GoPro brings you another amazing mount, adding to the wide range of existing fabulous gears. GoPro NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Mount is especially designed for military and civil services for documenting their day to-day experiences, in a simple way to keep them and others well informed.

These gears ensure support to their rigorous night time requirements by providing support in covering some of the best military action. They are being widely used all around the world. Apart from recording hands-free high quality footage, these mounts help in documentary videos from the soldier or service person’s perspective.

Let’s have a look at some great NVG Mounts available in market today…


Review of the Best 3 GoPro NVG Military Mounts

#1: GoPro Night Vision Goggle Mount | GoPro Official Mount

GoPro Official Night Vision Goggle Mount is clearly a strong, durable and high quality mount coming directly from the house of GoPro. It works well with police, military and other civil service helmets equipped with standard NVG mounting plates.

GoPro Night Vision Google Mount...
  • Compatible with helmets outfitted with an NVG mounting plate
  • Allows for low-profile, ultra compact mounting

 What we like:  The GoPro official NVG mount is a light-weight, waterproof gear. It is compatible with almost all GoPros. The compact size and easy installation makes it famous among professional athletes and TV production companies as well. This mount is extremely durable and serves a useful purpose in documenting military and other experiences which not only keep related people informed but also save lives.

 What we don’t like:  This mount is a little expensive than the other options available. It does work well in high speeds but, can snap off quickly if you happen to push it or apply some pressure on it.

#2: Pro Aluminum NVG Mount for GoPro | Nat

The Pro Aluminium NVG Mount by Nat is excellent when it comes to its construction. It is solid and sturdy and ensures stable, smooth footage. The adhesive foam pad makes is super comfortable to wear.

The Accessory Pro Aluminum NVG...
  • The Accessory Pro brand product, made to be used with GoPro cameras.
  • NVG mount is CNC machined aluminum.
  • Fit OPS CORE style NVG mount base.

 What we like:  A nice, solid, black metal mount which enables you to record some great shake-free videos. It is compatible with almost all GoPros and fits well to all helmets equipped with a NVG plate. The design helps in maintaining a low profile and filming high quality output even in most extreme conditions.

 What we don’t like:  It works great with compact cams but might be a little uncomfortable when using heavier equipment.

#3: Helmet Night Vision Goggle NVG Mount | Focus Revision

Looking for a NVG Mount with good adjustability and great fit. Then, this Helmet Night Vision Goggle Mount by Focus Revision is a perfect choice for you.

FOCUS REVISION Paintball Airsoft...
  • Made of aluminium alloy material, the mount holder is durable and lightweight.Mount...
  • Fit OPS CORE style and most of the NVG mount base.Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • No tools required, it is easy to install. The aluminum fixed mount is an exceptional...

 What we like:  This mount is lightweight, easy to port and extremely durable. It is great for capturing action shots during riding, hunting, and other outdoor activities. The mount is simple to use and easy to install and ensures great hands-free videos. It is a highly professional camera mount which lets you adjust its position for optimal perspective. Also, it is compatible with almost all GoPros.

 What we don’t like:  It is overall a good deal but, it is not recommended for people who do not like a high profile model.


How to mount a GoPro to NVG arm?

You must be wondering how to attach a GoPro to the NVG arm on your helmet correctly. Well! It is a very simple and easy process. With the help of GoPro NVG Mounts and Adapters, you can set up your equipment in seconds and are all good to go for your adventure!

how to mount gopro nvg step 1

how to mount gopro nvg step 3

GoPro NVG Mounts provide a secure platform for your action cams so that you can proceed with your ongoing task without any stress. You may adjust the camera in different positions to get varied angle perspectives. The mount lets you be hands-free and ensures a a quite stable held.

Lets have a look at the video below which will guide you with the steps for attaching the GoPro to your helmet using NVG Mount and Adapter.


Now you are just a click away to capture the world using your GoPro!


GoPro NVG Mount – FAQs :

Q : What brand(s) of tactical helmets does the NVG mounts work well with?

Ans : GoPro NVG Mounts allow you to mount your GoPro camera onto any military or police helmet outfitted with a standard NVG (night vision goggle) mounting plate. It supports all GoPro cameras via a standard 3-prong adapter.

Q : Where else are the NVG Mounts used?

Ans : Other than the military and civil services, the GoPro Night Vison Goggle mounts are gaining popularity among professional athletes and TV production companies demanding professional quality HD video capture and rugged durability.


More GoPro Mounts for Awesome shots!

GoPro is all about capturing beautiful memories and letting you revisit them in future ensuring a sense of happiness. The GoPro Mounts are very useful when comes to filming of hands-free, stable footage from different angles. Click on below links to view some other spectacular GoPro mounts.