Are you struggling to turn ON your GoPro?

GoPro is an exceptionally well made action camera with promising quality and durability. But, some users face this issue sometimes… This could be due to various reasons.

Let’s have a look at how to fix this problem!


How to Turn ON Your GoPro

To turn on your GoPro, simply press the Power/Mode button on the front/side of the camera (depending on the model). The status light will flash three times. When the camera status displays information, the camera is on.

how to turn on gopro


7 Easy FIX Solutions

You may encounter situations when no matter what you do the camera won’t turn on. It may be due to low charge, dead battery or some other issue. Let us have a look at some of the common reasons and easy fixes:

#1. Reset the Camera

Your first step should be Resetting the camera, it resets the settings back to factory default but does not wipe out the SD card data.

  • Power off the camera and remove any additional accessories connected to it.
  • Make sure there’s a battery inserted or the camera is connected to an external power source.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and then release.

#2. Low Charge or Dead Battery

All GoPro users must be aware of the fact that the battery life of GoPro is one flaw which has not been improved over time. The battery drains out quickly. On an average between 1.5 – 2 hours. If the above step doesn’t work, Connect a USB cable and make sure that the charging LED on the outside of the camera lights up. Don’t attempt to power on the camera while it’s charging. Click here to know about the tricks to extend battery life of your GoPro.

#3. Camera won’t charge

Now, there can also be a case where the camera is not turning on though you have attached it to a charging point but there is no sign of charging to be seen on the camera. It could be due to a faulty charger or one of the connectors may be damaged. Try using/buying a new charger. Another reason could be, the battery is completely dead. In that case, you need to replace it. You may also use a spare battery if any.

#4. The Battery is not inserted properly

Sometimes the camera does not turn on when the battery is not properly inserted in the GoPro. This can be an issue in all GoPro models with removable battery. Remove the battery and reinsert it properly. Then try turning on the camera. You may also consider replacing it with a spare battery.

#5. SD card is not inserted properly

SD card is an important accessory of the camera. If the card isn’t inserted properly, it may cause a problem. Make sure your SD card is compatible with the GoPro camera. If you have another microSD card handy, try that.

SD cards can sometimes be faulty, preventing the camera to turn on. In such cases, you should prefer replacing/buying a new SD card. Formatting the SD card to remove the unwanted bug can also solve the problem. For this follow below steps :

  • Attach the card to your computer using a card reader and go to Start > Computer or My documents, or Windows Explorer.
  • From the list of storage devices, right click on it and choose format your SD card under “removable storage”.
  • Once the SD card has been formatted, insert it back into the action camera and try turning it on.

Note : Formatting will delete all contents of your SD card, so you may transfer your files before if required.

#6. Bad Charging Port or Blocked Slot

You may notice that even after checking the battery and the SD card, inserted properly and in good condition, the cam still may not turn on. It could be due to a blocked slot. In that case, clean the card slot properly using little compressed air used for cleaning electronics. Once the slot is clean and dry, reinsert the SD card and try switching on the camera.

There may be another case where the charging port is broken or dysfunctional or it could be that your circuit board is broken or isn’t connected properly. In such cases you can try replacing the port and plugging in some other board.

#7. Contact GoPro support service

If you have tried all the above solutions to turn On your GoPro and are still unable to fix your camera then there is a good possibility that your camera has some serious fault which will require repair or replacement. You should immediately contact the GoPro support service or customer care. GoPro has a good replacement policy and you shouldn’t worry at all if your action camera is still under warranty. If not, you may still receive support and required steps that need to be taken to fix the issue immediately.


Check out the below video. It explains all the mentioned fixes in a simple yet interesting way..


It is easy to turn ON/OFF your GoPro and you may do it in several ways depending on the model you are using. Also, there are various ways to extend the battery life, change modes or switch on/off the cam with just a few taps on the basic buttons. To know more click here.



GoPro is a true companion when it comes to recording amazing footage on your various outdoor adventures. It is easy to operate and the multiple features makes it super appealing. The few basic hacks above will surely help you get through the minor issues on occasions when GoPro decides to rest a little more (won’t turn on!). The fixes above work almost every time you may get stuck but in scenarios when even these don’t work, you may need to contact the GoPro support desk directly.


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