GoPro Studio is the official free video editing software by GoPro that lets you edit your high quality GoPro footage with the help of various tools.

Although this software is compatible with both PC and Mac and easy to use, GoPro removed GoPro Studio from Quik.

But don’t you worry!

In this article, you’ll learn how to download GoPro Studio today and how you can use it for video editing.

What happened to GoPro Studio?

GoPro Studio used to come bundled with the GoPro Quik app for desktop. However, since the release of its Version 2.4 in August 2017, GoPro removed GoPro Studio from Quik. That may be because the camera-maker hoped that all the editing needs of the users would suffice with the improvements in the Quik app itself.

But, that didn’t seem to happen! A lot of users have complained that Quik isn’t as amazing as GoPro Studio when it comes to several useful video editing tools, convenience and speed. Quik, for example, isn’t able to create a GoPro-style time-lapse footage from still shots.


Can you still get GoPro Studio?

The answer is YES! Although GoPro Studio is no longer available on the official GoPro website, you can still download it for your Mac or Windows desktop from various third-party sites. However, we advise you to download it only from trusted sources for security reasons and to avoid virus or other malicious stuff on the internet.

How to Download and Install GoPro Studio in 2022


GoPro Studio Download (Mac & Windows)

You must download GoPro Studio only from reliable software download websites like TechSpot, Softonic, and Softpedia. Here’s the download link on TechSpot:

Download GoPro Studio (Mac & Windows)

Read more on GoPro Studio for Windows 10: How to Download, Install, Edit.

GoPro Fusion Studio (Download)

GoPro Fusion Studio is another video editing app by GoPro that’s meant only for use with the GoPro Fusion camera. It lets you offload the content from your camera and provides some advanced editing features like adding effects, stitching and rendering high-resolution spherical footage shot on Fusion, adding gimbal-like stabilization to your shots and many more…

As of today, this app has been discontinued by GoPro too, like the GoPro Fusion camera itself. But, it’s still available for download on the GoPro official site as ‘Exporter for GoPro Fusion Camera’. Here’s the download link:

Download GoPro Fusion Studio (Mac & Windows)


How to Use GoPro Studio to Edit GoPro Videos

After downloading and installing the GoPro Studio software on your PC or Mac, you’re all set to finally use it for editing your GoPro videos. Here’s the step-by-step workflow that you need to follow.

gopro studio

Import your GoPro videos for editing

Firstly, open the GoPro App. The GoPro importer will automatically bring all your imported files into a blank GoPro Studio project. If you’re not using a GoPro importer, transfer the content that you wish to edit from your camera’s memory card to your computer. Now, just click import and navigate to the file where your GoPro clips are stored. To save the GoPro project, go to File > Save, choose a location and name the project as you want. We recommend creating a ‘New Folder’ on your computer to save the project and all the converted files.

View & Trim

After saving the project, all the clips that you’ve selected will show at the left side. You can play, review and trim each to ensure that all the best moments that you want to include in the final version are included. This can be done by dragging and dropping the ‘in and ‘out’ points as per your requirements. You can repeat this process with all the selected clips with multiple segments having all those great moments. Additionally, you can do some basic editing like rotating/flipping video, changing resolution, frame rate, playback speed, and quality.


Once you’re satisfied with how each individual footage looks, you need to convert the list of clips by pressing ‘Convert’. This will convert all the clips and make them ready for editing. Lastly, Press ‘Clear All’ to clear your completed conversions.


When the conversion is completed for all the clips, click on ‘Step 2: Edit’ at the top of the window. All of your converted clips will automatically move to this step. Here you’ll be asked if you want to use a Pre-Made Edit Template or a blank one. Select the template as per your desired theme for the final film. You can do some great editing in this step with features like ability to add music to the footage, using filters and effects etc. to make your end result more appealing.


After you’ve successfully created the video as per your expectations, proceed further to export it, so that you can easily share it with your friends and family. Click ‘Step 3: Export’ at the top of the window to do it and choose an export preset (the resolution that you need for the resulting video). Finally, name the video file and click export to save it to the desired destination on your desktop.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a great video of your memorable moments on GoPro Studio.

Have a look at the video (by GoPro) below. It wonderfully explains in detail how to edit your GoPro videos with the GoPro Studio app.

GoPro Studio: Creating a Video


GoPro Studio Alternatives

Although GoPro Studio is good-enough for editing your GoPro clips, the fact that it’s been discontinued means that you’ll no longer get updates to it. This is a huge discouraging factor. But, you need not worry! There are many alternatives to GoPro Studio that you can use to edit and create some awesome videos of your memories.

If you are a Mac user, then Final Cut Pro X is a great option for your GoPro video editing needs. It has all the useful features for advanced video editing and goes well with the Mac platform. Adobe Premiere Pro is another wonderful app for both PC and Mac. It also happens to be one of the best editing tools available to achieve professional-looking shots.

Have a look at this article for a detailed editing guide using these GoPro Studio alternative apps.



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