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GoPro Quik is a basic editing app that allows you to create instant edits with wonderful background music to share with your loved ones in no time.

The cherry on the cake is that it is FREE of cost.

In this article, you will get to know all about GoPro Quik and why it is considered the best app to edit GoPro videos.


GoPro Quik App Comparison Table

GoPro Quick App is a free, basic editing app that lets you transfer, edit and share the footage in no time. While you are out and about on your various adventures, all you do is shoot the mesmerizing views and thrilling moments with your GoPro. The data is huge and unorganized. What if you wish to quickly edit the footage and make a small video to share online? In this case, the Quik App can become your angel. This rebooted app helps you transfer and organize all the data so that you don’t lose any precious moments.

Along with providing an excellent storage option, Quik also features a suite of powerful, yet simple, editing tools for creating some beautiful videos. This App works amazingly well on Mobiles, although for the desktops it has been discontinued.

GoPro Quik serves as a straightforward, complimentary editing application designed for transferring, editing, and sharing GoPro footage.

After pausing updates, GoPro Quik for desktop is returning! macOS users have had access since February 2024, and Windows users, your version is on its way later this year.

Quik is freely accessible for mobile and Mac users, providing a range of features. However, a Premium subscription is necessary to access all of Quik’s features fully.

A Premium subscription unlocks Quik’s full potential on both mobile and desktop platforms. There’s an option for a mobile-only Quik subscription, priced at $9.99/year.

The below table mentions the comparison of the Quik App with other available options:

Mobile Editing AppProsConsBest Used For
QuikAutomatically imports and organises footage and amazing editing featuresFree version lacks advanced editing toolsCreating sponteneous edits
SpliceUser-friendly and intuitive interfaceAvailable only on iOSQuick and easy edits on the go
InshotPacked with amazing editing featuresFree version includes a watermarkBasic photo and video editing
Adobe Premium Rush Syncs with other Adobe apps such as Lightroom and Premiere ProLimited audio editing capabilitiesAdvanced editing app for pro level creators
PicPlayPostAllows to create and edit picture collagesLimited video editing capabilitiesSocial media influencers and brands looking to promote their products

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How Does Quik App Work

Quik App is a simple-to-use editor stocked with various powerful features. The resulting videos get exported at 1440p. 4K videos are more impressive but the videos seem to be pretty nice when viewed through a mobile phone. The additional plus is unlimited cloud storage for any photo and video at original resolution, which makes Quik worth it despite the few drawbacks.

Follow the below steps to create a video using Quik App :

  1. Connect your device to the GoPro camera to transfer the footage.
  2. Import the data.
  3. Once the data is imported, select the best moments using which you want to make the video.
  4. Start editing. You can change the colors, and lighting, trim the video, add stickers, change the video speed, and even apply custom filters/presets to each clip or the whole video.
  5. Be ready to share the same with your friends and family on social media.

If you want to learn how to download GoPro Quik App to your mobile or desktop, read the following article: GoPro Quik App Download


Striking Features

To manage the ample amount of data for the GoPro users, the new GoPro Quik App offers dedicated cloud storage for your GoPro videos. Some of the striking features of the GoPro Quik App are as below which makes it the best app to edit GoPro videos.

Add photos and videos

The Quik App automatically imports and organizes unlimited photos, live photos, and video clips from your phone, cloud, or camera. It detects all the minor details to help you choose the best moments like smiling faces, colors, etc. You can use the HiLights to tag the best footage. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and works with both Android and iPhone.

Choose the editing style

The Quik app allows you to choose from a variety of themes for suiting any occasion. You can select any theme each with transitions and graphics to give an appealing look to your video.

Customize your project

You have access to a huge bundle of editing options while using the Quik App. It is extremely easy to reorder, trim, zoom, and rotate photos and video clips. You can also add text overlays and stickers to make your stories look more relevant and interesting. GoPro Quik automatically turns audio on when it detects voices. But if you wish to add your music, then it provides you with several free soundtracks to choose from. You can also enjoy speeding up footage or playing it in Slo-Mo. The Quik app helps you create a professional-quality output video.

Quick Share

You can save Quik Stories at 4K 60fps (iOS) or 1080p 60fps (Android). The App allows you to save the final video quickly and you can then easily share the same with your friends and family on  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more, or send a private GoPro Quik link via text or email.


Why Should You Choose The Quik App

To summarize, below mentioned are some of the reasons you should choose the Quik App for editing your GoPro videos and also, some fallbacks that are there.


Some of the brownie points are as below :

  • Automatically imports and organize your photos and videos
  • Viewing and sharing are compatible with videos captured in select modes only
  • Uses Highlight tags to find your best moments
  • Trim, Frame, Filter, Speed & more options available for editing
  • Video trimming is compatible with videos captured in select modes only
  • Wireless camera updates are compatible with GoPros using this App


Some of the main drawbacks are as below :

  • Only GoPro content can be used in the Quik App.
  • Smartphone or DSLR footage cannot be easily edited on the App.
  • Only 18 free songs are available in the new free version.
  • You can only tag 10 Highlights in a 30-second video.
  • It has been discontinued for the desktops, which leads to no guarantee in its correct functionality with newest GoPro models. You can still download the newest version of GoPro Quik by using alternative methods described in GoPro Quik App for Mobile and Desktop.




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