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My Best GoPro HERO 7 Settings for Snowboarding Videos

The beauty of mother nature is unmatched when wrapped in soft white sheets of snow. For all snowboarders out there, below mentioned are some of the best settings for GoPro HERO 7 while you are enjoying the mesmerizing views during your glide.

  • Resolution and Frame Rate: 4K/60fps (Standard Settings), 2.7K/60fps (POV shots)
  • Protune: ON
  • Stabilization: Auto
  • Shutter Speed: Auto
  • EV Comp : -0.5
  • White Balance: Auto
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 100
  • Sharpness: Low or Medium
  • Color: Flat
  • RAW Audio: OFF
  • Mics: Auto

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HERO 7 Settings For SnowBoarding 

This section explains in detail the main settings on GoPro HERO 7 and why should you choose them to get the best results in snow.

Resolution and Frame Rate

The first and the most important parameter that one needs to set is Resolution and Frame Rate because a lot depends on them. One always tends to choose the highest resolution for optimal quality. During snowboarding, if you keep the Resolution between 1080p and 4K, it will give amazing results but the 4K resolution has certain disadvantages like the workflow becoming slower while editing.

Choosing a higher frame rate example 60fps would result in smooth footage. It has another advantage of creating slo-mos during editing. For example, by rendering output footage in 24fps, with 60fps, a 40% slower output video can be created. This method seems to be beneficial when you want to view your snow activities like sliding, jumps, and the surroundings in a more detailed manner.

So, choosing the standard settings as 4K with 60fps which also supports Hypersmooth Stabilization in HERO 7  proves to be an ideal choice. For POV shots, you can choose 2.7K/60fps for optimal quality output.

Aspect Ratio

In GoPro cameras, you have an option to choose an aspect ratio of 4:3. Typically, a video image has an aspect ratio of 16:9, also known as the widescreen format. For snowboarding videos, 4:3 is an ideal choice though, it has black bars on either side but offers a wider view from top to bottom. If you decide on choosing this aspect ratio, you would need to switch to 2.7K/60fps resolution and frame rate as 4K footage is not stabilized in the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Field of View

Usually in GoPro, while snowboarding you should use the field of view as Wide and it is available for all resolutions and frame rates. In sports activities such as gliding in the snow on your board, a wide-angle gives a much better view of recording the footage. But, in snowboarding, you may also try Superview. Just like 4:3, the area increases on top and bottom and the image is stretched from the right and left sides. That means, the edges are a bit distorted but the center remains unaffected. Superview is mainly recommended for POV shots. On HERO 7, Superview is not available in 4k/60fps so you will need to switch to 2.7K/60 or 4K/30.

Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed is a parameter that is used to set the duration of the exposure. But in general, setting it up manually while snowboarding is not recommended so you can leave the Shutter Speed at Auto.

EV Comp

EV Comp stands for Exposure Value Composition. This parameter lets you set the exposure to darker or brighter. While snowboarding in bright lights, can lead to damage to footage hence, you can set the EV Comp to -0.5 to prevent bright areas in the image from burning out.

White Balance

White Balance adjusts the camera’s color sensitivity to match the prevailing color of light. It adjusts the Color Temperature based on the current lighting. During snowboarding, the white color of snow should look natural, and hence leaving the setting on Auto will serve the purpose well.

ISO Minimum and Maximum Levels

ISO levels refer to how sensitive your camera sensor will be to the light. We usually go snowboarding during day time and we already have enough light. So, you can simply set the ISO Levels to 100 (minimum and maximum).


Sharpness levels digitally sharpen a video and by default, the sharpness level is set to High in GoPro HERO 7. But, that will not give a professional look to your video hence, it is ideal to keep the sharpness settings Low. And later while editing, you can add a little sharpness to the video if required.


Regarding the Color profile for snowboarding videos, choose Flat. That gives a much wider scope of editing the videos later to improve the overall outlook. But, if you are not keen to edit the footage later, then you can choose GoPro Color.

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