The insta360 head mount has arrived to revolutionize the way we shoot 360 videos.

This hands-free accessory allows you to effortlessly record your experiences without the hassle of holding a camera in your hands.

In this blog post, you’ll find some of the best insta360 head mounts for your 360-degree video adventures.


What is an Insta360 Head Mount?

Have you ever tried to capture a stunning view or thrilling activity with an action camera, only to find it difficult to hold the camera steady while you’re in motion? This is where a head mount comes in handy.

The Insta360 Head Mount is a type of accessory that holds your action camera on top of your head, allowing you to record footage from your point of view without the need for your hands. It’s a great option for activities like riding, paintball, or hiking, where you need both of your hands free.

Most head mounts are adjustable and can be worn on top of a helmet or directly on your head. Some even come with additional features like built-in stabilizers or remote controls to make filming even easier. With a head mount, you can simply “set and forget” your camera, and focus on enjoying your activity without worrying about your camera’s positioning or stability.

So, if you’re looking for a must-have accessory that allows you to capture amazing footage using your insta360 camera hands-free, consider investing in a head mount.

The Insta360 Head Mount is compatible mostly with the following Insta360 camera models:

Please note that other Insta360 camera models may not be compatible with this specific head mount. And make sure the mount you choose is compatible with your camera model before buying.

insta360 head mount


Best Insta360 Head Mounts

Here are some of the best head mounts for insta360 cameras:

Insta360 Head Strap

Insta360 Head Strap
18 Reviews
Insta360 Head Strap
  • Capture epic first person shots hands-free.
  • Comfortable and adjustable non-slip design.
  • Mount up to two cameras to record more of the action.

The Insta360 Head Strap is a must-have for anyone who loves adventure and wants to capture it all. With its comfortable and adjustable non-slip design, you can be sure that your camera won’t be bouncing around while you’re out exploring. The strap is also incredibly easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about fussing with complicated attachments before you start your adventure.

One of the best things about this Head Strap is that it’s compatible with all Insta360 cameras. So whether you’re using the Insta360 ONE R, ONE X2, or any other Insta360 camera, you can rest assured that this Head Strap will work perfectly. And if you need to record multiple angles at once, you can even mount up to two cameras to the strap.

Vgsion Motorcycle Unicorn Helmet Mount Kit

VGSION Motorcycle Unicorn Helmet Mount Kit for Insta360 X3/ One X2/ One RS/Go 2, DJI Osmo Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 with Arm Rod for Skiing, Skating
  • Package includes 25cm rod arm, 2 pcs sticker, curved basic mount, 2 short screws,...
  • Lightweight and sturdy; the extension rod is made of aluminum alloy; The rod is...
  • Good view angle; the extension rod is 25 cm, it is good for 360 degrees shooting

Step up your action photography game with the Unicorn Helmet Mount kit. This comprehensive package, inclusive of a 25cm aluminum alloy rod arm, adhesive mounts, screws, a wrench, and a camera mount adapter, promises quality and versatility. The extension rod, designed to be invisible during bullet-time shots with the X2, offers a brilliant 360-degree shooting angle.

Despite its lightweight nature, the aluminum alloy ensures sturdiness, and the hollow design minimizes wind resistance, ensuring a stable shot in motion. The mount showcases impeccable compatibility, fitting seamlessly with Insta360, GoPro, and other similar action cameras. Its adhesive mount broadens its utility, allowing it to adhere securely to helmets and flat boards, making it the go-to accessory for adrenaline junkies involved in skiing, cycling, motorcycling, and skateboarding. With the Unicorn Helmet Mount, every adventure is a cinematic experience.

Also check out  Original Insta360 Unicorn Helmet Mount , that you can buy directly from insta360 online shop.

Read what is this mount: One of the best things about the Unicorn Helmet Mount is that you can adjust the angle of the rod to take 360° videos, too. This means you can capture all the action happening around you, not just what’s directly in front of you.

It’s worth noting that the Unicorn Helmet Mount is not recommended for skydiving, bungee jumping, or other high-speed aerial activities where the rod could get caught in a cord or parachute. As always, safety comes first!

insta360 unicorn mount in the snow

Insta360 Helmet Mount Bundle

Insta360 Helmet Mount Bundle for ONE R, ONE X, ONE Action Camera
  • Use as a camera mount for motorcycling, MTB, skiing or any sport that uses a helmet.
  • Mount anywhere on your helmet, Ideal as a helmet mount for unique 360 perspectives.
  • 360 shots automatically remove the extension from your shot, giving drone-like...

The Insta360 Helmet Mount Bundle is a great addition to your ONE R, ONE X, or ONE action cameras. This mount can be used for a variety of sports that require a helmet such as motorcycling, mountain biking, and skiing. It provides you with unique 360 perspectives that you can’t get with other types of camera mounts.

One of the best features of the Insta360 Helmet Mount Bundle is its rotatable design. This allows you to capture every angle of your adventure without having to remove the camera from the mount. Additionally, the mount can be attached to either a straight or curved base, making it easy to use on any type of helmet.

insta360 head mount bundle

The Insta360 Helmet Mount Bundle is perfect for those who want to capture amazing footage of their outdoor activities. It provides you with drone-like perspectives without having to use a drone. 

Vgsion Head Strap Mount

vgsion Head Strap Mount for Insta360 One X3, One X2, One RS, Compatible with GoPro Hero 10/9 /8/7and Other Similar Action Cameras
19 Reviews
vgsion Head Strap Mount for Insta360 One X3, One X2, One RS, Compatible with GoPro Hero 10/9 /8/7and Other Similar Action Cameras
  • Practical: The headband mount can be used to get impact angle videos while doing...
  • Non-slip and Adjustable: The head strap is adjustable according to the size of the...
  • Stable and Comfortable: The chin strap is specially designed for the chin, which is...

The Vgsion Head Strap Mount is an excellent accessory for those who love to engage in extreme sports and capture their adventures on camera. It is practical, non-slip, and adjustable, making it the perfect tool for getting impact angle videos while performing flips and jumps. The headband mount is compatible with a wide range of action cameras, including the Insta360 One X3, One RS, One R, Go 2, and other similar models.

The head strap is adjustable, allowing you to attach the camera to your motorcycle helmet or even your head. It comes with a chin strap that is specially designed to ensure comfort and stability while performing extreme sports such as flips and jumps. The chin strap helps stabilize the headband and keeps it in place, ensuring that your camera captures every moment of your adventure.

Made of durable nylon, the Vgsion Head Strap Mount is designed to last. The anti-slip feature ensures that the camera stays in place while you are on the move, making it the perfect accessory for hiking, climbing, cycling, exercise, hunting, skating, skateboard, water sports, and winter sports. The head strap mount also comes with a screw, making it easy to attach your camera to the mount. 

PellKing Helmet Chin Mount

Helmet Chin Mount for Mobile Phone and GoPro, Motorcycle Strap Holder for iPhone Samsung,Compatible with GoPro Hero 9,8,7,6,5,4/3, Insta360 One R, AKASO,DJI OSMO,Etc and Most Action Cameras
  • Great Compatible:The smartphone helmet chin mount not only used for 4-7 inch...
  • Updated Version:Pellking has updated the helmet chin strap mount. Through design...
  • No-Skid & Stable:The back of the product is designed with a soft non-slip mat made of...

The PellKing Helmet Chin Mount is a great accessory that is highly compatible with most action cameras, including all Insta360 action camera models. The product is designed with a soft non-slip mat made of silicone material at the back, which provides better friction and cushioning, making the strap holder more stable, thus helping you take more stable videos.

The motorcycle helmet chin bracket is easy to install and remove, and the double-layer elastic band makes the camera fixed more firmly. The middle part of the gasket adopts a sunken design with soft glue on the periphery to avoid scratching the helmet, providing helmet protection.

The clip mount is tiny and lightweight, making it a must-have for travel. The alligator design with steady clipping ability assures your camera can capture more exciting moments. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, rubber, and nylon materials, the product comes with a 60-day money-back policy, making it a risk-free purchase. 


Which insta360 Head Mount Would You Get?

If you’re looking for a hands-free approach to capturing 360 videos, the Insta360 Head Mount is my recommendation.

This innovative head strap allows you to capture stunning, immersive footage without the need for handheld equipment, freeing up your hands for other activities.

For those who wear helmets, the Insta360 Unicorn Helmet Mount is also an excellent option.

This mount allows you to attach your Insta360 camera directly to your helmet, giving you the ability to capture unique and dynamic shots that are similar to those captured by drones.


For more mounts for hands free shots check out:



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