The size for Instagram posts depends on what you want to share: a story, reel, photo, or video.

Post sizes on Instagram tend to change constantly, especially for images.

That’s why I’ve created this post.

In this article, you’ll get full information about the permissible sizes for Instagram posts.


Instagram Post Size – Images

Your favorite image-sharing platform Instagram allows you to post images that can be square, landscape, or vertical. However, the images will be cropped to a square in the feed. Here are the ideal Instagram post sizes:

  • If you’re posting a square image, the ideal size for that would be 1080px by 1080px at a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • For landscape posts, the ideal image size is 1080px by 566px, with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1.
  • Vertical images should be sized at 1080px by 1350px with a 4:5 aspect ratio.

size for instagram posts

Note that when you share a photo that has a width between 320 and 1080 pixels, Instagram keeps that photo at its original resolution as long as the photo’s aspect ratio is between 1.91:1 and 4:5 (a height between 566 and 1350 pixels with a width of 1080 pixels). But, if the aspect ratio of your photo isn’t supported, it will be cropped to fit a supported ratio.

instagram logoIn case you share a photo at a lower resolution, Instagram enlarges it to a width of 320 pixels. On the other hand, if you share a photo at a higher resolution, it is sized down to a width of 1080 pixels.

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Instagram Videos Size

When it comes to videos, Instagram allows you to post videos that are the same size as the image posts found above – anywhere between a 1.91:1 to 4:5 aspect ratio. The ideal horizontal video size is a 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s the format most smartphones record in so that when you turn your phone sideways, your video appears most naturally.

Just make sure that your videos are no larger than 4 GB. Instagram video posts can be up to 60 seconds long.

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Instagram Stories Size 

Instagram stories are a wonderful tool to connect with your audiences. You can post stories to your brand’s page to start a conversation, and promote your stories as an ad to connect with new communities. What’s more, adding hashtags, locations, user tags, or live sticker campaigns makes your story appear to even more viewers.

instagram story

When it comes to stories, here are the specifications of the post size allowed by Instagram:

  • Images and videos can be manually cropped and sized to fit a story. The recommended size for a full-screen story is 1080px by 1920px at a 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Images will display for five seconds as an Instagram story.
  • Videos, on the other hand, will display in 15-second increments. So, if you have recorded a video for a full minute, you can divide it into four 15-second parts.


Instagram Reels Size 

Instagram Reels are entertaining, immersive videos where you can creatively express your brand story, educate your audience, and get discovered by people. People come to Reels to participate in cultural trends, collaborate with the community and discover new ideas. Reels are shared in your feed and can be found on your profile grid under its tab.

instagram reels

Here are the specifications of Instagram Reels:

  • Instagram wants Reels to display full screen. So, opt for a video that is sized at 1080px by 1920px for a 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • You can also upload landscape videos with the same dimensions. They will appear in landscape mode normally but will enter the full-screen mode to be viewed while holding your smartphone sideways when you press the expand button.
  • In your feed, Reels will appear at a 4:5 aspect ratio.
  • In your Instagram grid, Reels will appear with a 1:1 aspect ratio.



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