How do you capture Time Warp with GoPro Hero 11?

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I’ll also provide a step-by-step guide to the various settings, helping you create stunning time-lapse videos with ease.


What is GoPro Hero 11 Time Warp?

The GoPro Hero 11 Black offers an innovative feature called Time Warp, which enables you to create stunning time lapse videos with an ultra-smooth finish, even while you’re in motion. This setting automatically adjusts the capture speed to produce optimal 4K video with the Wide digital lens.

You can activate Speed Ramp by tapping the screen during recording, which slows down the TimeWarp to either real speed or half speed. Simply tap the screen again to resume recording at the original speed.

GoPro Hero 11 Time Lapse vs Time Warp

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is well-known for its ability to capture stunning time-lapse videos using the Time Warp feature. But how does Time Warp differ from traditional time-lapse recording?

Time Warp uses advanced video stabilization technology to create smooth, cinematic footage while you’re on the move. This makes it perfect for capturing activities like hiking, biking, or even just walking around town. The camera automatically adjusts the capture speed to match your activity, so you can focus on what you’re doing while the camera takes care of the rest.

On the other hand, traditional time-lapse recording takes a series of still photos at set intervals and stitches them together into a video. While this method can also create beautiful time-lapse footage, it requires a tripod or other stabilizing equipment to avoid camera shake.

Read this article until the end to know all the differences between Time Lapse and Time Warp.

What else can you help to create a stunning Time Warp? A new Max Lens Mod! In this article you can find all  pros and cons of this accessory and reasons why you should buy it.

Note that you can activate Time Warp and Timelapse modes just by saying it. Learn everything about voice control commands: 12+ Voice Commands to Control your GoPro


How to Use GoPro Hero 11 Black Time Warp

Here are the mains steps that you should take:

Step 1: Access the Time Warp Mode To use the Time Warp feature, turn on your GoPro Hero 11 Black camera and swipe left on the touch screen until you see “Time Warp” mode. Tap on the mode to enter.

Step 2: Choose Your Settings Next, choose your desired settings for the Time Warp mode. You can select either the Auto mode, which automatically adjusts the speed for optimal results, or manually adjust the speed yourself by tapping on the capture screen or accessing the Time Warp settings menu. More on the GoPro Hero 11 Black Time Warp settings in the next section.

Step 3: Start Recording Once you’ve chosen your desired settings, press the red button to start recording. While recording, you can tap the rear touch screen to slow down the video speed or tap it again to speed it back up.

Step 4: End Recording When you’re finished recording, simply press the red button again to stop recording. Your Time Warp footage will be saved to your camera’s memory card.

gopro hero 11 time warp


GoPro Hero 11 Time Warp Settings

Here are the different Time Warp Settings on the GoPro Hero 11 Black:

Time Warp Video Speed

With TimeWarp, you get the ability to speed up your videos by up to 30x, transforming longer activities into easily shareable moments. By default, the setting is set to Auto, which automatically selects the optimal speed for your footage. However, you can also manually adjust the speed according to your preferences. For instance, if you record at 2x speed for 4 minutes, you can expect approximately 2 minutes of TimeWarp video. To help estimate the length of your resulting video, refer to the following chart:

  • 2x: 1 minute=30 seconds
  • 5x: 1 minute=10 seconds
  • 10x: 5 minutes=30 seconds
  • 15x: 5 minutes=20 seconds
  • 30x: 5 minutes=10 seconds

Heads Up: Recording times are approximate. The video length may vary depending on the movement in your shot.

Ideal Situations for Different Time Warp Video Speeds:

  • 2x–5x: Driving through a scenic route.
  • 10x: Hiking and exploring.
  • 15x–30x: Running and mountain biking.

Pro Tip: For the best results, leave the speed on the Auto setting when shooting footage that may get bumpy.

time warp night city

Speed Ramp

During TimeWarp video recording, you can easily ramp down the speed by tapping the rear touch screen. Simply tap once to slow down the video speed and tap again to speed it back up. Alternatively, you can choose your desired speed before recording by either tapping on the capture screen or accessing the TimeWarp settings menu.

There are two options:

  • Real Speed (1x): 30 fps, Sound On
  • Half Speed (0.5x slo-mo): 60 fps, Sound Off

Pro Tip: You can also use the Mode button to activate Speed Ramp. Scroll down to Shortcuts in the setting menu to set it up.

Video Resolution/Aspect Ratio

The Hero 11 Black shoots TimeWarp videos in four resolutions:

  • 5.3K – 16:9
  • 4K – 16:9
  • 4K – 4:3
  • 1080p – 16:9


The Interval sets how often your camera takes a shot in Time Lapse video and Time Lapse photo modes. Available intervals are 0.5 (default), 1, 2, 5, 10, and 30 seconds; 1, 2, 5, and 30 minutes; and 1 hour.

Ideal Situations for Different Time Lapse Intervals:

  • 0.5–2 seconds: Surfing, biking, or other sports.
  • 2 seconds: Busy street corner.
  • 5–10 seconds: Clouds or outdoor scenes for long durations.
  • 10 seconds–1 minute: Art projects or other lengthy activities.
  • 1 minute–1 hour: Construction work or other activities that take place over a very long period of time.

Pro Tip: For the best results, mount your camera on a tripod or place it on a stable surface where it won’t wobble or shake. Use TimeWarp video to capture time lapse video when you’re on the move.



Here are some recommended Time Warp settings to help you get the most out of your camera:

Auto Mode

The Auto mode is perfect for beginners or those who want the camera to do the work for them. This mode automatically adjusts the speed of your video to create smooth, stabilized footage.


If you want more control over the speed of your Time Warp video, you can manually adjust it before recording. To do this, tap on the capture screen or go to the Time Warp settings menu and choose your desired speed. A slower speed is ideal for longer activities, while a faster speed works well for shorter ones.

Field of View (FOV)

Another important setting to consider is the Field of View (FOV), which determines the width of your shot. The Wide FOV is recommended for capturing more of your surroundings, while the Linear FOV is ideal for capturing straight lines and minimizing distortion.



Tips for better GoPro Time Warp Videos


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