If you’re looking for the GoPro Hero 8 night video settings, you’ve come to the right spot!

With a little adjustment of some settings, you can be sure to be amazed by the quality footage that the GoPro Hero 8 can shoot even at night time.

Also, there is a considerable improvement seen in the Hero 8 over the previous versions in terms of low light performance.

In this article, you’ll find the best settings which can work wonders for nighttime videos with your GoPro Hero 8.


Best GoPro HERO 8 Night Video Settings 

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GoPro HERO 8 is a fine camera when it comes to features, technology, usability, and overall quality. It is a good choice for all vloggers. The wide range of video settings it offers allows us to shoot varied shots.

Shooting at night can be a little tricky. But, with the right choice of settings, you can capture some memorable footage. Let’s look at the recommended GoPro HERO 8 Night Video Settings below.

  • Resolution/FPS: 4K/24fps
  • Lens: SuperView
  • HyperSmooth: On
  • Bit Rate: High
  • Shutter Speed: 1/48s
  • White Balance: Auto
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 800
  • Sharpness: Medium
  • Color: GoPro


GoPro Hero 8 Night Video Settings Detailed

Here are some of the pointers you must consider to obtain the best night-time GoPro footage:

Keep the ISO and Frame Rate as Low as Possible

ISO level is of great importance when comes to shooting nighttime footage. The preferable range is setting the ISO min at 100 and ISO max at 800 in low light conditions. They do make the scene brighter but anything higher than the given ISO levels may cause too much noise. Thus, low ISO levels are recommended along with a low frame rate. The most suitable frame rate is 24fps for night shooting. It will certainly help you in getting the desired footage.

Choose SuperView Instead of Wide

Of the two views, SuperView and WideView, Super View is preferred more as it uses a full sensor and there is no cropping whereas, the latter does a crop. The cropping can lead to higher noise levels in the resulting footage and hence, the output may not be as desired. So, for better videos at night, you can use Super View instead of the Wide View mode.

Use GoPro Color

Choosing the right color profile is necessary while shooting nighttime videos. When the color profile is set to Flat in low light conditions, the GoPro action camera tends to brighten the shadows which leads to higher noise levels. But, if you set the profile to GoPro Color during nighttime shoots, the camera omits the brightening of shadows and thus the noise levels are low. So, for overall quality footage, GoPro Color should be preferred in low light conditions.

Shutter Speed Should be Twice the Frame Rate

Shutter Speed is another important aspect to pay attention to if you wish to obtain stable and clear footage at night shoot. The rule to note here is that the shutter speed should be twice the frame rate. In this way, the output footage is clearer and better. If you are shooting a video at 24fps then the shutter speed should be 1/48 or so. In case, the mentioned rule is not followed, it may result in footage that is way too bright or the final footage will be unstable and blurry.

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