If you’re a new GoPro user or have recently started using this amazing action camera, you might be wondering how to turn on your GoPro, or you may encounter issues with the camera not powering on.

In this article, you’ll learn how to turn ON/OFF GoPro cameras and understand the functions of the different camera buttons.

We’ll specifically cover how to shoot, change camera modes, or capture quick videos with just a few taps, giving you a comprehensive guide to get started.


How to Turn On Your GoPro

In general, GoPro has only two or three buttons, depending on the model.

  • Power/Mode: This button acts as both a power button and as a means of changing camera modes.
  • Shutter/Select: To start or stop recording. This button helps in recording videos, taking pictures and toggle among menu settings.
  • Wi-Fi: This is only present on older generations cameras (Hero 3/4…). Wi-Fi signal can be turned on or off using this button. This button also allows you to enter the Settings menu, connect to the remote, or connect to smartphones and tablets via the GoPro App.

To turn ON your camera, simply press the Power/Mode button, located on the front/side of the camera (depending on the model). The status light will flash three times. When the camera status displays information, the camera is on.

The location of the power button on a GoPro camera varies slightly depending on the model. However, the power button is generally on the side or front of the camera. Here’s a quick guide for some popular GoPro models:

  1. GoPro HERO 12, GoPro HERO 11, GoPro HERO 10, GoPro HERO 9 and HERO 8 Black: The power button is on the left side of the camera when looking at the lens. It is also referred to as the “Mode” button, as it is used to switch between different modes when the camera is turned on.
  2. GoPro HERO 11 Mini. The power button is on the front of the camera, next to the lens, and labeled “i bluetooth”.
  3. GoPro HERO 7 Black, Silver, and White: The power button is on the right side of the camera when looking at the lens. It is also called the “Mode” button.
  4. GoPro HERO 6 and HERO 5 Black: The power button is located on the left side of the camera when looking at the lens. It is also the “Mode” button.
  5. GoPro HERO 4 Black and Silver: The power button is on the front of the camera, below the lens, and labeled “PWR/MODE.”

To turn on your GoPro, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. The camera should turn on, and you’ll see the display come to life. To turn off the camera, press and hold the power button again for a few seconds until the camera powers down.

gopro buttons


Why Isn’t My GoPro Not Turning On?

If the GoPro doesn’t turn ON, there are few checks which you can consider.

  1. Check if the battery is dead: GoPros are known for a bad battery life. The battery drains out quickly. On an average between 1.5 – 2 hours. Connect a USB cable and make sure that the charging LED on the outside of the camera lights up.
  2. Reinsert the battery: Remove the battery and reinsert it.
  3. Reinsert the memory card: Check if the micro SD card is properly inserted.
  4. Reset the camera: If none of the above work, then you may try resetting the camera. There are several ways to do that:
    • Power off the camera and remove any additional accessories connected to it.
    • Make sure there’s a battery inserted or the camera is connected to an external power source.
    • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and then release.

Before reaching out for professional help, make sure to try all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, as they can resolve most common issues related to a GoPro not turning on. If it doesn’t work you can always contact GoPro support.

Note: Resetting the camera does reset the settings back to factory default and it does not wipe out the SD card data. This operation restarts the camera in case of software errors or if it freezes.


How to Turn Off Your GoPro

Turning off your GoPro is the simplest and easiest way to preserve its battery. Different GoPro models can be turned off in several different ways.

Also check out: How to Make Your GoPro Battery Life Last Longer

GoPro ( Hero 12, 11, 11 mini, 10 and 9)

With the GoPro HERO 12, GoPro Hero 11, GoPro HERO 11 mini , GoPro HERO 9 and HERO 10 Black, you have multiple ways to turn off your camera, including using voice control. Here are the different methods:

  1. Using the Mode button: Press and hold the “Mode” button, located on the left side of the camera when looking at the lens, for about 2-3 seconds (front side in case of Hero 11 mini). The camera will power down, and the display screens will turn off.
  2. Using voice control: If you have voice control enabled, you can simply say “GoPro, turn off” or “GoPro, power off.” Your GoPro will recognize the voice command and power down.To enable voice control, follow these steps: a. Swipe down from the top of the main screen to access the Dashboard. b. Tap the “Voice Control” icon (a microphone) to toggle voice control on or off.
  3. Using the GoPro Quik app: You can also control your GoPro using the Quik app on your smartphone. a. Connect your GoPro to the Quik app via Wi-Fi. b. Once connected, you can use the app to control your camera remotely, including turning it off.

These methods provide flexibility in how you control your GoPro, depending on your preferences and the situation. Remember to turn off your camera properly to conserve battery life and ensure your media files are saved correctly.

GoPro ( Hero 5, 6, 7 and 8)

Using the Mode Button

Press and hold the Mode Button for 2-3 seconds. After you hear three beeps and the red LED blinks three times, the camera is turned off.

Using Voice Control

All GoPros post Hero 5 support Voice Control feature. It is available in approximately 10 different languages. Make sure Voice Control commands are active in Settings. To turn off the cam, say “GoPro turn off”. Click here to know more.

Using Auto Power Off

You can automatically switch off your GoPro after 5, 15, 30 minutes of inactivity by simple going on
Settings > Setup > Manual Mode and choosing the desired option. You may choose “never” if you don’t want to activate this feature.

Using special feature – QuikCapture

QuickCapture is a special feature which is available on almost all GoPros, but is disabled by default. When the camera is off but this feature is enabled, your GoPro will automatically turn on and start recording when you press the shutter/select button. The GoPro will turn itself off as soon as you stop recording.

Press once for video, it remembers the last video settings you used and will resume those settings. You can press and hold for a few seconds for Time Lapse photos. Press again to stop recording and powering off the camera.

To enable this feature, go to Preferences > QuikCapture > ON or OFF.

Pro Tip: Enabling Quick Capture or Auto-off feature while shooting considerably saves the battery. Disable Voice Control and other features before turning your GoPro off for better results. Quick Capture and Auto-off help to save battery when the camera is idle.

GoPro Hero 4


GoPro Hero Session, Hero 4, 5 Session

 Irrespective of the mode, the camera will automatically turn itself off when you are not recording video or taking photos.

GoPro Fusion

You can use the Mode Button, Voice Control Commands or Quick Capture feature in the similar way as mentioned above. But, it does not support auto adjustment of time. It will automatically turn off after 7 minutes of inactivity.

GoPro Max

Its controls are somewhat similar to GoPro Fusion. You can use the Mode Button, Voice Control Commands or Quick Capture feature in similar ways. It is also called Fusion 2.

Check out the below video for better understanding of how you can turn your GoPro on/off…

How to turn the GoPro Hero 5 on and off


Switch Camera Modes Directly from the Camera

Other than turning the camera ON/OFF, these buttons can also be used to switch the camera modes. Just follow below steps to access the different modes from the camera itself.

  • Turn on the camera by pressing and holding the Power/Mode button for approximately 2 seconds.
  • Tap the Power/Mode button again, to choose between Photo, Video or Time-Lapse.
  • Press the Shutter/Select button to select the highlighted option. Each time you press the Shutter/Select button, you toggle between available menu options.
  • Repeatedly press the Mode button to choose the option and shutter button to select it.

For Hero 4, instead of the Mode button, use Settings/Tab button on the side of the camera.



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