Drones these days have given a different perspective to photography. The beautiful aerial views and the stunning videos even in extreme conditions are now just a click away. With the introduction of drones, the world of capture has found new magic. DJI focuses on making this world accessible to not just professionals but beginners as well. They have launched such drones which are not only portable but also pocket-friendly as compared to others.

DJI Mini SE and DJI Mini 2 are two talked-about drones for beginners. They not only are easy to access and understand but the price, weight, and functionalities make them even more eye-catching. Both these drones may look similar on the outside but have a lot of differences which you will get to know as you read on.

In this post, you will find a detailed comparison between the two Mini drones, especially for beginners.

DJI mini vs mini SE


DJI Mini SE versus DJI Mini 2: Specifications

Let’s have a look at the difference between the specifications of these two devices. Following are the key specs of DJI Mini SE and DJI Mini 2.

Specifications DJI Mini SEDJI Mini 2
Max Flight Time30 minutes31 minutes
Max Speed46 KM/h57 KM/h
Camera Sensor1/2.3” CMOS1/2.3” CMOS
Photo Performance12 MP12 MP
Video Performance2.7K/30fps
Video TransmissionEnhanced Wi-FiOcuSync 2.0
Max Video Range4 KM10 KM

If you can spend a few extra bucks, then DJI Mini 2 will be the perfect pick for you.

DJI Mini 2 – Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera, 12MP Photo, 31 Mins Flight Time, OcuSync 2.0 10km HD Video Transmission, QuickShots Gray
4,056 Reviews
DJI Mini 2 – Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera, 12MP Photo, 31 Mins Flight Time, OcuSync 2.0 10km HD Video Transmission, QuickShots Gray
  • 【PACK LIGHT, FLY FREE】: at less than 249 g, it weighs about as much as an apple...
  • 【3-AXIS GIMBAL WITH 4K CAMERA】: a 12mp camera in the sky delivers content...
  • 【OCUSYNC 2.0 VIDEO TRANSMISSION】: mini 2 supports up to 10km of hd video...

But if you can compromise on a few parameters like 4K resolution videos and lack of raw photo mode, then DJI Mini SE is a pocket-friendly choice.

DJI Mini SE, Drone Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal, 2.7K Camera, GPS, 30 Mins Flight Time, Reduced Weight, Less Than 249g, Improved Scale 5 Wind Resistance, Return to Home, for Drone Beginners, Gray
5,327 Reviews
DJI Mini SE, Drone Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal, 2.7K Camera, GPS, 30 Mins Flight Time, Reduced Weight, Less Than 249g, Improved Scale 5 Wind Resistance, Return to Home, for Drone Beginners, Gray
  • Light as a Smartphone - Weighing less than 0 55lbs / 249 grams, DJI Mini SE is...
  • Capture on the Go - The lightweight and powerful DJI Mini SE camera drone is the...
  • More Time in the Sky - DJI Mini SE's weight allows it to stay in the air longer than...

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DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2: What’s The Best Drone For Beginners?

If you are an adventure enthusiast and are looking for a drone to capture spectacular views from the air, then you have landed at the right place. This guide will help you out choosing a companion for you to make your henceforth journey all the more fun. For all the amazing photographers and videographers who have just started exploring the world of aerial photography, here’s your chance to numb the world with your creations.

DJI Mini SE is a wonderful choice for beginner photographers and videographers. It is the company’s smallest, cheapest and lightest drone yet. The DJI Mini 2, on the other hand, is also equally light and is equipped with all professional features to make your regular experiences look magnificent. Let’s compare the most prominent features of these two models.

#1. Weight and Size

DJI Mini SE and DJI Mini 2 are both company’s lightest, most portable drones made yet. They are comparable to carrying a smartphone with you. As mentioned above, both are super light in weight, that is, under 249 grams. Hence, you can carry them anywhere and everywhere. Both the drones come with a foldable design. So, be ready to climb the highest peaks or stroll along the seaside for hours without having to worry about the extra baggage. Both these drones will come in handy so you can capture your heart’s content.

#2. Image and Video Resolution

Image and Video Resolution are important features when you think of buying a drone. Both DJI Mini SE and Mini 2 ensure stable and clear footage. On one hand where DJI Mini SE can only shoot videos at 2.7K resolution at up to 30 frames per second (60 when the resolution is switched to 1080p), DJI Mini 2 can shoot 4K high-resolution HD video at up to 30 frames per second.

If we talk about capturing photos, both drones ensure 12 megapixels of good quality shots. But the difference is DJI Mini SE does not include raw photo mode which is present in DJI Mini 2. DJI Mini SE comes with a fixed focus lens to focus sharply on all subjects at varying distances. DJI Mini 2, on other hand, has a 4x digital zoom lens which allows you to capture all stunning details with utmost ease.

#3. Gimbal Technology

An amazing plus to both DJI Mini SE and DJI Mini 2 is 3-axis motorized gimbal. This feature ensures steady and stable footage. You can be sure of carrying any of these two drones on your most exciting adventures and be stunned by the clarity of the beautiful videos and photos.

#4. Flight Range, Speed, and Time

The real magic happens in the air. As long as your drone stays in the air, it can capture incredible views which we can never observe with our naked eyes. Whether you are climbing rough mountain terrains or relaxing along a windy beachside. DJI Mini SE and DJI Mini 2 will prove to be your perfect partners. With a 3-axis motorized gimbal and dual-frequency system, they can provide stable and reliable footage for a long period.

There is a minor difference in the Flight Time for which they can remain in the air. DJI Mini SE can stretch up to 30 minutes and DJI Mini 2, a little more for up to 31 minutes. A striking feature of DJI Mini 2 is its Flight Range. Where DJI Mini SE can transmit video up to 4KM, DJI Mini 2 due to the OcuSync 2.0, DJI’s revolutionary video transmission system, can transmit video up to a range of 10KM!

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#5. Maximum Altitude and Wind Resistance

DJI Mini SE can take off from a maximum altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, whereas the DJI Mini 2 can take off from 4000 meters above sea level. Both the drones are capable of resisting approximately 38kph winds. Thus, you can sit back and relax even in the windy conditions and look forward to a stable, consistent recording. 

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Which One Will You Choose: Mini SE or Mini 2?

By now, we have circled almost all the functionalities of these two popular drones – DJI Mini SE and DJI Mini 2. For a more professional lookout and high-end resolution videography, Mini 2 seems to be a great choice for beginners. The multiple formats to easily store and transmit footage make it an awesome pick. If you are ready to chip in a little extra for the fun-filled adventures, then DJI Mini 2 is our recommended choice.

But, if you are looking for a more pocket-friendly drone to start up your journey as an adventure photographer, then DJI Mini SE would serve the purpose well.

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