The GoPro Hero 12 is an excellent action camera; however, in my opinion, it doesn’t excel in low-light conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to use the correct low light settings to achieve better results.

In this tutorial, I’m not only going to share with you the GoPro night settings I use to film high quality videos in low light, but you’ll also learn my secret method for achieving superior image quality no matter the lighting condition.

The tips and settings discussed below can be used on most GoPro Hero models (not only 12).


  • Keep ISO as low as possible to avoid noise
  • Lower frame rates (24fps-60fps) give a brighter image
  • Disable or limit Hypersmooth (it produces artefacts at night)
  • Bonus: Use my secret low light settings (bottom of this post)


Night Video Settings

To begin with, check out my video, where I explain my favorite GoPro night settings:

My SECRET GoPro LOW LIGHT Settings Revealed (All GoPros)

Here is the low-light/night video settings that I often use:

  • Resolution/FPS: 4K/24fps
  • Lens: SuperView
  • HyperSmooth: Off
  • Bit Rate: High
  • Shutter Speed: 1/48s
  • White Balance: Auto
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 800
  • Sharpness: Medium

If you want to know more, let me delve into details:

Low Frame Rate

High frame rates, typically reserved for capturing fast-paced daytime action, are not the best choice for low-light or nighttime conditions. Instead, opt for lower frame rates such as 24fps, 25fps, or 30fps. These settings allow your camera’s shutter to remain open for longer periods, permitting a greater influx of precious light into the lens.

Adjust ISO (Appropriately)

ISO values wield significant influence in low-light shooting. While cranking up the ISO brightens your images, it also introduces the pesky issue of noise.

To strike the perfect balance, set ISO min to 100 and try out different ISO max values, but I would not exceed 800 ISO Max as it gets grainy.

gopro hero 11 night settings

Increase EV Comp

In the realm of low-light scenarios, Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp) plays a pivotal role in shaping the brightness of your footage. Within the confines of the predefined ISO limits, consider increasing the EV Comp by +1.0.

This simple adjustment can work wonders, delivering significantly brighter images that bring the nocturnal world to life with vivid clarity.

Choose SuperView Over Wide

One of the key choices you’ll make for your low-light adventures is whether to opt for GoPro’s SuperView or Wide mode. The decision is far from arbitrary. SuperView, which captures the entire sensor, takes precedence over the Wide option that crops the image.

Why? Because when you’re navigating the dimly lit corners of the night, cropping can lead to larger pixels, and larger pixels often translate to more noticeable noise in your footage. SuperView, with its ability to mitigate noise, ensures your low-light shots are rendered in all their captivating glory.

Shutter Speed (Twice the Frame Rate)

The relationship between shutter speed and frame rate is a critical factor in achieving high-quality low-light footage with the GoPro Hero 12. When setting out to capture the essence of the night, it’s imperative that your shutter speed is precisely double the frame rate you’ve selected.

For example, if you’ve chosen to shoot video at 24fps, align your shutter speed to 1/48. This harmonious pairing ensures your footage remains well-exposed without delving into excessive motion blur, resulting in a visually appealing and immersive night video that transports your audience into the nocturnal world you’re exploring.


Night Photo Settings

The Night Photo Mode within this camera opens doors to creative exploration, especially in low-light astrophotography.

gopro hero 12 night photo

Here, we present recommended settings for various low-light scenarios, each tailored to deliver exceptional results:

Dark Sky Without Moon

Night Sky without Moon

When you find yourself beneath a moonless, star-studded sky, the Night Photo Mode on your GoPro Hero 12 becomes your trusted companion. In this scenario:

  • Mode: Night Photo
  • Shutter: 30s
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 1600
  • Output: RAW

Dark Sky With a Dull, Waning Moon (Against the Moon)

As the moon wanes and casts its feeble glow, standing in its path provides unique photographic opportunities. In this scenario:

  • Mode: Night Photo
  • Shutter: 30s
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 1600
  • Output: RAW

Dark Sky With a Dull, Waning Moon (With the Moon Behind You)

When the moon graces the night sky behind you, offering a softer, ambient illumination, your GoPro Hero 12 responds with grace. In this scenario:

  • Mode: Night Photo
  • Shutter: 30s
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 800
  • Output: RAW

Dark Sky With a Bright Moon

During nights dominated by the brilliance of a full moon, photographic challenges and opportunities coexist. In this scenario:

  • Mode: Night Photo
  • Shutter: 20s
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 1600
  • Output: RAW

Pro Tip: Leveraging the benefits of shooting in RAW format is recommended for enhanced post-processing flexibility. Activating RAW mode in Protune allows your GoPro Hero 12 to capture more data compared to regular JPEG images, empowering you with greater creative control.


Tips for Better Low Light Shots

Here are some invaluable pointers to elevate your low-light photography and videography:

Use a Tripod or Stabilizer

Stability is key when shooting in low light. A tripod or handheld stabilizer can make a world of difference in achieving sharp, clear images and steady video footage. Consider investing in quality accessories to minimize camera shake, especially when using longer exposure settings.

Night Lapse

Night Lapse is basically a Time Lapse made in a low- light conditions, where long exposure matters. By setting your GoPro HERO 12 to long exposure settings, you can capture night lapses like star trails, starry skies, or flowing water in ways that short exposure times simply cannot.

Master the Framing

Composition is just as important in low-light photography as it is in daylight. Use leading lines, framing elements, and the rule of thirds to create visually compelling shots. Be patient and take the time to compose your images thoughtfully, ensuring that your subjects are well-placed within the frame.

Understand White Balance

White balance in low-light conditions with a GoPro can be tricky, as it’s essential for capturing accurate colors in your footage.

For instance, imagine you’re mountain biking under a full moon; adjusting the white balance correctly will ensure that the silvery glow of the moonlight on the trail looks just right, rather than tinted with an unwanted color. It’s always worth taking a moment to set it right, ensuring your nocturnal adventures look as epic as they feel!


The magic doesn’t end when you capture your images or footage; it continues in post-processing. Software tools like Adobe Lightroom or GoPro’s own editing software allow you to fine-tune exposure, contrast, and colors. Post-processing can help you correct any minor imperfections and bring out the best in your low-light shots.

Here’s the editing software I recommend.

Patience and Practice

Low-light photography and videography are skills that develop with practice. Be patient with yourself and your equipment. Experiment, learn from your mistakes, and continually refine your techniques.

The more you explore the world of low-light photography with your GoPro HERO 12, the more proficient you’ll become at capturing breathtaking images and footage.


BONUS: My Secret Low Light Settings

When it comes to filming in low light with a GoPro, I have a little secret. Sometimes I use the GoPro Labs firmware to bump up the bitrate to 200mbit and turn off the noise reduction. This tweak gives me raw footage that’s packed with details. Then, during editing, I sprinkle in some high-quality noise reduction, ensuring the final product looks crisp and clean.


Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide helped you learn all about the best GoPro Hero 12 Night Settings 🙂


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