GoPro Hero 11 FOV i.e Field of View is a crucial setting while shooting.

By changing it you can level up your photography by giving the subject a whole new perspective.

Hero 11 comes with the very new Hyperview, which makes shooting all the more fun.

In this article, you will learn the FOV settings for your GoPro Hero 11.


GoPro Hero 11 FOV (Field of View Settings Explained)

The GoPro Hero 11 features the best stabilization among the action cameras available in the market today with Hypersmooth 5.0 along with a 360-degree Horizontal Lock. So, it becomes even easier to achieve stable, crystal clear footage even in the widest field of view. The different Fields of View to capture varying amounts of visible areas through your camera lens are mentioned below.

gopro hero 11 fov

What is Field of View?

Field of View can be defined as the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment through someone’s eyes, on a display screen, or through the viewfinder on a camera. In photography, FOV holds a very important place. Depending on how much and at which angle you wish to capture, you can change the field of view.


Along with the Field of View, the output in a certain mode also results from the Resolution and Frame Rates, also the different camera settings that you choose. Linear as the name suggests, captures the minimum area for you. It is best suited for non-action shots or scenes because of the fact, it offers a closer look. You can use this mode, especially for vlogs, travel guides, and also some drone shots.

 Linear + Horizon Lock /Horizon Leveling

The next Field of View that is offered by Hero 11 is the Linear FOV along with Horizon Lock /Horizon Leveling. It allows you to capture a wide field of view without the fisheye effect of HyperView, SuperView, or Wide. In this mode, the footage remains butter smooth and level even if you rotate the camera in any direction.


Wide is an amazing option and is used most of the time for shooting both general and action footage. You can easily switch to Wide mode while you are on to go i.e traveling through different scenic views and recording your various experiences. It also yields great results while shooting underwater videos and during fast action scenes. For great cinematic videos, you can combine this mode with some high frame rate settings. The Wide FOV can produce a slightly distorted image with a fisheye effect which can be fixed in post-production.


Superview captures the widest angle. It can be best used for capturing sporty videos like cycling, mountain biking, motorbiking, or other action sports. This mode does come with a strong distortion. You can also use it for indoor shooting for example if someone wants to shoot a video while giving a house tour or film in a small place. So, if you want to keep the subject in the frame or capture maximum space in a confined place, choose this mode.


HyperView is a Digital Lens that is enabled with the HERO11 Black sensor. It records video using the full 8:7 sensor to get a super-tall image while providing the resulting footage in a 16:9 aspect ratio. In short, it compresses an 8:7 image into a 16:9 image. It is not available in all resolutions and frame rates but only in 5.3K/30/24fps and 4K/60fps. HyperView is best used when the camera will be kept level and the subject will remain in the center of the shot. It is the tallest and widest field of view in ultra-immersive 16:9 video.


Note: Unlike the other GoPro models, Hero 11 does not have a Narrow FOV.

How To Change FOV Settings on GoPro Hero 11

You can follow some easy steps to switch between different Field of Views.

 gopro hero 11 fov

Step 1: Press and hold the Video Preset pill or Go to the Settings Menu.

Step 2: Select the compatible resolution and frame rates.

gopro hero 11 fov

Step 3: Click on Lens to change the Field of View.

gopro hero 11 fov

Step 4: Move the slider on the right to change the Field of View.

Step 5: Press the Mode button to get back to the main screen.


For more information regarding the best settings for your GoPro Hero 11, read this article



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