Some insta360 cameras feature a wonderful addition – the bullet time invisible selfie stick. This gives a wonderful effect where the selfie stick is automatically erased from the shot. Things become even more interesting if you rotate the camera around yourself. It gives the impression that the camera is flying around you.

But how to achieve this? All you need is:

  • the insta360 One/One X/One X2/X3/One R camera,
  • the invisible selfie stick, and
  • the bullet time selfie stick handle.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make some amazing bullet time videos using the said insta360 selfie stick.


What is Bullet Time

‘Bullet Time’ refers to that amazing visual effect where you pan around a subject. It lets the audience experience high-speed movements, such as flying bullets, that would be too fast to see otherwise. Earlier it used to be a herculean job to have such an effect wherein you feel that the camera is flying around the subject.

But now, with the insta360 One series cameras and their built-in advanced stabilization algorithms through which the invisible effect is possible, you can pull off the Bullet Time effect in seconds!

Here’s how it looks:

Insta360 - Introducing Bullet Time


About Insta360 Bullet Time Bundle Selfie Stick Handle

Compatible with Insta360 One X2/ One R / One X / One cameras, the Insta360 Bullet Time Bundle Selfie Stick Handle makes high-quality panorama shots real. When mounted on the invisible selfie stick, it lets you spin the camera around by just holding the handle. What’s more, it also ensures the clarity of photography with ultra-smooth, stable, and firm shots.

While the handle can be mounted on the selfie stick, you can make yourself a complete set of accessories for the camera to achieve bullet time shots. In addition, it can also be used as a tripod. The working tripod height is about 14.2cm / 5.59in.

Insta360 Bullet Time Bundle Selfie Stick Handle(Folded Tripod) Compatible with Insta360 ONE X2/ ONE R/ ONE X/ONE
  • Bullet Time Bundle: Bullet time bundle, designed for Insta360 sports camera, makes...
  • Invisible Selfie Stick: Specialized selfie stick can be invisible in the video,...
  • As Handle or Tripod: The handle can be mounted on the selfie stick and you can make...


How to Use insta360 Bullet Time Selfie Stick

Here are the five steps to use the insta360 Bullet Time Selfie Stick for creating some appealing 360 shots:

Mount the Compatible insta360 Camera onto the Invisible Selfie Stick

The first step is to mount your Insta360 One series camera to the invisible selfie stick. Make sure that the tip of the stick is tightly secured into the camera.

Attach the Bullet Time Handle onto the Invisible Selfie Stick

Now, you need to attach the bullet time handle onto the invisible selfie stick. Just ensure that the camera is flat so that it can cut through the air. Also, to allow the selfie stick to swing freely, screw the bullet time handle joint clockwise to completely loosen the head.

Switch to Bullet Time Mode

Turn the Insta360 One series camera on, and Select ‘Bullet Time Mode’. This one is a very crucial step because if you don’t change the mode to the bullet time mode, you won’t be able to shoot cinematic bullet time shots. So, you’re now ready to start recording.

Swing the Selfie Stick Overhead

In this step, you need to fully extend the selfie-stick, and make sure that the camera is flat. Now, lift the handle overhead, straighten your arm, and rotate the bullet-time handle slowly in small circles. After 5-6 rotations are complete, bring the handle down carefully. That’s it, stop recording.

Edit Bullet Time Video on the insta360 App

Using the insta360 app, download the Bullet Time Footage to your phone and tap the bullet time icon. This will open your footage. Now, you’re ready to edit your footage. Tap the scissors icon to trim the footage into a short clip. After all the necessary edits are done, you’re now ready to export the video. Just tap the export button on the top right to save the video to your phone.


4 Cool Tips For Epic Bullet Time Shots

Here are some cool tips to achieve epic bullet time shots using the insta360 cameras:

Shoot in a Setting With Plenty of Light

This one is a no-brainer actually! To get appealing bullet time shots using your insta360 camera, make sure that you shoot in a setting where there’s plenty of light. Otherwise, the shot may look grainy.

Aim for one Rotation in a Second

Going too fast may cause the resulting video to look shaky. So, rotate the bullet time selfie stick in such a way that you get one full rotation in a second. Anything faster than that is not recommended.

Keep Steady

This one is really important too. Keep your hands steady while you’re at it. If your hands are not steady, you risk ruining the shot due to irregular movements.

Swing at About a 4-Foot Radius

When you’re swinging your insta360 camera for a bullet time shot, make sure that the camera is swinging at about a 4-foot (1.3 meters) radius.




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