The insta360 Motorcycle Mount Bundle provides you with all the mounts and clamps for keeping your camera safe and recording stable, clear videos.

This all-in-one Bundle includes all the necessary accessories required to form different kinds of mounts that can help you record varied angle shots through your bike.

In this article, you will get to know whether the insta360 Motorcycle Bundle is worth a buy or not.


What Does The Motorcycle Mount Bundle Include

While you are on a motorcycle and your camera is attached to your mounts, the most important thing is the right placement of the camera. Along with being rightly placed, the camera should be correctly adjusted and fixed on the mount as well as the motorcycle for avoiding any kind of damage.

insta360 Motorcycle Bundle

Given below are some of the important mounts and tools that are included in the Bundle for you:

  • Double Ball Mount
  • Heavy Duty Claw
  • Extension Rob
  • Stabilizer Ring
  • ¼” Camera Mount Adapter
  • ¼” Thumb Screw
  • Mounting Buckle
  • Curved Base
  • 3M Adhesive
  • Thumb Screw Wrench
Motorcycle Accessory Bundle for Insta360 ACE Pro ONE X4 X3 X2 X ONE R RS GO 2 3, Gopro Hero Max, Fusion, DJI OSMO Action 2 3 4 Camera
208 Reviews
Motorcycle Accessory Bundle for Insta360 ACE Pro ONE X4 X3 X2 X ONE R RS GO 2 3, Gopro Hero Max, Fusion, DJI OSMO Action 2 3 4 Camera
  • This Motorcycle Accessory for Insta360 ONE X3 Ideal for camera mounts for dirt...
  • Compatibility for Insta360 ONE X3, ONE X2, ONE X, ONE R, Go 2, Gopro Hero Max,...
  • Use as a Helmet Mount or Handlebar Mount for Insta360 ONE X3. Get creative with the...

The Insta360 Motorcycle Bundle is compatible with a range of Insta360 cameras, including the Insta360 X3, Insta360 ONE X2, Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition, and the original Insta360 ONE X.


Inside The Package

Insta360 Motorcycle Mount Bundle is like a complete package for you. It is compatible with Insta360 ONE X2, ONE X, ONER, Go 2, GoPro Hero Max, Fusion, 10, 9, 8, 7, DJI OSMO Action. With all the above-mentioned accessories present in the Bundle you can place it at different positions on the motorcycle to capture 360 shots from all possible angles of the bike.

The four prominent mounts that can be found in the package include:

Helmet Mount 

Bike Bundle helmet mountMounting a camera on your helmet is the best when capturing views at large extents. You tend to get a greater field of view and can capture some stunning 360 shots while you are on the go. Whether you are shooting footage as a stunt, riding the motorcycle for any sport or pleasure, the Helmet Mount would never disappoint you with heart-throbbing videos. Though you can stick the mount anywhere on the helmet the front of the helmet is typically open to give you a better view.

Cockpit Mount

cockpit mount insta360

When you are riding a motorcycle, placing the camera at the cockpit is another ideal location. With a strong mount and proper setup, you can reduce the number of vibrations in the videos. Placing the camera right next to you gives you a first-hand view of the journey. You can also attach the camera anywhere on the bike including handlebars, sidebars, etc. Cockpit mount ensures you get the front view, top view and you can also record yourself while riding. Get ready for some amazing 360 video recordings.

Grab Bracket

grab bracket insta360

Grab bracket is another kind of mount that lets you attach a camera at different places on the bike. It holds the camera strongly and captures 360 shots while you are on a ride. Brackets can be attached to different parts based on how and at what angle you want to capture the shots.

Tail Mount

tale mount insta360

Tail Mount is attached at the back of the motorcycle for capturing the on-the-go view. While you are shooting a racing scene or on an adventure, this mount captures the most stunning backend views for you. The sturdy and well-built clamps and mounts keep the camera safe. They are perfect for shooting speeding motorcycle videos.


Is It Worth It?

If you love bikes and are comfortable while riding, then the insta360 Motorcycle Mount Bundle would be a total bonus. There are no special tricks, as long as you get comfortable with your bike, that is, on turns, sharp driveways, highways, the more you can adjust your camera as per desired shots, the better and more creative it would get.

If you love riding motorcycles or are a professional rider and, you want to capture memories of your journeys in unique ways then Motorcycle Mount Bundle would be an absolute delight for you. With a Heavy Duty Claw attached with a Double Ball Mount, you can confidently fix your camera on handlebars and clamp it to bars and rails of the bike at different angles. It can be clamped on handlebars of 16mm to 38mm in diameter. The multiple 3M adhesives and extension rods can be used widely in numerous ways to mount cameras in obtaining creative and excellent 360 shots.



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