The GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod is a super cool accessory specifically aimed at vloggers.

The Display Mod is, basically, a front-facing camera screen that lets you frame the shot. 

But is it worth buying for your life streams and vlogs?

In this post, you’ll discover everything about the Display Mod for the latest GoPro Hero 11 Black.


GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod For Vloggers

The Display Mod lets you see yourself in action. It connects to your Hero 12 Black, Hero 11 Black, Hero 10 Black, and Hero 9 Black via the GoPro Media Mod.

The GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod frames the shot and see yourself in action. This 2.0-inch Display Mod screen is designed to make things significantly easier for vloggers.

You can find tips on vlogging here: GoPro Vlog Setup: 5 Best Vlogging Kits + Vlog Tips.

It comes with a USB-C charging cable and a small case that keeps it safe when not in use. The Display Mod has one button on the side, one USB-C port for charging, and one micro-HDMI cable.

GoPro Display Mod - Official Accessory, 1080p
  • 2-inch flip-up screen makes vlogging easy
  • Built-in rechargeable battery and micro-HDMI connector
  • Folding design for easy storage and transport

The GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod is compact yet sturdy and offers a low-profile appearance. The folding design makes it super easy to store and carry around. It is also incredibly convenient to install and use. This Display Mod is compatible with the GoPro Hero 8, Hero 9, Hero 10, Hero 11 & Hero 12 cameras.

gopro display mod

However, one thing that I don’t quite like about the display mod is that turning it around turns off your camera’s rear display, which can feel a bit annoying sometimes. That’s because in such a situation you won’t be able to adjust settings since the Display Mod isn’t a touchscreen, and it doesn’t show display settings. Also, the Display Mod ignores the GoPro display timeout settings. It’ll just stay on forever making the battery drain fast.

Consider buying yourself an extended battery in order to be able to film without stops.

GoPro Extended Battery

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GoPro Hero 11 Front Display VS Display Mod

If you own a GoPro Hero 11 Black, you must be aware of the fact that your camera itself features a front-facing screen, which is pretty great for vloggers as it does a pretty decent job of letting you see yourself in action. So, why would you want to buy a separate accessory that basically does the same thing?

Well, the answer is – The display mod is significantly bigger than the Hero 11 Black’s native front-facing display. Therefore, if you’re a serious user (a vlogger, for example), the Display Mod would hold great value for you just because of its size.


How to Connect the Display Mod to GoPro Hero 11?

There’s no way to connect the display mod directly to your Hero 11 camera. For this, you’ll need the GoPro Media Mod compatible with Hero 11. So, get the Media Mod first, and then follow the below-mentioned steps to connect the display mod to your Hero 11 Black:

  1. Slide the Display Mod into the upper cold-shoe adapter on the Hero 11 Media Mod.
  2. Plug the HDMI cable into the Media Mod’s micro-HDMI hole.
  3. Twist up the Display Mod so that its screen is on the front-facing side.
  4. Press and hold the left button. This will turn the Display Mod on.

Once the Display Mod is connected, you’ll be able to see yourself on it. Also, the GoPro Hero 11’s back screen will turn off.

gopro hero 11 display mod



Here are the answers to some common questions that might strike you regarding the GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod:

Can the GoPro Display Mod work without the Media Mod?

The Media Mod is required for this. The Hero 11 Black doesn’t feature an in-built micro-HDMI port, which the Media Mod has.

Does the Display Mod have a touchscreen?

No. The Display Mod doesn’t have a touchscreen.

How big is the GoPro Display Mod?

The screen of the Display Mod measures 2 inches diagonal.

Does the Display Mod use the GoPro camera’s battery?

No. The Display Mod has its own battery. Therefore, you’ll need to charge it separately.

How long does the Display Mod’s battery last?

 The Display Mod features a 680 mAh battery. It offers a runtime of about 90 minutes.

 Should You Buy the GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod?

As I’ve already mentioned, the Hero 11 Black Media Mod has a significantly bigger screen size as compared to its native front screen. It’s highly useful for professional vloggers as they can see a larger picture of themselves.

However, if you’re satisfied with how you look on your own camera’s front screen, then you can easily give the Display Mod a miss.

Also, before considering buying the Display Mod, keep in mind that you’ll also have to buy the Media Mod alongside it in order to make it work.

So, if you think that it’s worth investing in these two products for your needs, then definitely go for it.



Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide helped you learn about whether the GoPro Hero 11 Display Mod is worth buying or not 🙂


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