What does GoPro aspect ratio change and which one to choose?

In today’s article, you’ll learn about GoPro’s aspect ratios for all the recent models, from Hero 7 to Hero 12.

You’ll discover when to activate the 4:3, 16:9, or 8:7 aspect ratios.


GoPro Aspect Ratio: Comparison 

To begin with, watch this video where I explain what aspect ratio & resolution are the best for GoPros:

Qual resolução e proporção da GoPro você deve usar? 5 dicas

Here is the comparison table of GoPro sensor size, resolution, aspect ration for the recent GoPro models.

Modelo GoProRelação de aspetoTamanho do sensorResolução de vídeoResolução de fotografiasAbertura
GoPro Hero 12 Preto16:9, 9:16, 8:7, 4:31/1.9″5.3K6027MPf/2.5
GoPro Hero 11 Preto9:16, 8:7, 4:31/1.9″5.3K6027MPf/2.5
GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini9:16, 8:7, 4:31/1.9″5.3K6024.7MP (no Photo mode, only photo-frame grabs from video)f/2.5
GoPro Hero 10 Preto4:3, 16:191/2.3″5.3K6023MPf/2.5
GoPro Hero 9 Preto4:3, 16:191/2.3″5K3020MPf/2.5
GoPro Max16:91/2.3″ (Dual)5.6K30Spherical: 16.6MP, HERO: 5.5MP, Panoramic: 6.2MPf/2.0
GoPro Hero 8 Preto4:3, 16:191/2.3″4K6012MPf/2.8
GoPro Hero 7 Preto4:3, 16:191/2.3″4K6012MPf/2.8

4:3 GoPro Aspect Ratio 

The 4:3 aspect ratio resembles a square shape, reminiscent of the image format seen on older square TVs and is commonly used in most non-widescreen TV broadcasts.

This ratio offers a taller field of view, making it ideal for close-up action shots where you might want to capture more of the action, like your hands, in the frame.

Rácio de aspeto gopro

In simple terms, 16:9 and 4:3 have the same width, but 16:9 has the top and bottom trimmed, making it not wider, but shorter.

This means 4:3 grabs more of the scene, which you can later trim down to 16:9, giving you the same outcome as if you started with 16:9.

Plus, you get to decide how to crop it, allowing you to keep more of the top or bottom based on your preferred composition.

When To Use 4:3

  • Post-Production Flexibility: Shooting in 4:3 gives you more room to crop and adjust the framing in post-production. This is especially handy if you’re unsure of the final output format or want to create different versions of your content for various platforms.
  • Fotografias POV: For point-of-view shots where you want to capture more of the environment above and below your subject, such as skiing or mountain biking, the 4:3 aspect ratio can provide a more immersive experience.
  • Aerial Footage: When using a drone or capturing landscapes, the 4:3 aspect ratio can provide a broader vertical field of view, showcasing more of the environment above and below the horizon line.

16:9 GoPro Aspect Ratio 

The 16:9 aspect ratio, typical of most widescreen TVs, offers a rectangular shape that captures a broader field of view, perfect for expansive landscape shots.

Read the following article to connect your GoPro to a TV>>>

This format utilizes a smaller portion of the sensor, which allows the GoPro to maneuver it more efficiently, potentially offering an even wider field of view than the 4:3 ratio, especially with features like autoboost on the HERO 11.

Indeed, 16:9 supports higher refresh rates due to lower data rates.

For instance, while 4k in 4:3 captures 12 million pixels, 4k in 16:9 captures 8 million pixels.

gopro aspect ratios

When To Use 16:9

16:9 aspects ratio is perfect for social media:

  • Control Over Final Look: By cropping to 9:16 yourself, you maintain control over the final presentation, rather than relying on social media platforms’ automatic cropping, which might not align with your vision.
  • For YouTube Shorts: Filming in 9:16 is essential as YouTube automatically identifies this aspect ratio for its Shorts feed. Videos in other ratios might be uploaded as regular content unless manually converted to Shorts, where YouTube crops them to 9:16.
  • Optimal for Instagram: The 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for Instagram reels and stories, ensuring your content fits perfectly without any unwanted cropping.

Changing Aspect Ratio with the Quik App

gopro logótipo da aplicação quik

o Aplicativo GoPro Quik for phones includes a Lens Tool, enabling post-production changes between Digital Lens options for footage shot on HERO 11 Black or HERO 11 Black Mini. This feature allows you to shift focus from worrying about capture settings to concentrating on capturing immersive shots.

For example, a ski run shot in HyperView can be edited to a Linear Digital Lens for a less distorted 16:9 video or even adjusted to a 4:3 aspect ratio while maintaining the Linear perspective.

The Lens Tool is applicable to content captured with HERO 12 Black, HERO 11 Black or HERO 11 Black Mini and does not support older GoPro models, smartphone, DSLR content, or frame grabs within the Quik app.

o Lens Tool is most versatile with 16:9 HyperView and 8:7 Wide, allowing edits to less distorted lens options or different aspect ratios.

Available on both iOS and Android, the Lens Tool is accessible by editing a photo or video and selecting the “Lens” option, which lets you toggle between Linear, Wide, SuperView, and HyperView based on the original clip’s Digital Lens setting.

However, it’s not always possible to switch from a Linear 4:3 capture to HyperView, as Quik will gray out incompatible settings.


8:7 GoPro Aspect Ratio

o HERO 12 Preto /HERÓI 11 Black e HERO 11 Black Mini apresentar um sensor grande capable of capturing in an 8:7 aspect ratio. All the previous GoPro models don’t have this aspect ratio.


  • Taller Images: The 8:7 aspect ratio captures more of the scene at the top and bottom, ideal for videos and photos.
  • Perfect for Selfies and POV: Especially beneficial for selfies or first-person point-of-view footage.
  • High-Resolution Photos: Allows for photo capture at up to 27MP.
  • HyperView Digital Lens: Unlocks HyperView as an additional Digital Lens option.

lapso de noite de pintura ligeira

Used in the Following Photo Modes

  • foto
  • Explodido
  • Foto nocturna
  • Foto de lapso de tempo
  • Foto com lapso noturno

Por vídeo, the 8:7 aspect ratio can be selected in Pro Controls Video at these resolutions and frame rates:

  • 5.3K at 30 or 24 fps
  • 4K at 60 fps (with 30 and 24 fps also supported on the HERO12 Black)

The HERO 12 Black allows for 8:7 video in both High- and Standard-Quality Video modes when using Easy Controls.

The HERO 12 Black is set to Easy Controls mode by default, simplifying your choices to just the amount of Slo-Mo, the Digital Lens, and the Aspect Ratio you prefer. Although Easy Controls is the standard setting, you have the flexibility to switch it off or revert to it after exploring Pro Controls.



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