It’s quite a challenge to be able to take smooth and stable footage while zooming along the slopes. Therefore, if you want to capture some stunning shots of your snowboarding adventure, then having a GoPro Snowboard Chest Mount is the perfect option for you. It will let you achieve incredibly stable, shake-free, and professional-looking POV shots of your snowboarding action.

In this post, you’ll discover the 7 best GoPro Snowboard Chest Mounts and their detailed reviews. By the end, you should be able to decide on your preferred option to start capturing your snowboarding footage like a pro!

So, let’s get started!

gopro snowboard chest mount


7 Best GoPro Snowboard Chest Mounts

Here are the seven best Snowboard Chest Mounts for Incredible POV Shots:

#1: GoPro Chesty – Performance Chest Mount

GoPro Performance Chest Mount (All...
4,990 Reviews
GoPro Performance Chest Mount (All...
  • Lightweight, flexible construction balances comfort and performance
  • ​Padded and breathable materials stay comfortable during any activity
  • ​Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and over heavy winter jackets

This GoPro official Chest Mount is probably the best choice for you if you’re looking for a comfortable chest mount to capture the POV footage of your snowboarding action. This mount excels in the three important things that are a must for a good chest mount:  adjustability, comfort & durability.

Made up of breathable and lightweight materials, the GoPro Performance Chest Mount is padded and flexible. It can easily adjust according to the body type of the individual wearing it. Overall, a wonderful option for effortless capture of immersive, hands-free POV shots of your memorable moments along the hill slopes.

#2: Sametop Chest Mount Harness Chesty Strap

Sametop Chest Strap Mount Harness...
  • 【First Person View】Enjoy the excitement from first person view by using this...
  • 【Fully Adjustable】This chesty is fully adjustable and comfortable enough as well...
  • 【Convenient to Use】You can mount the camera upright or upside down to get a...

The Sametop Chest Mount Harness is a perfect fit for those who want an extremely lightweight GoPro chest mount for snowboarding. With this mount, you can shoot your amazing stunts from the best possible angles. You get two options – either keep your GoPro mounted upright or upside down. So, you can get a realistic view of below the helmet footage while snowboarding.

This chest mount by Sametop is super-lightweight, yet durable and steady. It’s flexible and can adjust to almost all chest sizes. To sum up, this one is a highly recommended Snowboard Chest Mount that’s compatible with all GoPro cameras.

#3: MiPremium Chest Mount Harness

MiPremium Chest Mount Harness...
  • ►【FULLY ADJUSTABLE - ONE SIZE FITS ALL】 Our chest mount harness is elastic and...
  • ►【MADE OF DURABLE NYLON MATERIAL & POLYCARBONATE】Light weight, portable and...

Another wonderful option – the MiPremium Chest Mount offers your GoPro a firm and secure grip and lets you achieve incredibly stable POV footage of your snowboarding adventure. So, you can enjoy your thrilling hillside adventures hands-free. One great thing about this chest mount is that it comes with a J hook for quick in-out of your GoPro camera.

The MiPremium Chest Mount is made of lightweight and durable nylon material. It is adjustable to all body types and compatible with all GoPro Hero cams. In the package, you get a J hook, a thumbscrew & a Direct attachment Mount

#4: AmazonBasics Chest Mount Harness

Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest...
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras including GoPro HERO6, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session,...
  • Fully adjustable; fits a wide range of adult sizes
  • Chest harness for mounting any quick-release GoPro camera at chest level

The AmazonBasics Chest Mount Harness for GoPro Camera is a tough yet comfortable gear for your action along the snow-covered slopes. Thanks to the super-adjustable straps, this chest mount is adjustable to almost all body types.

The AmazonBasics Chest Mount Harness works wonders even on rough terrains and offers an unrestricted view without giving you a reason to worry about the camera falling off. Overall, a great accessory to capture fantastic snowboarding footage from varied angles.

#5: CamKix Chest Mount Harness

CamKix Chest Mount Harness...
  • IDEAL FOR USE DURING ACTION SPORTS: Great for skiing, snowboarding, cycling,...

The CamKix Chest Mount Harness is a great choice for sports enthusiasts who are looking for a chest mount at a reasonable price point. This chest mount enables you to make some stunning action videos of your snowboard adventures.

The CamKix Chest Mount Harness is lightweight and durable. Its fully padded design makes it super comfortable and the included J hook helps the unit curve up to obtain varied angles. This mount is adjustable to all body types and is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

#6: Neewer 50-In-1 GoPro Accessory Kit with Chest Mount

Neewer 50 in 1 Action Camera...
46,458 Reviews
Neewer 50 in 1 Action Camera...
  • Ultimate Compatibility: Compatible with most action cameras, including GoPro Hero10,...
  • Straps for Head, Chest & Helmet: Designed for all head sizes and body shapes, the...
  • Wrist Strap & Floating Handle Grip: The wrist strap with a 360° rotatable mount is...

This 50-in-one Kit by Neewer is an awesome, multi-purpose product that has a lot to offer for everyone. Use it for all your thrilling adventures including snowboarding. Included in this kit are lots of mounts, straps, and harnesses to keep your GoPro secure while you are making some amazing memories. Here are all these inclusions:

  • Elastic Wrist Strap with Mount that can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Car Suction Cup Mount to mount your cam to any smooth surface.
  • Mini Tripod is compatible with smartphones.
  • Selfie Stick to take pictures and videos at varied angles.
  • Fully adjustable Head Strap and Chest Strap.

Since we’re talking about chest straps here, I would say that the quality of the strap is amazing. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality kit that solves multiple purposes for you, then the Neewer 50-In-1 GoPro Accessory Kit is definitely worth buying!

#7: ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and Head Mount Bundle

ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and...
17 Reviews
ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and...
  • -Attention Sellers- ProGear Only
  • Designed For Kids And Juniors, Durable And Comfortable
  • Head Mount And Chest Mount, Both Fully Adjustable

So, does your little one love snowboarding too? If yes, then you should really consider having this accessory. The ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and Head Mount Bundle allows your kid to capture their fun-filled snowboarding moments. It is specifically designed for juniors from age 3-14 years.

The ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and Head Mount Bundle is compatible with all GoPro cameras and is super comfy for your kid.



Here are the answers to some questions that you might have in mind regarding GoPro Snowboard Chest Mounts:

Q.1: How to wear and set up a GoPro Snowboard Chest Mount?

A: When you’re all set for snowboarding, it’s time to wear the GoPro snowboard chest mount for recording the awesome footage of your adventure. All you need to do is to unclip the mount, slip in the straps like a vest with the mount facing towards the front and then clip it back. You can then adjust the straps according to your body type. Lastly, you need to attach the camera to the mounting point located at the center. That’s it! You’re good to go.

Q.2: How to use a GoPro Snowboard Chest Mount?

A: After attaching the GoPro to the mount, you can adjust the angles (upwards or downwards) according to your shot requirements.

Q.3: Where to buy GoPro Snowboard Chest Mount?

A: You can buy the reviewed GoPro Chest mounts from Amazon or from the official GoPro website (only for original GoPro products).


Final Words

All the above-mentioned chest mounts for snowboarding are some of the best options available on the market. But, if you want to cut the chase and simply go for the best, then the GoPro Performance Chest Mount is, undoubtedly, the ideal choice for you.

For those who are looking for a snowboard chest mount at a reasonable price point, the CamKix Chest Mount Harness is a wonderful choice at a budget price.


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