Are you looking for the GoPro time lapse settings for driving?

GoPro offers this amazing feature in all the latest models, using which with right settings you can enjoy your beautiful journeys and at the same time take the memories back home to share them with friends and family.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best GoPro Time Lapse settings for driving.


GoPro Time Lapse Settings for Driving

All you need during your various journeys is to capture the mesmerizing moments in your heart and camera. GoPro lets you create some amazing Time Lapses by following a few steps.

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Time Lapse is created with a set of still photos which are combined to form a video using the software.

Requirements to Shoot a Time Lapse Video while Driving:

  1. Fully charged GoPro camera with a fully formatted memory card.
  2. A couple of extra batteries to charge the camera in the car itself, if required.
  3. A stable mount to keep the GoPro safe and shoot quality Time Lapse videos. A GoPro windshield mount would work or some other depending on your requirement.

Tip: You can also download the GoPro smartphone app which allows you to view the footage in real-time.

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Steps To Follow To Create a Time Lapse While Driving

Follow the below steps to create a Time Lapse video while driving with your GoPro.

Select Video Mode

Select Video Mode using the mode button on the front of the camera.

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Change the Video Mode to Time Lapse

Once in video mode, change the mode to Time Lapse using the video settings. The different options that you will get are Time Lapse Video, Time Lapse Photo, and Night Lapse Photo. In the latest models, you will find another option as Time Wrap. The night lapse mode just focuses more on lowering the shutter speed to expose correctly.

For shooting Time Lapse while driving, you can switch between two settings.

  • Settings that take photos one by one – In this case, you need to set up an interval rate at which the camera will take pictures during the journey. In the end, the GoPro will combine all the photos and make up a video for you. Some GoPros can do it on their while in others you will need to make it in GoPro Studio.
  • Shoot a video over time – When settings are set to this mode, the camera will shoot the video, and later you can speed it up by uploading it into a program such as GoPro Studio to any rate that you want. Speeding it 10 to 15 times the normal speed will yield good results. The downside is, that it takes up a lot of memory.

Choose the Interval Settings

To change the interval settings. Go to Main Menu > Mode > Interval Option. The longer the interval is set, the shorter your resulting footage will be. By default, GoPro time-lapses use a 30 fps.

Mount the Camera

Once you are done with choosing an interval for shooting, you need a level surface or a mount to fix your GoPro. All cars are different so you need to find a space on the dash that does not have a huge glare. Mounting the camera is an important step to obtain stable and clear footage while driving.

Pro Tip: Ensure the horizon is leveled so that the output footage is as desired.

Check here the best GoPro Car Mounts: Top 12 GoPro Car Mounts [Suction/Clamp/Gimbal/Dashboard].

Start Shooting Amazing GoPro TimeLapse Videos

Press the shutter button to start shooting your Time Lapse Videos.


Shooting Length and Shooting Interval

The two most important aspects of shooting a Time-Lapse while driving are: Shooting Length and Shooting Interval

Shooting Length

You need to have a rough idea of how long your drive is going to be. Whether you want to shoot for an hour, three hours, or the whole day. Set the shooting length as required.

Shooting Interval

Once you decide on the shooting length, you need to focus on the shooting interval that you want to set. For example, if you are on a drive for 30 minutes at 30 fps for their frame rate. A GoPro camera set at 0.5 seconds will take 120 photos in a minute. So in one minute, you will have 120 frames and at 30 fps, it comes down to 4 seconds of recorded footage.

Now, for long drives for example 2 hours, the 0.5-second interval is too less, as multiple images will be captured for such a long duration of time and it may become boring. In this case, 5 seconds interval would be ideal, which will result in 12 pictures captured in a minute which equals half a second of film. In total, 48 seconds of footage.

You can accordingly plan your interval depending upon your shooting length. I recommend 5-10 seconds under daylight conditions. For night or day to night time-lapses set it to at least 15, better 30 seconds or more in case of long drives.


To have a full overview of the various GoPro Settings, take a look at this post:




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