Are you looking for a suitable app to edit your GoPro videos for sharing it with your friends and family?

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In this article, you’ll get all information about some of the best GoPro Video Editing Software for mobile and desktop.

Before proceeding further, let me introduce you to this article, where you’ll get a 13 step guide on how to edit your GoPro videos. It has all basic info to get you started with editing, right from downloading clips to the editor all the way to editing music and color grading.


Best GoPro Editing Software for Desktop (Windows + Mac)

As a filmmaker, I get to try out a lot of editing software. My curiosity and hunger of knowledge pushes me to experimenting different features, and now I get to share some of those with you here. So in this section you’ll find a quick review of the best 5 video editing apps that work very well for editing any footage. From the most popular and professional ones like Adobe Premiere Pro, to the simpler ones like Filmora Wondershare.

video editing

#1: Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Best for / Key feature: Whether you’re a seasoned pro in video editing, or a newbie video enthusiast, this app is perfect for your video editing needs!
  • Free / Paid: Paid.

Our review:

Adobe Premiere Pro is probably the most popular editing software out there. It includes a huge range of editing tools and excellent video stabilization features. It supports unlimited video tracks and it’s relatively simple to learn how to do basic edits. With it, you also get access to Adobe’s cloud platform: Creative Cloud. It lets you get timely updates to the app, cloud storage and many more benefits. Premiere was one of the first editing software that I used when I started learning video editing back in the days, and now it’s my second go to video editor after Final Cut Pro X as I use Macbook. But if I had a Windows computer, then I’d definitely opt for Adobe Premiere Pro due to its powerful capabilities.

Download: Click Here to download Adobe Premiere Pro (link to official site)

Tutorials: Click Here to learn how to edit your GoPro videos with Adobe Premiere Pro


#2: Final Cut Pro X (only Mac users)

  • Best for / Key feature: Best app for Mac users. Works seamlessly with all kinds of GoPro videos, even 4k and 360. It’s easy to learn and comes with nice default effects.
  • Free / Paid: Paid.

Our review:

Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s signature video editing app for Mac users. The software is powerful, but at the same time it’s quite intuitive. Although this software it’s also used by professional video editors, it has a steep learning curve – as you would expect by Apple. So even if you are a complete newbie, and you just want to do simple editing, I would still recommend you to try this out for the few reasons mentioned above.

Final Cut Pro supports all video codecs from any GoPro and it’s capable of editing 4k and 360° videos. The software comes with many useful tools and super nice built in effects, titles, transitions, and anything you’d need to make professional looking videos with ease. The only down side is that it’s not free. After all, all good things come with a cost.

The tools and features that I use all the time for editing GoPro videos with Final Cut Pro X are:

  • color correction and color grading
  • electronic stabilization
  • noise removal
  • speed ramps
  • slowing and speeding up footages
  • fast editing with keyboard
  • magnetic timeline
  • multicam editing
  • video and sound effects
  • ..and much more!

So if you are looking for an easy to use video editing software for your Mac, that also has advanced features for professional level editing, I highly recommend you to try Final Cut Pro X. And I think you can try it for free before to buy it. Then read this tutorial to get started editing with Final Cut Pro X.

Download: Click Here to download Final Cut Pro X (link to official site)

Tutorials: Click Here to learn how to edit your GoPro videos with Final Cut Pro X


#3: Filmora Wondershare

  • Best for / Key feature: Its simple functionality makes this software appealing even for the beginners.
  • Free / Paid: Free & Paid.

Our review:

Filmora Wondershare is the perfect software for editing short videos and creating short video ads. This app comes with some amazing features like screen recording, video stabilization, split screen, tilt shift, crop, color correction and speed adjustment. If you want a software that is extremely easy to use and learn, this one is surely the right pick for you.

Download: Click here to download Filmora Wondershare (link to official site)


#4: DaVinci Resolve

  • Best for / Key feature: Designed for multi-user collaboration, this software allows multiple users, be it editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists or sound designers to all work on the same project at the same time!
  • Free / Paid: Free & Paid.

Our review:

DaVinci Resolve is a highly useful software that allows you to do professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production. It has a convenient-to-use interface and some high-end features. This has made it the preferred choice for post production and finishing in many Hollywood feature films, television shows and commercials.

Download: Click here to download Filmora Wondershare (link to official site)


#5: iMovie (Mac only)

  • Best for / Key feature: The app syncs your video editing work seamlessly between your Apple devices – iPhone / iPad / Mac.
  • Free / Paid: Free.

Our review: 

An excellent option for newbies in the field of video editing, iMovie offers most editing features you need to create a simple GoPro video. This app provides cutting, trimming, speeding up/down video speed, color matching, video stabilization and more. You also get 4K video support, and comes with some great audio tools to ensure that your video not only looks appealing but sounds appealing too. In just a few steps, you’re ready to share your movies to Youtube or export videos to your iPhone, iPad, etc.

Let’s say that it’s a good beginner’s app, but limited compared to Final Cut Pro X. However this is a free app as it comes preinstalled (in some) Macbooks or you can download it from the link below. There’s also a mobile version of iMovie that I like using on my iPhone while on the go!

Download: Click here to download iMovie (link to official site)

Final Words – What GoPro Editing Software Should You Get for Computer or Mac?

If you are a Mac user, then I would suggest you go for Final Cut Pro X for your GoPro video editing needs. It has all the useful features for advanced video editing and it’s relatively easy to learn. It runs very well with Mac machines as it was designed by the same company.

For those who use both platforms (Windows/Mac), Adobe Premiere Pro is the best bet for editing and achieving professional-looking videos.

Filmora Wondershare, with its action-cam tool editing mode, is good for those who look for ease-of-use as their major preference in a video editing app.



Best GoPro Editing Apps for Mobile Editing (iOS + Android)

To share videos on social media (like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), you may first want to edit your GoPro videos in order to make them look more appealing. This can be done by cropping, re-sizing, adjusting the speed, color grading, adding subtitles & music, and so on… There are many apps available today, which let you do all these things right from your cell phone.

mobile editing

Let’s have a look at the 5 best options available today.


#1: GoPro Quik

  • Best for / Key feature: The app is basic yet intuitive and fast. It’s made specifically for GoPro.
  • Free / Paid: Free.

Our Review:

GoPro Quik automatically pulls video and photos from your paired GoPro camera. You just need to choose the photos or videos that you want to edit and Quik does the rest. It has some great features, like applying automatic music and edits to your footage. The app interface is simple and fun to use, thanks to the ability to insert titles, reorder clips, add your own songs, and more.

Download source:


#2: iMovie (iOS only)

  • Best for / Key feature: The app syncs your video editing work seamlessly between your Apple devices – iPhone / iPad / Mac.
  • Free / Paid: Free.

Our review:

iMovie is an excellent option for newbies in the field of video editing. This app offers some pretty great advanced features, like color matching, automated video editing, video stabilization. You also get 4K video support! It has some great audio tools to ensure that your video not only looks good but sounds good too.

Download: Click here to Download iMovie

#3: Filmora Go

  • Best for / Key feature: A great video editing app for beginners. Good to edit videos for your Youtube channel.
  • Free / Paid: Free (in-app Purchases for added features).

Our review:

Filmora Go is a great video editing app that doesn’t place a time limit on your clip. Unlike its desktop counterpart: Filmora Wondershare, you won’t get the annoying watermark in your videos. Editing videos with music and effects is, literally, a breeze with Filmora Go! Plus you also get the option to share your content with your friends on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp directly from the app.

Download source:

#4: Adobe Premiere Rush

  • Best for / Key feature: One-click auto-duck audio mixing feature automatically adjusts the volume of background music during voice-overs.
  • Free / Paid: Free (in-app Purchases for added features).

Our review:

Adobe Premiere Rush makes your videos look wonderful and ideal to be shared with your friends on social media. It’s a highly user-friendly app that lets you do many useful video editing functions, like color correction, video cropping, adding effects, adding music, using built-in templates, slow/fast motion and so on… Another thing that we really like is that this app saves uncompressed videos. So, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your clips.

Download source:

#5: PowerDirector

  • Best for / Key feature: Using chroma-key feature, you can easily replace background with green screen editor.
  • Free / Paid: Free (in-app Purchases for added features).

Our review:

PowerDirector lets you make professional quality, cinematic looking movies quickly and easily. It’s a perfect mobile editing app that lets you edit and export videos in up to 4k resolution. You get some great features like ability to stabilize shaky footage, speed adjustment of videos, color correction, effects and transitions. PowerDirector also lets you upload your videos straight to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Download source:

Final Words – What Mobile Video Editing App Should You Get?

If ease-of-use is what you’re looking for in a mobile video editing app, then GoPro Quik is the app that you should go for! As the name suggests, Quik’s easy interface lets you quickly convert your raw GoPro footage into a nice looking movie.

For iOS device users with similar needs (ease-of-use), iMovie is your go-to app for the super-fast edits and an intuitive interface.

Otherwise, for more advanced video editing on your cellphone, I would highly recommend Adobe Premiere Rush with paid features enabled, as it’s simply the best out of the lot for this job!


GoPro Editing Software – FAQs

Here I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about GoPro Editing software. So if you are still looking for answers to your questions regarding this topic, I hope you’ll be able to find them here below 🙂

Does GoPro come with video editing software?

No. GoPro video doesn’t come with video editing software included in the box. But, you can easily download it from the web.

Is GoPro editing software free?

Yes. GoPro editing software, which includes the GoPro App, GoPro Studio & Quick are all absolutely free!

What’s the easiest editing software for GoPro?

As per our experience, Quik is so far the easiest editing software for GoPro.

What is the best way to edit GoPro videos?

Click here to learn how to edit your GoPro videos (tutorial).

Which is the best software for editing GoPro videos on Mac?

Final Cut Pro X is probably the best software for editing GoPro videos on mac. It has all the useful features for advanced video editing and it has a quick learning curve. If basic editing and quick turnarounds is what you are looking for, iMovie is also a great option for Mac users.