Insta360 One X has a wide range of accessories that you can tag along for making your adventures all the more fun.

All action cameras have a few accessories that are common to most of them but there are certain which are unique to the specified model.

In this article, you’ll find the 7 Best insta360 OneX Accessories that will give your pictures and videos a different lookout.


7 BEST insta360 ONE X Accessories

Let’s have a look at some useful accessories for your insta360’s One X that will make your journeys easy yet eventful:

Invisible Selfie Stick

Insta360 1.14M Invisible Selfie Stick for ONE R/ONE X/ONE/EVO
  • 【Specifications】: Material: Aviation-grade aluminum; Top screw: Standard 1/4"...

A selfie stick is something that we all have used at least once in our lives. But if you are wondering what is so great here to be considered as an add-on accessory, then let me tell you the secret. This spectacular Selfie Stick comes with a small blind spot directly under the camera. That means when you are taking your 360-degree shots with your insta360’s One X, there is no hindrance at all. It’s as if the camera is floating in the air. Isn’t that amazing?

Extended Invisible Selfie Stick

Insta360 Extra Long 3M (10ft) Invisible Selfie Stick Extension for ONE RS One X2 & X3
  • 3 Metre Selfie Stick Extension for Insta360 ONE and ONE X
  • Made of carbon fiber and aluminium
  • Minimum length 55 cm

So, taking your adventure a level up, we have the Extended Invisible Selfie Stick. As the name suggests, this particular selfie stick is three times longer than the normal version. You can now capture an extent that was never possible at an arm’s length. The invisibility feature which was present in the above stick along with the extended length, this stick proves to be a perfect catch.  Now, you can shoot at a much greater height almost equivalent to using a mini drone.

Bullet Time Accessory

Insta360 Bullet Time Bundle Selfie Stick Handle(Folded Tripod) Compatible with Insta360 ONE X2/ ONE R/ ONE X/ONE
  • Bullet Time Bundle: Bullet time bundle, designed for Insta360 sports camera, makes...
  • Invisible Selfie Stick: Specialized selfie stick can be invisible in the video,...
  • As Handle or Tripod: The handle can be mounted on the selfie stick and you can make...

Bullet time accessory is an ultimate add-on if you want to create some bullet-time videos. All you need to do is attach the One X to the end of the accessory and rotate it around your head. This accessory lets you capture 360-degrees of view in no time. You may add some quick modes along like with the target locking feature and slow-motion effect, you will be amazed to see the result.

insta360 Bike Mount

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The Insta360 Bike Mount is a popular accessory among Insta360 camera users, providing a secure and stable platform to mount the camera on a bike. It’s a valuable tool for cycling enthusiasts who want to capture their adventures with ease. The mount ensures that the camera stays in place while cycling, allowing users to capture stable and high-quality footage without any wobbling or shake. With this accessory, you can confidently record your bike rides and other action-packed sports activities without worrying about your camera falling off or getting damaged.

Dive Case

O'woda Waterproof Housing Case for Insta360 ONE X, Underwater Protective Shell New Version Diving Case for Insta360 ONE X Action Camera Accessories, Diving Depth 30M / 98 FT, Black
  • ★Waterproof protectve case specifically designed for Insta 360 ONE X.
  • ★Applicable Scenario - Suitable for surfing, diving and other water or underwater...
  • ★The waterproof case is designed with elastic physical buttons to greatly improve...

If you love water and you are enthusiastic about capturing the underwater world, then this case comes as additional protection. One X is already waterproof but the Dive Case adds on to the safety. You can shoot the water world 360 degrees without the fear of losing a single beautiful moment. The diving case does not interfere with the camera lens at all so, you can be sure of capturing hindrance-free videos to your heart’s content.

Insta360 Handle with Tripod 

Insta360 Handle with Tripod for One X & One Action Camera
  • The Bullet Time Tripod Handle doubles as a tabletop tripod and a selfie stick handle...
  • Bullet-Time Handle doubles as an indoor tabletop tripod. Tripod not designed for...
  • Handle (Tripod) includes 1x Bullet Time Tripod Handle.

This Insta360 Handle with Tripod doubles as a tabletop tripod and a selfie stick handle for swinging camera overhead. This accessory includes 1 invisible selfie stick and 1 bullet-time tripod handle for your best shots.

Bluetooth Remote

insta360 GPS Action Remote/compatiable with insta360 X3/ ONE X2/ONE RS/ONE R (CINSAAV/A-ALT1)
  • GPS Remotely Control Your Insta360 Action Camera/compatiable with Insta360 X4/X3/ ONE...
  • Record GPS Metadata with Your Video, Track Speed, Altitude, and Direction
  • This remote is not designed use underwater, as GPS signals are negatively affected

This is a small, simple device and you may think whether an add-on like this is even necessary. But, this Bluetooth Remote is like a big surprise in a little box. With a 360-degrees action camera, you aim to capture all the spaces around you. While doing so, you need to avoid coming in the frame, and that’s when this little device comes into the picture. The insta360’s One X device comes with a Bluetooth connection so, now you have them on and off controls in your hand. With a simple click, you can choose to record or stop whenever you wish to.


 Which Accessories Are You Thinking To Buy?

With this amazing action camera, adding accessories can increase the possibilities of creating some astonishing videos. A Selfie Stick seems like the most standard accessory that you need to cart in with your One X. If you are a professional photographer or videographer you can choose more than one of the above-mentioned add-ons to create some amazing stuff. Venture Case is a must for all hikers, bikers, skiers, and other adventure enthusiasts. The case would not only keep your device safe but your memorable journeys too.



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