro lens as they help prevent condensation on the camera lens. These anti-fog inserts are basically made up of silica gel packed in cellulose fiber. Yes, the same silica gel that you see in little bags inside lots of retail items. Having a strong affinity for water molecules, the silica gel absorbs the humidity in the case and keeps it off your GoPro camera lens.

5 Best GoPro Anti Fog Inserts

Here are the top 5 GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts available in the market:

#1. GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts – GoPro Official Accessory

GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts (GoPro...
82 Reviews
GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts (GoPro...
  • Insert into housing to prevent lens for in cold and humid environments
  • Reusable up to four times
  • Coming Soon

The official GoPro anti-fog inserts are of great quality and work well with all models of GoPro. I’ve personally used these inserts with GoPro SuperSuit for Hero 6 and it worked pretty well – no fogging whatsoever! This product does an exceptionally great job of absorbing the moisture and humidity inside the housing case. The only downside is the price. We understand that it’s GoPro official, but $19 is still a bit too much for what’s basically some packets of silica gel!

#2. FiTSTILL Anti-Fog Inserts

Anti Fog Inserts 24 pcs - Reusable...
153 Reviews
Anti Fog Inserts 24 pcs - Reusable...
  • NO MORE FOG - Using our anti-fog inserts will help prevent excess moisture forming on...
  • REUSABLE - These inserts can be used multiple times before they need to be thrown...
  • HIGH QUALITY ABSORPTIVE MATERIAL - Made with high quality moisture absorbing silica...

Another great product – FiTSTILL Anti-Fog Inserts helps prevent excess moisture formation on your GoPro camera lens and inside the underwater housing. You get 24 pieces of inserts inside the package, which makes it a great deal. So, go out worry-free and shoot in cold or humid environments without worrying about fogging inside the housing or on camera lens. These inserts work perfectly well with all models of GoPro.

#3. CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts

CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts compatible...
302 Reviews
CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts compatible...
  • PREVENTS FOGGING: Use in cold or humid climates to avoid excess moisture building up...
  • REUSABLE: Inserts can be used multiple times. To remove the absorbed moisture simply...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HERO MODELS: Hero and Hero 2 owners should place one insert on...

CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts come in a 20-pack reusable moisture removing inserts. You can use these inserts in cold or humid climates without worrying about moisture building up on your lens and inside the camera housing. CamKix Anti-Fog Inserts are compatible with all GoPro models.

#4. The Accessory Pro Anti-Fog Inserts

The Accessory Pro Anti-Fog Inserts...
233 Reviews
The Accessory Pro Anti-Fog Inserts...
  • The Accessory Pro brand product, made to be used with GoPro cameras.
  • Prevents fogging in all conditions
  • Low price Anti-Fog Insert

The Accessory Pro Anti-Fog Inserts is a set of 12 reusable inserts to keep your GoPro lens and the housing case fog free. Just place them into the housing to prevent fogging in all weather conditions. These anti-fog inserts can be used with all GoPro models.

#5. O’woda Anti-Fog Inserts

O'woda 24 pcs Anti Fog Inserts for...
103 Reviews
O'woda 24 pcs Anti Fog Inserts for...
  • ☀Prevents fogging: Using the anti-fog inserts will help prevent excess moisture...
  • ☀Reusable: Inserts can be used multiple times. To remove the absorbed moisture...
  • ☀High Quality Absorptive Material: Made with high quality silica gel on cellulose...

Another great option, the O’woda Anti-Fog Inserts perform their function – of preventing excess moisture forming on your lens and inside the underwater housing – pretty well. The inserts are compatible with all GoPro models.

Tips: How to Install & Use GoPro Moisture Absorbers

Installing the GoPro Anti-Fog inserts is very simple. Here are the steps to install the inserts:

  • Open the GoPro camera housing.
  • Drop the inserts into the sides of the GoPro camera housing in order to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments.
  • Close the housing.

That’s it! Now your camera won’t fog up even if you take it underwater or in diverse temperatures.

Here are some tips on how to use anti-fog inserts with your GoPro efficiently:

  1. Ensure that the camera is fully sealed.
  2. GoPro Anti-Fog inserts can be used about 3-4 times before needing re-baking.
  3. After this, you need to dry out and bake the inserts first before reuse. To do it, heat the inserts on a pan in oven at 300° F for 5 minutes.
  4. Always store the inserts in an airtight bag.
  5. Keep the inserts away from children as these should never be ingested.

Last Words…

Follow the advice and use these great anti-fog inserts; you’ll never have to struggle with fogging issues while shooting with your GoPro. So, capture amazingly crisp and crystal-clear shots of your adventure activities, whether it’s surfing, skiing or scuba-diving.


Enjoy your GoPro adventures!

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