GoPro Lights are a must to achieve high quality footage (free of noise) with your GoPro in low-light scenarios and during night time. These lights come with a mount that you can use to attach them easily to your camera. In this article I will explain you why lights are so important for capturing high quality footage. Then I will provide you a review of the best LED lights for GoPro out there.

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Why You Should Use Lights

In low light situations, your GoPro videos may turn out noisy or grainy in the shadows, resulting in a low quality video. That’s where GoPro Light come in. By using LED lights you can illuminate your subject with wide, smooth, even light and capture ultra crisp footage, and forget about noise forever.


Best GoPro LED Light Mounts (Waterproof)

There is a large variety of GoPro light mounts available in the market. Here are our top picks in the category of Waterproof LED Light Mounts that you can attach to your GoPro for smooth, stable and grain-free low light shots:

#1: GoPole Flare – Waterproof LED Light

Flare – the waterproof LED light by GoPole is a quality product that can be attached at the side of your GoPro to lighten up the area around.

GOPOLE Flare - Waterproof LED Light
65 Reviews
GOPOLE Flare - Waterproof LED Light
  • 300 lumen output
  • Waterproof 98'/30m
  • 3 Modes - 100% brightness, 50% brightness, strobe

 What we like:  Flare is a lightweight and durable LED light offering good brightness (300 lumen output). You have the option of 3 light modes to choose from: 100% brightness, 50% brightness & strobe. Being waterproof (up to 98’/30m), Flare is also a great diving companion for you. You can use it either by attaching it directly to your GoPro, or by fixing it with any GoPro mount to create an individual fill light for your shots.

 What we don’t like:  Although the light works great, the mount seems a little fragile.

#2: High Power Dimmable Waterproof LED Video | Hongdak

This waterproof LED light mount by Hongdak is ideal for those who want wide compatibility: GoPro as well as other action cameras, like Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.

Underwater Lights Dive Light...
89 Reviews
Underwater Lights Dive Light...
  • 1.Widely used: Perfect compatibility with Hero 8, Hero 7 Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 2018,...
  • 2.Wide Angle Lighting - This light mount, illuminates at wide angle at 400 Lumens...
  • 3.Multi-Functional: You can use this Fill Night Light when you hiking, camping,...

 What we like:  Made up of stainless steel & durable PC material, Hongdak LED light is rust-proof. It can be used for deep sea diving (up to 147’/45m). This product achieves an awesome brightness of 400 lumens and illuminates a wide angle, which means the entire GoPro field of vision has proper lighting. You can attach it directly to your GoPro or GoPro mounts for amazing night or low-light shots of your favourite escapades.

 What we don’t like:  It is a bright, durable light which works fine, other than the fact that some users have complained of the included bracket being hard to tighten.

#3:  Flash Dimmable 20 LED 700LM Waterproof (131ft/40m) | Neewer

If you need an ultra-bright light for underwater shooting while you dive or snorkel, this waterproof LED light by Neewer is perfect for you.

Neewer Waterproof Up to 131ft/40m...
403 Reviews
Neewer Waterproof Up to 131ft/40m...
  • Waterproof up to 131feet/40m. Try and test it; Please DO NOT use the diving light in...
  • 3 color filter are included. White, orange and purple color filters meet your harsh...
  • Wide-angle, 700 lumens max. 5500K 20 LEDs. Three lighting mode, high/low light and...

 What we like:  Waterproof up to 131’/40m, this LED light is super bright (700 lumens output) and easy to assemble. It is useful to take vibrant underwater shots with three color filters included: White, orange and purple. You also have a choice of three lighting modes: high, low light and SOS. With a wide angle, you can light up the whole surrounding area. You can attach the integrated mount to all GoPro cameras.

 What we don’t like:  While the superb brightness and addition of three color filters make it an impressive product, it lags behind in build quality.

#4:  Dive Light 84 LED High Power Dimmable LED Video | Suptig

This high power, dimmable LED light by Suptig is another product with great compatibility to all GoPro and GoPro-like action cameras.

Suptig Underwater Lights Dive Light...
467 Reviews
Suptig Underwater Lights Dive Light...
  • Perfectly compatible:Suptig underwater lights For Canon slr camera Nikon slr camera...
  • 164ft Waterproof(50M): Suptig underwater lights can waterproof 164ft(50M), You can...
  • Built-in lithium battery: Use The 2600Mha lithium battery, You can use the Micro USB...

 What we like:  The stainless steel body makes this LED light ultra-durable. Being waterproof (up to 164’/50m), this light is an ideal choice for diving and it won’t rust even if used in deep sea. With 84 LEDs and wide angle light (5000lux), it brightens up the entire place. This product also features four lighting modes: high light, mid light, low light and SOS mode.

 What we don’t like:  It is not a very well-designed product, and the light is heavy & prone to malfunction underwater.


Bike Light GoPro Mount

Biking can be thrilling & fun at night. To capture amazing low-light footage of your biking adventures through GoPro, Bike Light Mounts prove to be the solution. These mounts help to securely attach your bike light to enable great shots with your GoPro. Here are my favourite ones in this category…

#1:  GoPro Mount for Urban Bike Lights | Light & Motion

This product from Light & Motion is a great choice to transform your urban bike light into a GoPro compatible light.

Light & Motion GoPro Mount for...
91 Reviews
Light & Motion GoPro Mount for...
  • Converts Light & Motion Urban bike lights into a GoPro compatible setup
  • Simple and Secure Mounting Design
  • Great for a low profile bike helmet setup

 What we like:  Compatible with all Light & Motion Urban and Deckhand lights, this product has a simple and secure mounting design. This is an excellent solution for your GoPro helmet mount as it makes an amazing low profile bike helmet setup.

 What we don’t like:  The only minor drawback of this product is that you have to use pliers to get it tightened, which can be a bit of a hassle.

#2:  Bicycle Flashlight Holder with GoPro Type Mount

This bicycle flashlight holder by Ztto can be attached to any GoPro bike mount when your camera is not attached to it.

No products found.

 What we like:  Compatible with nearly all kinds of flashlight or torch, it takes just one minute to install bike light with your bike using this mount. This mount is made of fine quality plastic because of which it is lightweight and durable.

 What we don’t like:  You have to really tighten the mount screw so that the light doesn’t vibrate and move from the place where it is set.


GoPro Light Mounts & Accessories

Following are two other great GoPro Light Mounts and Accessories that I recommend, with their reviews:

#1:  Light Adapter Cold Shoe Mount | Suptig

Light Adapted Cold Shoe Mount by Suptig is a useful mount to attach Suptig or other LED light to your GoPro or even your DSLR.

Suptig Mount Light Adapter Cold...
222 Reviews
Suptig Mount Light Adapter Cold...
  • Multiple applications:Perfectly compatible For Canon Nikon SLR camera and Other SLR...
  • Small size big use: With this cold shoe mount adapter, you can easily connect Suptig...
  • Excellent Craftsmanship:Highly durable PC material + stainless steel production,...

 What we like:  This mount has a great compatibility with all major GoPro and other action cameras, DSLRs and LED lights. It has a durable PC material and stainless steel body, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting even if you use it for deep sea diving. Its excellent craftsmanship makes it very convenient to set up.

 What we don’t like:  Although it’s quite an innovative product, the build quality of this mount could be better.

#2: Aluminum Case for GoPro Hero 8 Black with LED Light Socket | Deyard

If you need a durable, all-metal case for your GoPro Hero camera with an LED Light Socket, this product by Deyard is a great option.

Deyard Aluminum Alloy Case...
2,589 Reviews
Deyard Aluminum Alloy Case...
  • Upgraded compatible with GoPro Hero 8 model. Perfectly protect your GoPro Hero 8...
  • Made of aluminum alloy CNC injection molded, durable and sturdy, stable deformation....
  • Integrated design, easy to install and remove. Includes ultra-compact mounting.

 What we like:  Made of aluminum alloy, this mount is solid and sturdy. It is basically a protective case for your GoPro which has a hot shoe design that can be used to connect a fill light to your camera. It is perfect for skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking, motocross, climbing and other action sports.

 What we don’t like:  This is a solid and highly rated product with no major drawbacks.


3 Tips for Shooting in Low Light

Shooting smooth and grain-free footage in low light is an art. Here are three important tips that you can use to become a pro in capturing amazing low light shots.

  1. Boost your light source: Adding another light source can be very effective in improving the quality of your shots.
  2. Slow camera movements: In low light, you must keep your camera movement slow and even.
  3. Stabilize your GoPro: Rather than EIS, using a gimbal can help in achieving the desired stabilization of your GoPro for smooth, shake-free shots.


👉 For an in-depth tutorial on how to shoot quality shots in low light, Click here.