Stai cercando una GoPro tripod? Then you’ve just landed in the right place! In this article I review the best tripods for GoPro camera that you can use to take steady shots wherever you go.

But, before to dive into the review, let’s have a look at the different types of tripods that you can get on the market today.


Types of GoPro Tripod

In this table you’ll find the most common types of tripods.

Ball HeadsThese types of Tripods are famous tripod head for photography lovers
Pan & Tilt HeadsThere are 2 axises available in these Tripods, which helps you tilt the camera
Fluid HeadsIt is most useful for video recording due to the combination of Ball and Pan's heads
Pistol Grip HeadsIt is like the ball head tripod, a grip is available to hold it
Gimbal HeadsGimbal heads help in holding the lenses in the center

How Do You Choose Your GoPro Tripod?

The choice of tripod strictly depends upon its use. If you are planning to move and travel a lot with your GoPro and its gear, then you’d rather choose something lightweight and small. There are some practical GoPro tripods which can extend and flex, like the GoPro 3 Way Arm that I like a lot. But, if you need more stability (ideal in windy places) then I’d suggest standard tripods for bigger cameras, which can be also used with GoPros.

treppiede gopro

Fluid head tripods are perfect for shooting videos as you can pan and tilt the tripod’s head while recording, while fixed tripods (ball heads) are ideal for fotografia.

Now let’s have a look at the best GoPro Tripods available on Amazon today.


7 Best Tripods for GoPro

#1. GoPro 3 Way Grip Arm Tripod

The design of GoPro 3-Way is providing Grip to the camera, Extension to the arm. It is also very popular as a Mini tripod. The extendable size of this tripod is 20 Inches, and it remains 7.5 Inches after folding it out. The main feature of this tripod is the foldable and helpful extension arm while taking shots. In addition, you can remove it completely whenever you want.

GoPro 3-Way Grip, braccio, treppiede...
5,907 Reviews
GoPro 3-Way Grip, braccio, treppiede...
  • 3 in un unico disegno: Può essere usato come impugnatura per la fotocamera, braccio di prolunga o treppiede per...
  • La maniglia funge anche da impugnatura: Il manico può essere staccato dal braccio e usato come...
  • Treppiede conservato all'interno della maniglia: All'interno del manico c'è un piccolo treppiede che può essere rimosso...


  • You can dismantle it completely.
  • Sturdy Tripod, you can fit it tight.
  • It makes the arm invisible while taking a selfie.


  • Too expensive.
  • Lacking inbuilt button if needs click for a selfie.

#2. GoPro Mini Tripod

This Mini Tripod is a lightweight tool in comparison to other Tripods. The minimal weight is the key feature, which is making it easy to carry out. It’s good for the outing; you can bring this with you all the time while traveling. Also, this tripod is small but capable to capture awesome photos and can make clear shots.

GoPro Shorty Mini bastone estendibile + treppiede
4,806 Reviews
GoPro Shorty Mini bastone estendibile + treppiede
  • GoPro Shorty (4. 6in, 11. 7cm) è il selfie stick perfetto per...
  • Estendere shorty fino a 8. 9in (22. 7cm) per scatti di gruppo, selfies e altri difficili da raggiungere...
  • Puntello di sostegno su qualsiasi superficie piana con il suo treppiede incorporato


  • It is very lightweight
  • The use of plastic makes it easy to handle
  • On a budget


  • Quite small

#3. GoPro Flexible Tripod

The Flexible Tripod is useful along with GorillaPod. This tripod has the “Ball Head”, and you can use this for various purposes. The flexible body and lightweight enables you the take shots without any limit. To record videos, it is the best accessory you ever have. Hence, the Flexible Tripod is the ultimate product you can select while looking for Flexible tripods.

Acuvar 12' Inch Flexible Tripod...
1,809 Reviews
Acuvar 12" Inch Flexible Tripod...
  • 12" Inch Flexible Tripod w/ Wrapable Legs
  • Piastra a sgancio rapido
  • Tripod Mount Adapter for GoPro HERO Cameras


  • Good tripod at a low price


  • It seems a bit fragile when fully extended

#4. GoPro Selfie Stick Tripod

This GoPro tripod works as a bastone da selfie as well. The design of this product allows you to use your GoPro as a vlogging camera. Its compact design makes it one of the most useful travel accessories for adventurers.

Yunteng 40 Inch Selfie Stick,...
1,168 Reviews
Yunteng 40 Inch Selfie Stick,...
  • 3 In 1 Compact Design: YUNTENG Brand - Selfie Stick mode, Tabletop Tripod mode,...
  • One-touch Shooting: Wireless Remote Control Selfie Stick with Removable Shutter, You...
  • Widely Use: Compact Selfie Stick Tripod is Suitable for Universal Cellphones, Such as...


  • Good extension
  • It has more than one attachment
  • Good price


  • A bit bulky
  • You cannot detach tripod from the pole

#5. GoPro Adjustable Tripod

This little GoPro tripod is can also work as a stick. It’s durable, sturdy and lightweight. When folded, it’s only 6.2inch in size. I found it to be perfect for traveling and vlogging.

CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod: Go...
84 recensioni
CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod: Go...
  • OFFICIAL MINI TRIPOD FOR OSMO ACTION: Less shaky video with it. Detachable &...
  • SMALL TRIPOD WITH COMPACT DESIGN:The folded size is 6.2inch. Very handy, portable and...


  • Durable metal body
  • Nice lightweight design


  • It’s quite small. Not ideal for windy places

#6. Underwater Tripod GoPro

The unique design of this underwater tripod as well as its water resistance, makes this tripod/selfie stick very interesting for sea lovers. It has an extendable tripod pole for mobile phones and cameras. In addition, it has three main sections and one handle of 3.9 inches length. Additionally, the “Skid Resistance” materials prevents it from slipping from wet hands.

Taisioner Mini Selfie Stick Tripod...
973 Reviews
Taisioner Mini Selfie Stick Tripod...
  • ☆ Special design which not only could be selfie stick, but also could be...
  • ☆ The extender make of ABS material, each section is 1.44 inches ( total 3...
  • ☆ The handle & tripod base mount has the skid resistance of material, which...


  • The adapter is excellent for a threaded mount
  • The Smartphone holder/clamp


  • You have to remove the outer case to attach this tripod

#7. GoPro Gorilla Tripod

Gorilla tripods are ideal for attaching your GoPro camera anywhere you’d like due to it flexible legs. Gorilla tripods can be easily attached to trees, bars and can also work as small selfie sticks.

JOBY GorillaPod azione video treppiede...
1,460 Reviews
JOBY GorillaPod azione video treppiede...
  • Treppiede flessibile facile da usare per videocamere d'azione come GoPro HERO6 Black, GoPro...
  • Configurazione rapida: Viene fornito con due clip a sgancio rapido-Mount per GoPro e...
  • Controllo preciso con la testa a sfera integrata Orienta rapidamente la tua action camera con 90°...


  • Good price
  • Nice design
  • Very practical tripod


  • The flexible plastic legs seem a bit fragile (they could become loose after a while)


Spero che questi consigli vi siano stati utili! Se è così, per favore condividilo con i vostri amici e colleghi 😊