The Insta360 PRO 2 is a professional camera introduced by the company, featuring high-quality, detailed footage and a greater field of view (FOV).

The Pro 2 is about the size and shape of a large cantaloupe and has six lenses that are equidistant from one another and spread around the camera.

These six lenses, with advanced sensors, produce high-quality images and videos. It is more refined and better than regular 360 cameras. This particular Insta360 camera will make the lives of content creators easier and more fun.

In this article, you will get a detailed review of the Insta360 PRO 2 – its specifications, features, and a comparison of the PRO 2 with other models.


Quick Review

Insta360 PRO 2 is an improved version of previous insta360 cameras. The main difference between other models and a professional PRO 2 is, it can shoot stereoscopic (3D) images of high quality and gives much more control over the image parameters. PRO 2 is a complete delight for all professional photographers and videographers.

Insta360 PRO 2 & Farsight, Professional 360 8K 3D Camera (Standard)
  • 8K 3D VR: Six lenses work together to create beautifully detailed 3D VR experiences.
  • 2.FlowState Stabilization: No bulky gear. No post-production hassle. Just perfectly...
  • HDR Video & Photo: Capture natural lighting, even when conditions vary in every...

Insta360 PRO 2 provides high-quality 3D capture with excellent Flowstate Stabilization from every angle. You can also do Live Monitoring even if you are away from the site via remote access. The overall workflow has become less time-consuming and smooth.


insta360 Pro 2 Specifications

PRO 2 is an excellent pick for all professional content creators. It looks stylish and the supreme footage quality along with diverse features makes it all the more popular. Let us look at the comparison in the specs of PRO 2 with the previous model of the PRO series.

Have a look at this table for the detailed specs of the insta360 Pro 2:

SpecificationsPRO PRO 2
Lenses6 x 200° F2.4 fish-eye lenses6 x 200° F2.4 fish-eye lenses
Video Resolution8K 3D at 30fps8K 3D at 30 FPS, 8K monoscopic at 60 FPS (Post Proccessing Stitch)
– 3840 x 3840@30fps (3D), 3840 x 1920@30fps (2D) (Real Time Stitch)
Photo Resolution60 Megapixels7680 x 7680 (3D), 7680 x 3840 (2D), 12000 x 12000 12K Super High-Res (Multi-Photo Composite) (2D/3D)
Bit Rate40 Mbps120 Mbps
Slow MotionYes, 4K @ 100fpsYes, 4K @ 120fps
StabilisationNone“Flowstate” Stabilization using 9 Axis Gyroscope
Sound4x Mono Microphones – Ambisonic Audio4x Mono Microphones – Ambisonic Audio
Memory6x MicroSD Card6x MicroSD Card + 1SD Card
Battery5000 MaH5100 MaH
ConnectionsWifi, HDMI, Ethernet, USB CWifi Transmitter Providing 300m Video Transmission, GPS Antenna, Ethernet Port
Price Click hereClick here

Please note that PRO 2 is a little more expensive than the other standard, non-professional insta360 cameras but it is worth the price. In comparison to another professional camera by insta360, that is, TITAN, PRO 2 is one-third the price, smaller, lighter, and easier to port. It is also considerably more convenient and can be mounted on a selfie stick or tripod very easily. Given the price and the features, it makes a perfect choice for all professionals.

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What Makes PRO 2 Stand Out

Below mentioned are some of the striking features of insta360 PRO 2. This amazing camera will make all your upcoming projects and adventures memorable.

insta360 pro 2

8K VR 3D experiences

PRO 2 is a spherical ball with six lenses placed at equidistance around the camera. It can shoot videos in 8K 3D high resolution @ 30fps (7680 x 7680) and 8K 2D mode, each of its 6 cameras shoots at a resolution of 3860 x 2880 with a bit rate of 120 Mbps. The footage is detailed and sharper than the previous model. It thus ensures a beautiful shooting experience.

Increased speed

The insta360 PRO 2 can shoot at a much greater speed than insta360 PRO. PRO 2 can shoot at 60fps in either 8K mono, or 6.7K 3D and at 120fps in 4K, in either 2D or 3D whereas, PRO can shoot at 60fps in 4K 3D or 120fps in 4K 2D. The increased speed results in better outputs and high-quality footage.

Flowstate Stabilization

PRO 2 uses advanced stabilization techniques so that the footage remains consistent throughout. It is a very important feature of 360 cameras to be able to capture stable footage throughout. PRO 2 is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. It can be attached with a selfie stick or a tripod for a greater field of view. The ease of capturing 360 angle shots with PRO 2 makes it so appealing. This feature was previously not present in insta360 PRO for video shooting but with the upgrade, you can be sure to capture stable footage on the go.

No-stitch” workflow

With the introduction of insta360 Adobe Premiere Pro, editing has now become easier and faster. It can prove to be of great help as you can begin editing your footage before stitching it. Earlier, PRO use to work with a proxy file. With PRO 2 you won’t have to wait for generating a proxy file which makes editing quicker and less tedious. To explain it better, once you shoot with insta360 PRO 2, it creates a simultaneous low-resolution version of the video. Editing can be done on that and once the project is complete, the editing is applied to the full resolution video. This simply means, less waiting and more creating.

Insta360 offers a remarkable editing app called Insta360 Studio, which can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer. Click on the link provided to learn more about the app and begin your editing journey.

Live Streaming

360 Live Streaming is an amazing feature that lets you view the filming without being present at the sight. The PRO 2 is a notch higher than the previous version. PRO allowed live streaming as well but with PRO 2, you can simultaneously record 8K 2D video, or 6.7k 3D video. As the 360 cameras record views in all possible angles and directions, to be able to monitor the footage without being in the frame is important. With Farsight, you can maintain a steady connection and control the filming from afar. PRO 2 has a unique low-latency, long-range transmission system which makes it possible.

Insta360 PRO 2 & Farsight, Professional 360 8K 3D Camera (Standard)
  • 8K 3D VR: Six lenses work together to create beautifully detailed 3D VR experiences.
  • 2.FlowState Stabilization: No bulky gear. No post-production hassle. Just perfectly...
  • HDR Video & Photo: Capture natural lighting, even when conditions vary in every...

While Insta360 PRO 2 model is widely-used, The Insta360 TITAN is an improved edition of it, with numerous enhancements over its forerunner. With an impressive 11K resolution, it provides exceptional detail and clarity in your footage. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced stabilization and dynamic range, enabling you to capture steady and well-exposed shots even in low-light scenarios. Read more about Titan here: insta360 TITAN Review: Specs, Price, Comparison.


Is Insta360 Pro 2 Worth Buying?

If you are a professional content creator and are thinking of buying a high-end camera with supreme image clarity and varied features for faster transferring and editing then, PRO 2 would be a perfect fit! This cool, spherical ball can create wonders for you with its excellent flow state stabilization, farsight 360° live monitoring, 8K 3D VR experiences, and especially, “No-Stitch” Editing.

Therefore, if you have a fair budget in hand and are ready to level up your adventurous journey of professional shooting then consider trying out this camera.



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