Protune lets you unlock your GoPro Hero 11 Black action camera’s full creative potential by providing you with manual control of advanced settings, including Color, White Balance, Shutter Speed, and more.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best Protune settings for the GoPro Hero 11 Black.

Plus, I’ll provide you with a cheat sheet that you can download for free.


Cheat Sheet: Best GoPro Hero 11 Settings

Visit the below link for the suggested settings for capturing your favorite activities with the GoPro Hero 11 Black:

GoPro Hero 11 Black – Cheat Sheet


GoPro Hero 11 Protune Settings

Here are the main GoPro Hero 11 Protune settings that you can tweak as per your preferences:


Protune Color allows you to adjust the color profile of your videos or photos. You can scroll between the options to see a live preview of each setting, and then tap the one you want.

There are three modes in this setting:

  1. Natural (default)
  2. Vibrant
  3. Flat

Natural is the default color mode that captures photos and videos with a true-to-life color profile. Vibrant mode captures photos and videos with a color-saturated profile. Both of these modes are great for those who don’t want to edit the image in post-production.

Flat mode, in contrast, gives a neutral color profile that can be color-corrected to better match footage captured with other equipment. It offers more flexibility in post-production. Owing to its long curve, the Hero 11 captures more details in shadows and highlights in Flat mode.

Read more on color settings in the following article: Best GoPro Color Settings?

hero 11 protune settings

White Balance

White Balance lets you adjust the color temperature of videos and photos captured via your Hero 11 Black to optimize for cool or warm lighting conditions. You can scroll between the options to see a live preview of each setting, and then tap the one you want.

Here are the White Balance options that you can choose from:

Auto (default), 2300K, 2800K, 3200K, 4000K, 4500K, 5500K, 6000K, 6500K, and Native

In the Auto setting, the white balance is set automatically. It is the default profile on the GoPro Hero 11. Lower values will give you warmer tones. Native setting creates a minimally color-corrected file that allows for more precise adjustments in post-production.

ISO Minimum/Maximum

ISO Minimum and ISO Maximum let you set a range for the Hero 11’s sensitivity to light and image noise. Image noise refers to the degree
of graininess in the shot. In low light, higher ISO values result in brighter images but with more image noise. Lower values result in darker images with less image noise. You can scroll between the options to see a live preview of each setting, and then tap the one you want.

hero 11 protune settings

The default ISO Maximum is 1600 for video and 3200 for photos. The default for ISO Minimum is 100. ISO Maximum and Minimum can also be set to Auto when recording video. This is especially useful when shooting in environments with fluctuating lighting conditions.


The Protune Shutter setting only applies to the Video and Photo modes on the Hero 11 Black. This setting determines how long the shutter of your action camera stays open. You can scroll between the options to see a live preview of each setting and then tap the one you want.

For Photos, the options are – Auto, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, and 1/2000 second.

For Video, the options depend on the fps setting. These options include – Auto, 1/fps, 1/2x fps, 1/4x fps, 1/8x fps, and 1/16x fps.

The default setting is Auto, which means that the camera automatically selects the shutter speed.

Pro Tip: To reduce the amount of blur in videos and photos when using the Shutter setting, mount your camera on a tripod or other stable surface where it won’t wobble or shake.

Tips on shutter speed: How To Manually Adjust GoPro Shutter Speed?

Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp)

Exposure Value Compensation is the Protune setting that affects the brightness of the photos and videos shot on your Hero 11 Black. Adjusting this setting lets you improve image quality when shooting scenes with sharply contrasting lighting conditions. Higher values result in brighter images.

Options for this setting range from -2.0 to +2.0. The default setting is -05.

You can scroll between the options on the right side of the EV Comp screen to see a live preview of each setting, and then tap the one you want.

Note: For Video, this setting is available only if Shutter is set to Auto.


Sharpness controls the quality of details captured in your video footage or photos.

You can choose from three options in this setting:

  1. High (default)
  2. Medium
  3. Low

Pro Tip: If you plan to increase sharpness during editing, select Low for this setting.

RAW Audio

The RAW Audio Protune setting creates a separate .wav file for your video. This is in addition to the standard .mp4 audio track. In your Hero 11 Black, you can select from various levels of processing in the RAW audio track.

Here are the different RAW Audio settings:

  1. Off (default): No separate .wav file is created.
  2. Low: Applies minimal processing.
  3. Med: Applies moderate processing.
  4. High: Applies full audio processing.

Use Low if you want to do audio processing in post-production. Med is ideal if you want to apply your own gain. High applies full audio processing (automatic gain and Wind-Noise Reduction) without AAC encoding.

Wind Noise Reduction

The GoPro Hero 11 Black uses three microphones to capture sound. The Wind Noise Reduction Protune setting lets you can customize how these microphones are used based on the conditions where you’re shooting and the type of sound you want in your finished video.

There are three levels to choose from – Auto (default), On, and Off.

Auto is the default wind noise reduction level on Hero 11. This setting automatically filters out excessive wind/water noise. When it is On, the camera will filter out excessive wind noise, such as when it is mounted on a moving vehicle. Keep the Wind Noise Reduction Off when the wind does not affect sound quality and you want to ensure that your GoPro is recording in stereo.

In order to improve the sound you might thinking of buying yourself an external microphone. Here comes a list of the best ones: 7 BEST External Microphones for GoPro Hero 11

More tips on improving audio quality: GoPro Hero 11 Audio (How to Improve Microphone Quality)



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