GoPro Hero 11 comes with some amazing features and settings.

If you are wondering which ones are the best and what should be used in different scenarios then, you have landed at the right place.

This article will take you through some killer GoPro Hero 11 settings for photo and video.

Plus, I’ll share with you a free cheat sheet.


GoPro Hero 11 Video Settings

 Visit this link for suggested settings for GoPro Hero 11 in different scenarios: GoPro Hero 11 Black – Cheat Sheet

Resolution and Frame Rate

Aspect ratios are listed across the top row. Resolutions are in the middle row. Frame rates are at the bottom of the screen. You can choose any setting that you think is good and the camera will select the best available compatible settings. For example, if you tap the 16:9 aspect ratio, your camera will automatically choose 5.3K video at a frame rate of 60 fps. These will be highlighted in blue and displayed at the center of the screen.


You can choose the best digital lens for your shot—HyperView, SuperView, Wide, Linear + Horizon Lock/Leveling, or Linear. The default lens will vary based on the preset.

The Hyperview is the tallest and widest field of view in ultra-immersive 16:9 video. Superview offers 4:3 aspect ratio footage as immersive 16:9 video. The Wide FOV can capture as much as possible within the frame. Linear + Horizon Lock /Horizon Leveling captures a wide field of view without the fisheye effect of HyperView, SuperView, or Wide. It keeps your footage smooth and level even if your camera rotates while recording. And lastly, Linear offers Wide FOV without the fisheye effect of SuperView and Wide.

Interval (Looping)

You can choose how long your GoPro records before looping back to record over the start of the video. You can set your GoPro to record 5 (default), 20, 60, or 120-minute loops. Setting it to Max, allows you to record until your SD card is full before looping back to record over the start of the video.

Hyper smooth

HyperSmooth video stabilization delivers insanely smooth, gimbal-like footage without the gimbal. The available settings are Off, On, Boost, and AutoBoost.

gopro hero 11 hypersmooth

AutoBoost combines maximum video stabilization with the widest field of view possible. Cropping varies based on the level of stabilization required for the shot. Boost allows maximum video stabilization with tight cropping. On supports high-level video stabilization with minimal cropping and Off records without video stabilization or cropping.

Tip: Use Max Lens Mod (sold separately) to max out your GoPro with the ultimate in unbreakable video stabilization up to 2.7K.

Learn more about Hypersmooth: GoPro Hero 11 Hypersmooth (Tips for the best stabilization).


Protune gives you manual control of advanced settings, including Bit Rate, Color, ISO Limit, Exposure, and microphone settings.

hero 11 protune settings

  • Protune is available for all modes except Looping. Scroll down in the settings menu to see all of the Protune settings.
  • Some Protune settings are not available when you use Exposure Control.
  • Changes to Protune settings in one preset apply only to that preset. For example, changing the White Balance for Time Lapse does not affect White Balance for Burst photos.

Read more about Protune setting here: BEST GoPro Hero 11 Protune Settings [Cheat Sheet Download].


GoPro Hero 11 Time Lapse and TimeWarp Settings


HERO11 Black lets you speed up time by using TimeWarp video stabilization to capture ultra smooth time-lapse video while you’re on the move. You can capture 4K video with the Wide digital lens while automatically adjusting your capture speed for the best results. Tap the screen during recording to activate Speed Ramp. This slows down your TimeWarp to real speed or half speed. Tap the screen again to speed back up.

Tip: Scroll down to Shortcuts in the Settings menu to use the Mode button and activate Speed Ramp.

GoPro TimeWarp

Time Lapse

The time-lapse preset is used to capture time-lapse video when your camera is mounted and still. It’s great for sunsets, street scenes, art projects, and other shots that unfold over a long period. You can record 4K video with the Wide digital lens while capturing a shot every 0.5 seconds.

Night Lapse

Night Lapse was made to capture time-lapse video in dark and low-light environments. It automatically adjusts the shutter speed to let in more light and picks the interval that will give you the best results. You can record 4K video with the Wide digital lens.

Night Lapse

Tip: By choosing the Photo option from Format settings, you can also capture Time Lapse and Night Lapse photos as well.

#1. Star Trails 

Mount your camera to a stationary object or tripod, point it toward the night sky and let physics take over. Star Trails uses the Earth’s rotation and the stars to create beautiful trails of light across the sky. Use the trail length effect to choose maximum, long, or short trail lengths.

#2. Light Painting

Light Painting uses a long exposure to let you create brilliant brush stroke effects with moving light. Mount your camera to a stationary object or tripod, grab a flashlight, glow stick, or another light source, and get creative.

#3. Vehicle Light Trails

Mount your camera to a stationary object or tripod and point your camera at moving vehicles to create stunning light trail footage. Be sure to use the trail length effect to choose maximum, long, or short trail lengths.

More tips for Night lapse here: GoPro Hero 11 Night Lapse (Settings Guide).


GoPro Hero 11 Photo Settings

Photo Preset

Use this preset to capture photos with SuperPhoto image processing. To capture a single photo, you need to make one single press the Shutter button.

SuperPhoto automatically uses advanced image processing to give you the most brilliant photos possible in any lighting. It may take longer to process each shot. While in HDR, it takes and combines multiple photos into a single shot. Brings out the details in scenes that mix bright light and shadows. In Standard output, it saves photos as standard .jpg files and in RAW output, it saves each photo as .jpg and .gpr files for use with your favorite photo editing programs.

Burst Preset

A perfect mode for perfect for fast-action shots. Burst captures a series of photos at blistering rates. This preset automatically shoots up to 30 photos in 1 second based on lighting conditions.

Night Preset

To let in more light in your shot, the Night preset automatically adjusts your camera’s shutter speed. It’s perfect for dim or dark scenes, but it’s not recommended for handheld or mounted shots when the camera is moving.

More info on Low light settings here: GoPro HERO 11: Best Night Settings for Low Light



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