The GoPro Hero 8 Black comes with many great features, including some cool settings that you might want to know about. If you own a GoPro Hero 8 Black and want information regarding the best settings to use when recording with your device, look no further!

In this article, you’ll discover 11 different GoPro Hero 8 settings suggestions to film better videos of your adventures! I’ve also included a cheat sheet of the recommended settings for different activities so you can refer back to it later if needed.

GoPro TimeWarp

11 Killer GoPro Hero 8 Settings

Here are the 11 best GoPro Hero 8 settings you should know about in order to produce the perfect picture/video with your device:

Video Settings:

POV Preset

I typically like using the POV Preset for filming high resolution content that doesn’t require slowing down. You can use this preset for things like things such as walkthroughs, interactions with people, or anything where my editing process won’t need an additional camera angle because it’s all happening right there from one lens point of view so you get a true experience through someone’s eyes!

The on-screen shortcuts you get in this preset include Lens, White Balance, ISO Max, and EV Comp. Lens gives a quick access to Linear footage or Wide depending on what you want (Linear tends to look better when filming vlogs while wide typically for sports and action). White Balance sets the color temperature. ISO Max lets you adjust colors based on different lighting conditions (lower to 100 for full sunlight, raise to 1600 for darkest scenes).

Standard Preset

This versatile preset that’s great for all-purpose recording. I particularly use it for social media posts. It shoots 1080p video at 60 frames per second (fps) for full-screen playback on your phone and TV. The digital lens is set to Wide to capture more of the scene in the frame.

In the standard preset, you get shortcuts to Lens, HyperSmooth, Clips, and Slo-Mo. You get access to all the lenses and can utilize HyperSmooth Boost here. Clips is great if you want preset video lengths of 15-30 seconds. Slo-Mo lets you toggle between 120-60FPS.

Activity Preset

The Activity Preset is useful to capture ultra immersive footage of pretty much any activity. It records 2.7K video at 60 fps with the SuperView digital lens. This gives your video the classic GoPro look with high-resolution full-screen playback.

The shortcuts you get on-screen include Lens, White Balance, ISO Max, and Slo-Mo (like the previous presets). The only difference here is that the Slo-Mo button which will toggle you between 30-60FPS (instead of 120-60FPS). Please note the Linear isn’t available at 60FPS in this mode. So, you’ll have to change to 30FPS if you want to switch to Linear.

Cinematic Preset

The Cinematic Preset lets you shoot stunning 4K videos at 30 fps. As the name suggests, this mode delivers a dramatic cinematic feel to your footage by using the Linear digital lens to smooth out the fish-eye effect. Cinematic Preset is my go-to preset for 3rd person and follow cam type shots.

The lens shortcut lets you switch between Wide and Linear, while the Slo-Mo shortcut allows you to quickly swap between 30 and 60FPS. Kindly note that 4K-60FPS Linear with HyperSmooth is not currently available. However, it may be released with a firmware update in future.


As the name suggests, the Slo-mo Preset lets you slow things down to 8x normal speed during playback. This preset records 1080p footage at 240 fps. It uses HyperSmooth 2.0 to deliver crystal clear ultra-slow motion shots with amazing details that you can’t see with the naked eye! Slo-mo is perfect for fast-action shots.

With this preset, you get Clips shortcut so that you can easily get 15 or 30 second short video clips for social media sharing.

Time Lapse Settings:

Time Warp 2.0 Preset

An advanced version of GoPro Time Warp, the Time Warp 2.0 is the default time lapse setting on the GoPro Hero 8 Black. This preset is for you if you want to capture a time lapse video while your camera is moving. It lets you speed up time while using the Hero 8 Black’s amazing HyperSmooth 2.0 image stabilization technology. With Time Warp 2.0, you’ll be able to capture ultra smooth time lapse video while you’re on the move. This makes it perfect for mountain bike runs, hikes, and more.

As default, Time Warp 2.0 captures 1080p HD video with the Wide angle lens of your Hero 8. It automatically adjusts your capture speed for the best results. If you want to put a special focus on a few interesting moments in the video, you also get the option to tap for slowing down a particular scene to real time and then tap again to speed it back up.

Time Lapse Preset

This preset is for those who want to capture time lapse video when the Hero 8 Black camera is mounted and still. It is a great mode to shoot sunrise/sunsets, horizon, clouds, street scenes, and similar shots that involve shooting for a long period of time.

gopro shooting time lapse video

When you select the ‘Time Lapse’ setting, your GoPro Hero 8 Black records 1080p video (as default) with the Wide digital lens while capturing one shot every 0.5 seconds.

Night Lapse Preset

As the name suggests, the Night Lapse preset is meant to capture time lapse video in dark and low light conditions with your Hero 8 Black. It automatically adjusts the camera’s shutter speed to let more light in and picks the interval that will give you the best results.

Night Lapse gopro hero 8 settings

GoPro Hero 8 Night Lapse shoots 1080p video with the Wide digital lens as default. Such shots are strictly for those occasions when your camera is stationary and held by a mount or a tripod.

Photo Settings:

Photo Preset

The Photo Preset lets you capture a single photo or a series of continuous photos. To capture a single photo, you need to make one single press of the Shutter button. when you press and hold the Shutter button, continuous photos at a rate of up to 30 per second will be captured. Using this mode, you can snap a photo using either timer mode, voice-control, or both. It is typically used to click selfies, photos with friends, or landscapes.

I usually turn RAW on white capturing photos, because I like to edit the pictures on a computer later for social media sharing. For those who don’t want to do editing, I recommend using SuperPhoto. For best results, keep White Balance at ‘Auto’ or ‘5500K’ for daylight photos, and ISO Min & ISO Max at ‘100’ to make the photo look super clean. In case of low-light photography, make sure that your camera is super-steady to avoid motion blur (especially if you’re using ISO Max at ‘100’ as suggested).

Burst Preset

Burst Preset lets you capture a series of photos at blistering rates (up to 30 photos in 1 second). This makes it perfect for fast-action shots where you’d like to pick and choose the perfect shot later.

The recommended settings for Burst mode are similar to the Photo Preset.

Night Preset

The Night Preset automatically adjusts your camera’s shutter speed to let in more light for your shot. It’s perfect for low-light or night scenes. But, it’s not recommended for handheld/mounted shots with a moving camera. You must ensure that your GoPro Hero 8 Black is still or mounted to a tripod.

When using the Night Photo Preset, I suggest that you capture a few test photos with different settings to have the perfect photo. In this preset, you get Shutter as a shortcut, because you need to adjust it depending on the available light. For example, to capture the stars, you should set the shutter speed at 30 seconds. Then you have ISO Min and Max. You need to sometimes set a high ISO to make sure the stars are captured properly. Last but not the least, White Balance is a must-have! Slide it according to your preference and see what suits you the best.


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GoPro Cheat Sheet: Suggested Settings for GoPro Hero 8

These are the best settings for capturing your favorite activities with GoPro’s Hero 8 Black.

#1. Air

The GoPro Hero8 Black can capture incredible aerial shots, be it from a drone or any other aircraft. Here are the settings to use for your next flight:

GoPro from Aircraft

Video Settings

  • 4K60, Wide Lens
  • 1080p120, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp 2.0 Video

Photo Settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (1-second interval) 1080p120, Wide Lens
  • Burst (30/3 Rate), Wide Lens

#2. Car

Mount your GoPro Hero 8 Black on the hood of your car and it’s time to hit the open road. As you drive, set up your camera with these suggested settings:

GoPro Car Mount

Video Settings

  • 2.7K60 4:3, Wide Lens
  • 1440p60, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp 2.0 Video

Photo Settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (5-second interval), Wide Lens

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#3. Bike

One great way of capturing and sharing the beautiful scenery on your biking trip is by attaching a GoPro Hero 8 camera. These are some useful settings to capture amazing shots while riding:


Video Settings

  • 2.7K60 4:3, Wide Lens
  • 1440p60, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp 2.0 Video

Photo Settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (5-second interval), Wide Lens

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#4. Indoor Use

You don’t need to be outdoors all the time with a GoPro. At home, you can still have fun and capture some great shots if you use these GoPro Hero 8 settings indoors:

Video Settings

  • 1440p30, Wide Lens
  • 1080p30, Wide Lens

Photo Settings

  • Photo or Continuous Photo, Wide Lens

#5. Selfie Shots

Selfies are an amazing way to capture our best moments as memories. But, don’t forget the GoPro’s recommended Hero 8 video and photo settings for perfect selfie shots that will be sure to create long-lasting memories!

GoPro Selfie Shot

Video Settings

  • 4K60 4:3, Narrow Lens
  • 1440p60, Narrow Lens

Photo Settings

  • Photo, Narrow Lens
  • SuperPhoto, Photo Timer

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#6. POV Shots

POV Shots: This is the best way to show how you see the world. Want some fabulous shots? Tweak these settings on your GoPro Hero 8 Black camera:

which gopros are waterproof

Video Settings

  • 1440p60, Wide Lens
  • 1440p120, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp 2.0 Video

Photo Settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (2-second interval), Wide Lens
  • Burst (30/3 Rate), Wide Lens

#7. Water

The GoPro Hero 8 Black is the perfect companion for all your underwater adventures, whether you are snorkeling, diving or surfing. Here’s what to do with the video and photo settings when using it in such scenarios:

Hero 7 Black

Video Settings

  • 4K60, Wide Lens
  • 1080p240, Wide Lens
  • 1440p60, Wide Lens

Photo Settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (2 or 5-second interval), Wide Lens
  • Burst (30/6 Rate), Wide Lens

#8. Snow

Snow, snow everywhere! The GoPro Hero 8 Black can capture those falling flakes in all their glory when you use these recommended video and photo settings:

GoPro Snow Shots

Video Settings

  • 4K60, Wide Lens
  • 1080p120, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp Video

Photo Settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (1-second interval), Wide Lens
  • Burst (30/3 Rate), Wide Lens

#9. Trail

With your GoPro Hero 8 Black, you can capture some amazing pictures/videos while out hiking on the most scenic trails. So next time you’re planning to go for a hike in one of these beautiful places, make sure that you use these settings:

Hiking with GoPro

Video Settings

  • 4K30 4:3, Wide Lens
  • 1440p60, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp Video

Photo Settings

  • Photo, Wide Lens


What Is The Best Resolution For GoPro 8?

The best resolution for the GoPro Hero 8 depends on what you plan to do with the footage. Here are some recommended resolutions for different scenarios:

  • For high-action sports and activities where you want to capture a lot of detail and motion, 4K at 60 frames per second (fps) or 1080p at 120 fps is a great option.
  • If you’re vlogging or filming yourself, 1080p at 60 fps or 2.7K at 60 fps can provide great quality footage without taking up too much storage space.
  • If you want to slow down footage in post-production, 1080p at 240 fps is the best option as it allows for slow-motion playback without losing quality.

The best resolution will depend on your specific needs and what you plan to do with the footage. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different resolutions and frame rates to find what works best for you. Check out the settings above to choose the one that fit your needs.

GoPro Resolutions

What is The Best FPS For GoPro 8?

The best FPS for GoPro 8 depends on the type of footage you want to capture. If you want to capture fast-moving action or sports, a higher FPS such as 60 or 120 frames per second (fps) is recommended. This will result in smoother footage and allow for slow-motion playback.

If you’re capturing more stationary scenes, 24 or 30 fps may be sufficient. It’s worth noting that higher frame rates also require more processing power and may result in larger file sizes. So, consider your device’s capabilities and storage space when choosing the FPS for your footage.

Ultimately, the best FPS for your GoPro 8 will depend on your specific needs and the type of footage you want to capture. Experimenting with different settings is a good way to find what works best for your particular situation.

image showing the frame rate menu on a GoPro display

What GoPro Hero 8 Settings Do You Choose?

There are many GoPro Hero 8 settings out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry! The 11 killer GoPro Hero 8 settings that we covered above should help simplify things for you a bit. These recommended settings will give you some ideas on what works best for different activities so that you can get the perfect shot every time without having to experiment too much with all of those other options yourself.

Keep in mind that the settings you choose will depend on the lighting conditions, the type of activity you’re filming, and personal preferences. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different settings and see what works best for you.

Also, don’t forget that the GoPro Hero 8 has many other features that can enhance your footage, such as HyperSmooth stabilization, TimeWarp, and SuperPhoto. So, make sure to explore these features and experiment with different combinations of settings to create stunning videos.

By using the recommended settings we covered and experimenting with different options, you can take full advantage of your GoPro Hero 8 and create amazing videos that capture your adventures in the best possible way.


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