Are you ready for capturing some nice short clips on your next adventure? Insta360’s GO action camera is a miniature action camera for your everyday action shots. It lets you record hands-free POV footage with the utmost ease. The camera is so small that it can be covered by a thumb. This opens doors to numerous opportunities for rotating and capturing shots at multiple angles.

With just 18-grams of weight and a beautiful design, this little wonder is not only appealing to the eyes but the fact it can be carried anywhere and everywhere makes it so appealing. A camera itself is enough to create wonders but when combined with some compatible accessories, you can be sure of capturing some stunning views on the go!

Insta360 GO works best when you use it with its several accessories. In this article, you will come across some of the best insta360 GO accessories that are available on the market today.



7 BEST insta360 GO Accessories of 2022

As you may know, the insta360 GO is a very small and lightweight camera. That’s why, to add to its safety, using a little protective cover around it is a great idea. Similarly, there are various other accessories that you can try with your GO and shoot some eye-catching content, and not miss a moment with your GO along. Be ready to capture and edit some little reels to get amazed later.

Below mentioned are some awesome accessories that add more charm to this little wonder:

#1. Protective Sleeve

Protective Sleeve for Insta360 GO Mini Action Camera Silicone Case Accessories Cover Lens Shell
  • This silicone protects case is only for Insta360 GO Mini Action Camera (excluding...
  • Protects the camera against scratches. Soft silicone covers the camera body and lens.
  • Made of soft silicone material, durable. Easy to use and disassemble.

This tiny miracle camera helps you to record short clips when you are on the go and with a Protective Sleeve around it, people will not even notice that you have a camera on. It is a silicone case that is easy to use and remove designed especially for your GO cameras. The magnets are strong and durable and the body cap ensures the camera remains scratch-free.

#2. Rubber Sleeve Case

Rubber Sleeve Case for Insta360 GO Black/Blue + Lanyard Silicone Protective Case for Insta360 GO Stabilized Sports Action Camera Accessory
  • ✪This rubber Sleeve Specifically designed for Insta 360 GO Action Camera. Accurate...
  • ✪This durable soft black silicone sleeve offers extra protection against dust,...
  • ✪Thin, flexible material makes it easy to apply and remove your Insta 360 GO Action...

Another kind of protective gear is Rubber Sleeve Case. This is the most common pick of GO users for their precious babies. The soft texture of the case keeps the camera safe from dust, scratches, fingers prints, or flying pebbles. You can easily attach it to your gear while rock climbing or riding a bike without the fear of harming the camera a bit. It has an accurate opening for the lens and does not overlap the opening at all. The rubber helps trap heat and thus improves battery life in cold conditions.

#3. Round Magnet Pendant

The insta360’s GO is so lightweight that if attached to a magnet pendant, it would hardly make a difference. You won’t feel any weight while you are performing different activities. With one click you can capture stable, hands-free short clips. The camera is water-resistant and thus you can be carefree about creating hyperlapse or slow-motion videos while you are on the move.

#4. Pivot Stand

Pivot Stand is the most important and interesting accessory here. A Pivot Stand is used to cling it to different spaces so that you can attain spectacular different angled shots. The Pivot Stand allows the camera to be attached adhesively to glass and other smooth surfaces. So, capturing clips at different angles is now just a click away!

#5. Charging Case

One of the drawbacks of GO is its short battery life. It can record around 25 videos of 30 secs each, or 106 videos of 15 secs. each. The battery finishes up real quick hence carrying a charging case along when you are out for a longer time is required. The charging case can recharge the camera in just 18 minutes and then you are good to go.

#6. Easy Clip

GO uses FlowState stabilization to keep your footage impossibly smooth. insta360’s GO is the world’s smallest stabilized camera. The clip shots can be of 15,30 or 60 seconds. Hyper lapses support recording times of up to 30 minutes, and time-lapses offer longer recording times. Easy Clip attaches your GO at the front or back of your cap or headband while you are playing badminton or any other sport. It can also be clipped to other gears as per your requirements.

#7. GO Carry Case

The above-mentioned accessories are a must to carry for a better experience with your GO when you are out and about. Hence, to make it simpler for you. We have a GO carrying case that fits all the add-ons along with your camera easily. The perfectly designed exterior keeps the little GO and its friends safe from dust and any kind of damage. All in all, it makes your journeys easier and more comfortable. So, be ready to lift your case full of magic beans and capture the world.

You can check out the case here.


So, Which Accessories Did You Like The Best?

The insta360 GO action camera is a tiny tech-toy that clings to you like a baby and can capture the most exciting clip shots for you. If you are an adventure enthusiast or into sports, you can make use of the Pivot Stand and Easy Clip to capture every moment of the event. The weight is almost negligible and it is so small that it is hardly visible to others.

The protective case is also a much-needed accessory to keep the little demon safe while you are out and about. It’s also great to make it easy to carry all different attachments together. So, you can pack all the amazing add-ons in one portable carry case.


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