Designed specifically for the DJI Ronin M, the DJI Intelligent battery boasts an impressive capacity of 1580mAh, a voltage of 14.4V, and some pretty useful power management functions. When fully charged, it offers a maximum run-time of three hours.

In this post, you’ll learn all about the DJI Ronin M Battery – its runtime, parts, and some common issues with it.


DJI Ronin M Battery: Specifications

Here are the main specs of the Ronin M battery:

  • Manufacturer: DJI
  • Compatible With: DJI Ronin M
  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 6.69 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Type: LiPo (Lithium Polymer)
  • Capacity: 14.4V, 1580mAh
  • Run Time: 3 Hours
  • Charging Environment Temperature: 0-40 Degrees Celsius
  • Operating Environment Temperature: -10-40 Degrees Celsius
  • Charging/Discharging Environment Relative Humidity: 80%

DJI CP.ZM.000226 Ronin Intelligent Battery, Black
  • 1580mAh Capacity
  • Lasts up to Three Hours
  • Overcharge and Over Draw Protection

Ronin M BatteryDuration

With the 1580mAh 4S smart battery fully charged, the Ronin-M can run for over 3 hours, depending on the attached camera rig and gimbal usage. The battery will power the Ronin M for up to three hours, with power remaining on LED indicators and in the Assistant mobile app.

Overall, the Battery life on the Ronin M is pretty good! Let’s suppose you go out on a shoot where the gimbal and camera are off for 50% of the time, then you won’t even need to buy extra batteries. I’ve been out for over 8 hours shooting video and still came back with 25% battery left over.

The approximate charging time of the Ronin M battery is about one hour. And, when it’s fully charged, it fits on the gimbal’s backside acting as a counterweight. However, please note that you should only charge the DJI Intelligent Battery with DJI approved charger for best performance.

Here’s the DJI approved Ronin M Battery Charger that you should use to charge the Ronin M Battery:

DJI Part 46 57W Battery Charger for Ronin Series Intelligent Battery
  • Use for charging 15.2V 4350mAh Ronin Battery Only
  • Not compatible with the 14.8V 3400mAh Ronin Battery
  • Not compatible with the 14.4V 1540mAh Ronin Battery


Intelligent Features

The DJI Ronin M Intelligent battery features smart circuitry that prevents overcharging. Therefore, you don’t need a separate balance connector. It automatically balances the voltage of each battery cell during charging and displays current battery levels.

The charging stops automatically once the battery voltage reaches 16.8V to prevent damage due to overcharging. The battery discharging also stops automatically once the battery voltage reaches 12V to prevent damage due to over-discharge. It automatically cuts the power supply when a short circuit is detected. Lastly, Sleep mode is activated after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power.

DJI CP.ZM.000226 Ronin Intelligent Battery, Black
  • 1580mAh Capacity
  • Lasts up to Three Hours
  • Overcharge and Over Draw Protection

Common Issues Reported By Users of Ronin M Battery

As seen on Amazon reviews, a lot of users of the Ronin M battery have reported an annoying issue of the battery refusing to charge sometimes. Another main problem with the replacement Ronin M battery seems to be the fact that an ‘Error code’ appears when I turn on Ronin. It says that the battery is not authentic.

However, all of these issues have been reported with the replacement batteries. The original Ronin M battery that you get in the package works fine. We hope that DJI addresses this issue with the replacement Ronin M batteries soon so that the end-user doesn’t have to face such problems.

DJI Ronin M battery


How Do I Get My Ronin-M Battery Out of Hibernation?

To wake up a hibernating Ronin-M battery, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the battery to the Ronin-M battery charger. Make sure the charger is plugged into a power source.
  2. The battery may not immediately show any signs of charging (no LED indicators) as it wakes up from hibernation mode. Leave the battery connected to the charger for about 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. After some time, the battery should wake up and begin charging. The LED indicators will light up, showing the battery’s charging progress.
  4. Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger and reattach it to the Ronin-M gimbal to test its functionality.

It is important to note that leaving a battery in storage for extended periods without use can result in the battery entering hibernation mode to protect itself from damage due to over-discharge. To prevent this issue, it is recommended to charge and discharge your Ronin-M batteries every few months, even when not in use. This will help maintain the battery’s overall health and longevity.


What Battery Is The Best For Your Ronin M?

Overall, the original Ronin M Battery is the best for your Ronin M gimbal. It performs exceptionally well, and we personally never faced any issue with it. It has a good enough battery life for long shoots. So, I would highly recommend this product (based on my own experience).

However, it’s also true that a few users have reported charging issues on the replacement DJI Ronin M battery. Hopefully, DJI resolves this issue soon.



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