GoPro is a great option for creating impressive Instagram videos and photos, especially for the breathtaking reels that are so popular nowadays.

But to achieve remarkable results, you should invest some time in configuring your GoPro with the best Instagram settings. And I will help you with that.

In this article, you’ll find some great tips and recommended GoPro settings for Instagram.


Best GoPro Settings for Instagram

Here are the recommended GoPro settings for amazing Instagram photos and videos:

Frame Rate (fps)

Set your GoPro frame rate to 24-30 fps for optimal quality and minimal video size (unless you’re filming for slow-motion effect).

White Balance

White balance determines the ‘color temperature’ of your footage and adjusts the lighting accordingly. It’s usually best to leave this on auto.


Turn this setting on, and it will automatically detect low-light and adjust the fps (frames per second) accordingly if it gets too dark.


Shooting at 2.7k or 1080p is fine for social media, especially if you’re travelling. Although the GoPro’s resolution can be upped to 4k for super high results, it can prove to be extremely demanding for your computer if you wish to do post-production later!

If you’re shooting in slow-motion, leave the resolution at 1080p and up the frames per second to 60fps or more!

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The recommended size for GoPro photos on Instagram is 1080 pixels wide by 1350 pixels tall with an aspect ratio of 4:5. As for videos, the recommended size is 1080 pixels wide by 1350 pixels tall with an aspect ratio of 4:5 or 1:1.

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Can You Use a GoPro for Instagram Live?

gopro instagram live

Currently, only the latest GoPro camera models allow for live streaming on Youtube and Facebook, but it does NOT support live on Instagram yet.

This feature is available on:

  1. HERO 12
  2. HERO 11 Black Mini
  3. HERO 11 Black
  4. HERO 10 Black
  5. HERO 9 Black
  6. HERO 8 Black
  7. HERO 7 Black
  8. MAX



10 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photos & Videos

Here are 10 amazing tips & ideas for GoPro users to improve their Instagram photos and videos:

Keep Videos Short and Make Fast Cuts

gopro live stream

When you upload your exciting videos to Instagram, you would like to make sure that your followers don’t lose interest while watching your content and to keep them engaged. To achieve this, it is recommended that you keep the length of your videos short and make fast cuts.

Also, Instagram has set time limit for the content you upload:

  • For your Instagram profile, it’s from 3 to 60 seconds.
  • For Instagram Stories, it’s 15 seconds.
  • IGTV’s time limit ranges from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. However, if your account is verified, you can upload a video up to 1 hour.

Pro Tip: In case the original video is long you can always use the GoPro App to trim it, and retain only the interesting bits.

Shoot With A Vertical Orientation

taking photo with gopro

Shooting vertical videos with your GoPro lets you fill up all the screen space, which allows for more visibility. So, when you take your GoPro out and about, rotate it by 90 degrees so that it shoots vertical video instead of horizontal, and get ready to capture some amazing shots.

However, bear in mind that rotating your camera in this way will produce a vertical video which you might have to edit in post-production to fit IGTV’s specs regarding the required aspect ratio.

Use High Contrast Images

gopro mouth mount surfing

Hands down, the most important aspects that can make or break a photo are its lighting and contrast. Dark, dimly-lit, and grainy photos with dull colors usually look bad on Instagram. So, always make sure that there’s ample light and strong colors in your images to make them stand out and help you boost your Instagram presence.

Shoot From Uncommon Angles

gopro skating

Finding a location from where you can grab amazing and interactive footage is an incredibly important aspect of shooting your exciting videos with your GoPro.

You must have fun while shooting and look at it as an interesting hobby of yours! Don’t simply shoot the regular POV angle you see in almost every video and picture. It looks boring after a while. So, try to find new and exciting angles for your shots by unleashing your true creative potential.

Add Color Filters

gopro color vs gopro flat

This one’s also important! Adding Instagram color filters have the potential to make your picture and videos look brighter, more colourful and visually much more appealing. Choose the one you like from the various options available and upload the final result.

Also have a look at these color LUT filters for your GoPro photos/videos in order to make them look more cinematic and attractive.

Avoid Shooting at High Resolutions

gopro settings

The minimum resolution that Instagram accepts for IGTV videos is 720p. But, it also has a maximum file size allowed for videos of less than 10 minutes: 650MB. If you shoot your videos at 4k, you might exceed the maximum permissible file size. So, it’s recommended to shoot your videos at 1080p resolution. It’s enough for visually appealing videos on Instagram.

One more reason why we recommend you to stick to 1080p HD and not go for 4K is that it can prove to be extremely demanding for your computer to tackle 4K videos, especially when it comes to editing. As a result, its post-production stage might seem pretty laggy and slow!

 Download The GoPro Quik

gopro quik

You can easily pair your GoPro with your smartphone with the GoPro Quik. I’d say this is a must for editing and uploading your content to Instagram.

The GoPro app allows you to perform various useful GoPro functions pretty conveniently. You can preview your shots and control your GoPro remotely and it’s easy as pie to save and upload images and videos with the app. So, now you can create content on the fly! You can also use this app for your Insta Stories. With a feature called ‘QuikStories’, you can automatically slice up a video for your Insta story, and even add music to it.

It’s indeed a superb way to lift up your Insta-game and keep your followers coming back for another slice of the action!

Go Fisheye

gopro fisheye

The GoPro’s fisheye effect lets you capture extreme wide-angle shots, so you can add more into your shot than ever before. When scrolling through your Instagram feed, a fish-eye photo or video definitely looks eye-catching!

Here are the three main fields of view (FOV) that your GoPro has, with the level of fish eye effect they produce:

  • Wide/Ultra-Wide: 170 degree angle (Big fisheye effect)
  • Medium: 120 degree angle (Slight fisheye effect)
  • Narrow: 90 degree angle (Shoots pretty much like a DSLR camera or your iPhone)

Get The Gear

Apart from being a durable little camera, GoPro is also incredibly versatile. You can capture some amazing shots with plenty of gear and accessories available to help you do it! We recommend you to get the appropriate accessories to capture some mind-blowing scenes from your adventures.

Here are the top three accessories that you can consider:

  1. Selfie-click: It’s perfect for capturing those magical moments featuring yourself.
  2. Tripod: An amazing accessory to let you achieve stable shots, a tripod will also help you shoot epic time lapses, steady shots, or self-timer images.
  3. Body-Mounts: Use these mounts for amazing POV shots and show your followers the world through your eyes!

Under/Over Dome Shot

Are you someone who enjoys exploring the water world? If yes, then GoPro Under/Over Dome Shots will prove to be a total delight for you. This is the shot that simultaneously captures both above and below the water. It looks simply incredible and would definitely be appealing for your Instagram followers!

So, on your next vacation, pack this fabulous underwater accessory along to capture some stunning memories.

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How Do I Resize a GoPro Video for Instagram?

To resize a GoPro video for Instagram, you can use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie. Here are the steps:

  1. Import the GoPro video into your video editing software.
  2. Create a new sequence with the correct Instagram aspect ratio of 1:1 or 4:5.
  3. Drag the GoPro video onto the sequence timeline.
  4. Scale the video to fit the sequence frame by selecting the video clip and adjusting its size.
  5. Export the video in a suitable format for Instagram, such as MP4.

Alternatively, you can use an app like InShot or Video Crop to quickly resize the video on your mobile device before uploading it to Instagram.

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What Are The Best GoPro Instagram Settings?

The best GoPro Instagram settings will depend on your personal preferences and the type of content you are trying to create. However, a good starting point is to shoot in 1080p or 4K resolution, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a frame rate of 60fps or higher for smooth video.



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