Are you someone who enjoys exploring the water world?

If yes, then GoPro Dome for Epic Over/Underwater photos will prove to be a total delight for you. On your next vacation, pack this fabulous underwater accessory along, and capture some stunning memories for life!

Before you dive in and start taking amazing split photo shots, let’s have an overview on how, when and where these GoPro domes work the best…


5 Best GoPro Underwater Domes

GoPro Domes allow you to capture really creative shots. There are multiple options available in the market to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the best GoPro Underwater Domes in demand today…

#1: FEIMUOSI Dome Port for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9

Feimuosi is uderwater protective diving dome with trigger pistol, anti fog insert and floaty hand grip. 

It is an affordable and highly user friendly dome port for all.

Dome Port for GoPro,Waterproof Housing Case Compatible with GoPro Hero 9 10 11 Black Underwater Protective Diving Dome GoPro Lens Accessories with Trigge Pistol an-ti Fog Insert (for GoPro Nine Dome)
735 Reviews
Dome Port for GoPro,Waterproof Housing Case Compatible with GoPro Hero 9 10 11 Black Underwater Protective Diving Dome GoPro Lens Accessories with Trigge Pistol an-ti Fog Insert (for GoPro Nine Dome)
  • IDEAL Dome Port FOR GoPro Hero9 10 11 BLACK: Compatible with GoPro HERO9 10 11...
  • Half-Water Half-Day Shooting: Our GoPro diving dome lens can be used to take water...
  • 180-degree wide-angle lens design: With the 180-degree wide-angle lens design, this...

What we like: This product consists of a dome, soft velvet bag for dome, plastic wrench, cleaning cloth, screws, pistol trigger, floating hand grip and hand strap. dome supports quick installation and easy in-out mechanism. Its lens pushes away the water well, prevents leakage and enables you to capture unique over/under water shots. The floating handle is attached to the bottom of the GoPro housing.

What we don’t like: This is a great product that comes at a good price, but it is a little brittle. Also, it requires extra care while storing, to avoid scratches/breakage.

#2: Dome Port with Pistol Trigger by Telesin

The Dome Port with Pistol Trigger by Telesin is designed to capture amazing split-level, immersive pictures with an impressive trigger function for ease and quality results.

TELESIN Dome Port with Pistol Trigger T05-for GoPro Hero 7,Hero2018, Hero 6, Hero 5 Black
147 Reviews
TELESIN Dome Port with Pistol Trigger T05-for GoPro Hero 7,Hero2018, Hero 6, Hero 5 Black
  • DESIGNED FOR GOPRO HERO 2018, HERO 5, 6, BLACK: Made to provide superior optical...
  • ABOVE & BELOW WATER SHOTS: Moving the waterline away from the lens makes it possible...
  • HIGH QUALITY DOME: The crystal clear, acrylic, wide- angle lens offers high...

What we like: This dome port is a great deal for capturing wide angle shots with utmost ease and comfort. It includes a crystal clear glass dome, rubber coated floating hand grip for added comfort and stability, protective cover and a pistol trigger for single handed operation of camera with point and shoot function. The dome is perfect for underwater photography, snorkeling, and water sports.

What we don’t like: The only drawback of this dome is: Caution needs to be taken while locking the latch tightly, in order to avoid leakage.

#3: Dome Port (6th Gen) by Shoot

The Shoot Dome Port (6th Gen) is made of high quality material and offers excellent visibility to capture detailed objects even in great depths.

No products found.

What we like: This 6” wide angle dome lens is waterproof up to 98 ft. It is made of arciyic material with a unique lens hood to shade the lens of the dome. The dome can capture amazing split shots with built-in 10 close-up macro filter. Also, the red filter provides color correction in clear water so that the shots are detailed as well as of supreme quality. The durable plastic floating trigger adds to the ease of shooting great immersive footage.

What we don’t like: The installation is a bit of a hassle, and some users say that this product is too buoyant.

#4: TELESIN Dome Port for Hero 12/11/10/9

It is a stylish, hand-held floating grip with a well made dome lens to capture stunning split-shots that you can use while doing your various water activities.

TELESIN Dome Port for GoPro Hero 12 Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Black, Waterproof Housing Case Underwater Diving Snorkeling Protector w Floating Handle Grip Hand Strap for Go Pro 12 11 10 9 Accessories
  • 【DESIGNED FOR GOPRO HERO 12/11/10/9 Black】TELESIN 6'' Dome Port is Specially...
  • 【PROVIDE EXCELLENT ABOVE/BELOW WATER SHOOTING】Moving the waterline away from the...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY PARTS】Made of quality PC+Acrylic, high transparent material to...

What we like: It is a fairly affordable dome lens made of high quality material to prevent leakage and breakage. A floaty bobber with wrist strap serves as a handle for tight grip and security. The footage is highly stable and of good quality. Pistol trigger and anti-fog inserts enable us to click shots with ease and clarity.

What we don’t like: The material is a little flimsy to touch. This product’s fast-moving objects tend to look blurry with the dome due to the product’s inability to keep water off for long durations.

#5:  Six (6) inch Waterproof Dome Port by QiuNiu

This is an innovative gear which allows you to capture non-distorted images and videos both above and under the waterline by keeping your camera secure.

Six (6) inch Multimode Waterproof Dome Port for GoPro Hero 9 Black with Waterproof Housing, Shutter Trigger, 10x Magnifier and Red Filter - Waterproof up to 45 Meters
28 Reviews
Six (6) inch Multimode Waterproof Dome Port for GoPro Hero 9 Black with Waterproof Housing, Shutter Trigger, 10x Magnifier and Red Filter - Waterproof up to 45 Meters
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 9 Black Camera; use this Dome Port to capture unique...
  • Complete waterproof design - promises all-over protection for up to 147 feet...
  • Built-in 10x magnifier and red filter with an easy-to-use knob to switch between...

What we like: A sleek, stylish, completely waterproof design made with comfortable rubber grip and glass dome. It is easy to clean and install. Front LCD view window and easy switch on-off ensures quick accessibility. The grip is strong due to the well designed floating-hand gear providing good stability to capture split-shots in water.

What we don’t like: The design is nice and easy to assemble but a little caution is required while storing the dome to avoid scratches.


Who is the GoPro Dome for?

Dome ports help in aligning your GoPro with the level of water by using a bubble lens. The lens pushes the water away from the camera, and helps capture stunning split shots. So, you don’t need to be a professional to capture the perfect shot with an underwater dome.

With the GoPro Dome Port you will be able to have a clear view of both worlds: underwater and over.

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So your creativity is the limit. This accessory is perfect for anyone looking to capture these creative over/under water photos with no effort.

gopro under over water photo

If you see something eye-catching above and below the water while diving, swimming, kayaking etc., GoPro Dome works wonders to record that mesmerising moment for you. It gives best results in still water or water with less movement.


How to Take Over-Under Photos with GoPro Dome

So, before you grab your Dome port and dive in to make some thrilling, fun memories, here are a few steps which will guide you on how you can film above and below water with your GoPro Dome:

  1. Assemble your GoPro Dome and tightly lock the latch to avoid leakage.
  2. Before you enter the sea, do a little practice on gripping the dome port for correct alignment in a bathtub or a pool.
  3. After you get a hold of the functioning, dive in and set your camera field of view.
  4. Stabilize the camera and choose your desired angle from amongst the following:
    • Traditional FiftyFifty – By placing your dome lens half above and half below the water. Perpendicular to the waterline.
    • Fish Bowl – Angle your dome lens 70% below the water and 30% above for capturing deep water views.
    • Submarine – It is a complete opposite of the above, angle your dome lens 70% above water and 30% below for wide above sea level views.

Imagine a story you want to capture and let your creative side do the remaining work!

Pro Tip: Set your GoPro to ‘burst mode’ for best results. Also, avoid shooting at sunset and try to shoot mid-day when the light is good above and penetrates well below the waterline.

If you are interested in understanding a bit more about PolarPro Dome and how to shoot stunning split-shots over and under the waterline, do check this video by Polarpro.

How to shoot with a GoPro DOME / 5 Tips in 5 Minutes


Not ready for buying GoPro Dome?

Check out this lenses for amazing quality of your underwater shots!

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For all the divers, snorkelers and water lovers, check this article to learn about shooting underwater. It also has info about the various settings and accessories for the same.


Which GoPro Dome Do You Choose?

After exploring these top 5 GoPro domes, it’s evident that capturing those breathtaking over/underwater photos is now more accessible than ever. Each dome offers unique features, catering to different preferences and budgets. By selecting the right GoPro dome for your needs, you can elevate your photography skills and take awe-inspiring images that showcase the beauty of both worlds – above and below the water’s surface.

So, gear up and dive into the world of stunning over/underwater photography with your GoPro and chosen dome, creating unforgettable memories along the way!





Enjoy your GoPro adventures!

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