To shoot stable videos with GoPro in rapidly moving scenarios, like while driving, biking, paragliding etc., you need a rock-solid mount. However, with so many GoPro mounts out there, it’s hard to choose which one you need. There are different types of GoPro mounts, such like GoPro magnetic mount, suction cups, adhesive mounts, clamps, and so on…

I find GoPro magnetic mounts to be quite solid and versatile on my day to day shootings… So, in this article I review some of the best GoPro Magnetic Mounts currently available in the market.

Magnetic mounts, as the name suggests, have a built-in magnet that firmly sticks to metal objects. These mounts let you attach your GoPro to a wide range of metallic objects, whether it’s a car, paraglider, gym equipment, or even an aircraft.

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5 Best GoPro Magnetic Mounts

Here are the reviews of the five best GoPro Magnetic Mounts that I recommend.

#1. The Accessory Pro Magnetic Mount

The Accessory Pro Magnetic Mount...
28 Reviews
The Accessory Pro Magnetic Mount...
  • The Accessory Pro brand product, made to be compatible with GoPro cameras.
  • 100+ mph speeds / Small Aircraft Speeds *always use a safety tether with magnetic...
  • Magnet mount is compatible with all cameras

Compatible with all GoPro cameras, the Accessory Pro Magnetic Mount is a high-quality mount that can withstand speeds as high as 100+ mph! This capability lets you attach it to any flat magnetic surface without fear of the camera falling off, like your car, heavy machinery, rails, poles or small, low-speed aircraft etc.

It is highly recommended that you always use a safety tether with magnetic mounts for the safety of your camera. This mount comes with one in the kit.  Also, since this magnet mount is strong, you are advised to use caution when applying and removing.

#2. RIDIC Accessories Rubber Coated Magnet Mount

Rubber Coated Magnet Mount...
248 Reviews
Rubber Coated Magnet Mount...
  • Mount your action camera to any magnetic surface
  • Rubber coating will protect mounting surface from damage
  • 40 pound pull force

Like the other GoPro magnet mounts, the RIDIC Accessories Rubber Coated Magnet Mount lets you mount your GoPro action camera to any magnetic surface. One special feature of this mount is that it has a rubber coating which protects the mounting surface from damage. So, you don’t have to worry about scratching your paint job, whether it’s on a car or any other well-painted surface. The protective rubber coating also prevents magnet mount from slipping.

Made with aluminum alloy, this Rubber Coated Magnet Mount has an amazing 40 pound pull force. So, you can use it even at incredibly high-speeds without worry. The mount is compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras.

#3. GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip

GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip -...
506 Reviews
GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip -...
  • Easily clip your GoPro to backpack strap, furniture and more to capture unique...
  • Built-in magnet sticks to metal objects—like appliances or gym equipment—to give...
  • 360 swivel lets you turn the camera to frame the perfect shot

The official GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip is a unique magnet mount for GoPro. It features a magnetic swivel clip which can be used on metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces. You can easily clip your GoPro to your backpack strap, furniture and other GoPro gear, or use the magnet and stick it to metal surfaces, like appliances, gym equipment etc. The 360-degree swivel allows you to turn the GoPro to the desired angle and frame the perfect shot!

Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras, this mount is very compact and can easily fit inside your bag, making it perfect for your on-the-go adventures.

#4. Forevercam Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Camera Mount and Magnetic...
199 Reviews
Magnetic Camera Mount and Magnetic...
  • Brand New Combination Of a Mini Ball Head And Magnetic Foot! Gopro Car Mount Outside...
  • Use Gopro Car Mount Clip Together Or Use Gopro Car Mount Clamp On Their Own! Great...
  • Gopro Car Mount Exterior Allows You To Use This As a Mini Stand To Attachdji Osmo...

Another unique GoPro magnet mount, the Forevercam Magnetic Mount features a mini-ball head along with a magnetic foot. The mounting provided by this product is super-strong, and the camera position is very flexible and easy to change. It has a rubber pad on the bottom that prevents any damage to the surface of the object on which it’s mounted.

This magnet mount is highly customizable and, thus, is compatible with a wide range of compact and lightweight cameras, including all GoPros.

#5. MEINUOKE Magnetic Mount for Paragliding

Paragliding/Paramotor Kite...
4 Reviews
Paragliding/Paramotor Kite...
  • flexible strong magnets dic.
  • adjustable mounting system.
  • waterproof Construction.

The MEINUOKE Magnetic Mount for GoPro is a superb, flexible mount that  provides you endless new possibilities to shoot the action of your exciting adventures from varied angles. With two flexible discs and super-strong magnets (4 per disc), you can be sure that your GoPro is in safe hands. You no more need to worry about your camera falling down.

The position of this mount can be easily adjusted on any sail, tarp, backpack, harness, strap clothes, car, motorcycle or other hard, flexible surfaces. It has a waterproof construction. You can easily use it for kiteboarding, skydiving, paragliding, car and other ferruginous surfaces. So, with this mount, get ready to discover an entirely new dimension of action shooting!

Which Mount Should You Choose?

All of the above GoPro magnetic mounts are strong, versatile and really great contenders out there, if you’re looking for a quality magnet mount for your GoPro camera. However, your decision to buy a GoPro magnetic mount should be based on the purpose you want it for.

For those who want a multipurpose mount that can be clipped to the backpack strap or any metallic surface, the GoPro official Magnetic Swivel Clip is a good choice. For those who want a GoPro mount for their car, all the accessories mentioned above should work fine. Just make sure to use caution when applying and removing, to avoid any damage to the mounting surface. Lastly, if you want a GoPro mount specifically for things like paragliding, parasailing or skydiving, the MEINUOKE Magnetic Mount is the best option!


Enjoy your GoPro adventures!

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