If you’re someone who loves montar a caballo and capturing picturesque moments on your amazing journeys, one of the best tools for you is a GoPro camera. Top it up with a nice GoPro Bike Mount, and you’re in for a real joyride!

There are plenty of reasons why GoPro Bike Mounts could be necessary for you. These mounts firmly hold your camera and ensure that you have a comfortable ride. At the same time, you need not worry about missing those wonderful shots on your way.

GoPro Bike Mounts can be broadly classified into four categories:

  1. Handlebar Mounts,
  2. Seatpost Mounts,
  3. Clamp Mounts, &
  4. Helmet Mounts.

Read on to know more about each group and to learn which one is the best suited for you. I have also listed and reviewed the products that I recommend in each category.


GoPro Bike Handlebar Mounts

While riding your bike, you need to use your both hands to hold the bike for your own safety. So, how would you capture the footage of your amazing trip? Well, It’s not really a complicated question. GoPro Handlebar Bike Mount will do the job for you.

A handlebar mount is a great way to film your next ride. It fits right on the handlebar of your bike and lets you capture awesome shots. Here is the list of Top Handlebar Mounts in the market that I like.

#1: Soporte de manillar/poste de asiento/poste para GoPro | Soporte oficial para GoPro

Soporte para manillar/estribo/poste de GoPro...
2,426 Reviews
Soporte para manillar/estribo/poste de GoPro...
  • El diseño antideslizante con bisagras se instala en segundos y se sujeta a cualquier...
  • La base giratoria tiene una rotación de 360 grados con 16 posiciones seguras,...
  • La hebilla de montaje permite a los usuarios mover su cámara entre soportes sobre la marcha, permitiendo...

This GoPro official mount can be mounted to either handlebar or seatpost of your bike. It can also be used on a ski pole. This mount is superfácil de configurar y se sujeta a cualquier tubo de 0,35 a 1,4 pulgadas (9 a 35 mm) de diámetro. El sistema de durable design and construction ensures full protection to your GoPro. It minimizes vibrations, thereby helping you get perfect, shake-free footage. This mount also features a rotating base which supports 360 grados movimiento, lo que le garantiza un ángulo perfecto en todo momento.

#2: Mountain Bike Camera Handlebar Bike Mount by Forevercam

Mountain Bike Camera Handlebar,for...
1,338 Reviews
Mountain Bike Camera Handlebar,for...
  • High quality: CNC Aluminum alloy material bike mount,Waterproof Rustproof and...
  • Wide range: adapter is perfect for bicycling,moutain biking,motocross,water sports...
  • 360 degree rotation: standard rotatable gopro adapter, allows 360 degree rotation...

This GoPro handlebar mount by Forevercam is a perfect partner for your rides! Compatible with most action cameras in the market, this mount is water & rust-proof. It can be easily attached to any round or semi-round tube (22 – 34mm in diameter) such as seatpost, handlebars. With support to Rotación de 360 grados, this mount lets you take perfect shots from different angles.

#3: RAM Handlebar Rail Mount

RAM Handlebar Rail Mount, Zinc...
92 Comentarios
RAM Handlebar Rail Mount, Zinc...
  • U-Bolt Dimensions: 0.50 to 1.25-Inches
  • Material: High Strength Composite & Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Ball Size: 1-Inch Rubber Ball "B" Size

Made with high-strength, marine grade aluminum, RAM handlebar mount is a high-quality and durable mount. You can attach cualquier GoPro Hero series camera to it and it will work perfectly. This mount features a U-bolt base which can accommodate rails from 0.50 to 1.25 inches in diameter.

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GoPro Bike Seat Mounts

As the name suggests, GoPro Bike Seat Mounts are to be clamped on your bicycle seatpost. Such mounts are ideal for you if you want to capture mainly rearview shots. Here I have listed two of my favourite Bike Seat Mounts.

#1: GoPro Pro Seat Rail Mount

GoPro Pro Seat Rail Mount (All...
82 Reviews
GoPro Pro Seat Rail Mount (All...
  • All-Metal Mount - Light and durable aluminum construction.
  • Captures the Rearview - Clamps to most two-rail seat designs, enabling rear-facing...
  • Keeps a Low Profile - Compact, under-seat position makes this mount nearly invisible.

GoPro Seat Rail Mount is a perfect pick for you if you look forward to capture awesome rearview footage/pictures while you’re out on your biking adventure. This is a highly durable mount with all-metal construction. It is so fácil de instalar that you just need a single screw to mount it under your seat and you’re good to go! The positioning of this compacto y ligero mount is such that it is hardly noticeable on your bicycle, thereby helping you keep a low-profile.

#2: K-Edge Go BIG Pro Saddle Rail Camera Mount for GoPro

K-Edge Go BIG Pro Saddle Rail...
49 Reviews
K-Edge Go BIG Pro Saddle Rail...
  • K-EDGE Go BIG Pro Saddle Rail Camera Mount GoPro Garmin Shimano BLK

K-Edge Saddle Rail Mount locks your Go Pro securely under your bike seat. This fiable y sólido mount is surprisingly quick and fácil de colocar to your bike. The all-aluminum design of this mount enhances video clarity by ensuring a shake-free performance. It comes with excellent camera angle ajustabilidad feature to provide you the perfect angle for your shots and videos.

#3: GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount

GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount...
28,514 Reviews
GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount...
  • Perfect for bicycle seatposts and handlebars, ski poles and more
  • Fits 0.75” to 1.4” (19.5mm to 35.56mm) diameter tubes
  • Fits smaller .43" to 0.7" (11mm to 18mm) diameter tubes with included adapter

Whether you want to take front-facing shots, or you’d like to go for low-profile rearview shots, this mount has got you covered! GoPro handlebar seatpost mount has ability to mount on both handlebar and seatpost of your bike. It is superfácil to setup and clamps to any 0.43 to 1.4 inches (11 to 35.56mm) diameter tube. This mount features a 3-Way Pivot Arm, which allows for easy aiming, and a protective layer to prevent marring on mounting surface and enhance stability of footage.


GoPro Clamp Bike Mounts

GoPro Clamp Mounts can be clamped anywhere you think your shots and videos would look great! Whether it is your bike or your ski-pole, these mounts have a wide range of use. Below I have listed two Clamp Bike Mounts that I highly recommend you for your bicycle rides.

gopro clamp bike

#1: Heavy Duty Camera Handlebar Seat Post Clamp Mount

Heavy Duty Camera Handlebar Seat...
13 Reviews
Heavy Duty Camera Handlebar Seat...
  • Compatible with all GoPro Hero Session Pro Camera and 1/4-20 thread connection such...
  • Heavy Duty Glass Fiber Clamp Bar Clamp to ensure quality and durability: It would be...
  • 360 DEGREES adjustable Ball joints,you can easy to select the best visual angle and...

This highly durable clamp mount is constructed of heavy-duty glass fiber to ensure quality. Compatible with all GoPro cameras in addition to practically every action cam I can think of, it is extremely simple to clamp lock around the handlebar of your bike. In fact, it can be mounted to any round pipe with diameter in the range of 0.7-1.75 inches. This mount also boasts of 360 grados adjustable ball-joints for added estabilidad and flexibility to choose the best visual angle of your choice.

#2: GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

Go Pro Jaws: Flex Clamp (1865)
21 Reviews
Go Pro Jaws: Flex Clamp (1865)
  • Universal Jaws Clamp Mount

GoPro official mount: GoPro Flex Clamp has an innovative design that lets you connect your camera to a variety of objects (from 0.25 to 2 inches in diameter). This mount features ‘jaws’, that help in gripping irregular shapes and even super-slim objects like a pencil! It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and it’s Quick Release Bases make it easy to move camera between different mounts and locations.

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GoPro Bike Helmet Mount

Helmets are a MUST for your safety while you’re riding your bicycle. And what’s better than having a mount that attaches your GoPro right on that helmet of yours! Haga clic aquí. for an exhaustive list of Soportes para cascos superiores with detailed review of each.

Aquí está la reseña de mi favorito Soporte para casco GoPro.

Soporte frontal y lateral para casco GoPro

Soporte frontal y lateral para casco GoPro...
1,108 Reviews
Soporte frontal y lateral para casco GoPro...
  • Monta cualquier GoPro en la parte frontal o lateral de los cascos. Con el soporte giratorio incluido...
  • Solución versátil de montaje de cascos frontal y lateral.
  • Ofrece la máxima capacidad de ajuste para una gran variedad de tomas y ángulos de captura.

El soporte oficial para casco GoPro frontal+lateral es un de alta calidad montaje basado en cinta adhesiva que es compatible con todas las cámaras GoPro. Es ideal para el ciclismo y el motociclismo. Este soporte es una gran opción cuando se busca un durable soporte para casco. Como su nombre indica, se puede fijar a cualquiera de los dos frontal o lateral de su casco. El grado industrial, adhesivo impermeable garantiza que se pueda utilizar incluso en días de lluvia y con viento.

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