Insta360 App is like a magic tool that enables you to create some creative and amazing footage. It is very simple to download and use for different models of insta360 cameras. The insta360 app acts as a companion for professional creators, athletes, and adventure enthusiasts. It has multiple features that let you edit the footage in more than one way. Be it on your phone, desktop, or tablet, the insta360 App can work well with any of them!

Insta360 makes use of AI to find your best shots and edit them together in a go. Editing was never so much fun before! The app is super easy to understand and work on. It works well with both Android and iOS and has the same features for both versions.

In this article, you will get to know the steps to download the companion app and how to use it.


insta360 APP 2022: Download Link + How to Use it

The Insta360 App is compatible with different camera models like Insta360 One X2, Insta360 One R, Insta360 One X, and Insta360 Go 2. As they use the same interface, it is easier to combine the footage of different models. You can check out the latest version of this app at the official insta360 site as well. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

  • For all iOS users: You can download the App from App Store by searching the keyword “Insta360 App”
  • For all Android users: You can download the App from Google Play Store or App Gallery using the same keyword.
  • Insta360 has officially launched Insta360 Studio for ONE X, a desktop editing application for its 360-degree camera. You can download the same here.

Alternatively, you can download the compatible App with your insta360 camera model from the official insta360 website here and follow the steps: Go to Downloads > Choose your insta360 camera model > Find insta360 Studio > Download the version for your operating system > install.


System Requirements

The first thing is to check the system requirements if your device is unable to install the App. Below mentioned are the basic requirements to install the companion App.

  • For iOS users: iOS devices with A7 or above processor, such as iPhone 6 and above, iPad Air/Mini2 and above, iPod Touch 6. The iOS version requires 8.0 and above.
  • For Android users: Android 5.0 or above, recommend using mobile type released after 2016.
  • For Desktop – Windows/Mac: Check out the below table
Operating SystemWindows 7 sp1 or highermacOS 10.13 or higher
ProcessorAMD or Intel mainstream processor within the last 2 yearsAMD or Intel mainstream processor within the last 2 years
RAM16G or higher16G or higher
Main HardDiskSSD 128GB or higherSSD 128GB or higher
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce GTX 1060(6GB) and aboveMainstream processor within the last 2 years

After you have checked the system requirements and are ready to install the app, the next step is to connect your insta360 camera with your insta360 App. Switch on your camera. Now, open your App on the device and click on the center camera button at the bottom bar of the App. You will get a pop-up to connect to the Wifi and once you hit “Join”, the camera connects to the App in a few seconds.


How To Use Insta360 App?

Here we are, at the most interesting step. After you are done installing and connecting your App with your camera, we come to the part of using it with our device. There are two ways to import the footage to the App from your system:

  • Drag the file to Footage Panel.
  • Select File > Open Files/Open Folder, select the footage or folder, and open.

The footage that has been imported is ready to be viewed from the Footage panel on the left of the Studio. You can start editing your footage by choosing the desired mode from the icon in the bottom left of the Play Window. Choose the basic settings which include Stabilization, Stitching, and Logo settings. After that, the processing of Images and Audio begins. You can edit, trim or share the footage using different options available in the menu.

Alternatively, use the App to edit the videos and photos on your smartphone. Follow the steps below :

  • Once the App is connected to your device, filming can start by clicking on the camera icon.
  • At the bottom, you see the Video and Photo mode. Choose anyone.
  • Select desired sub-modes that you want from the settings icon to film in.
  • You can view the footage from the Gallery Tab ( Tap on the Album Tab ).
  • Local shows videos and photos that have been downloaded on the App and the Camera shows all data from the insta360.
  • Lastly, you can get your creative side out by choosing different settings, modes, filters, graphics, and music to make the footage look more appealing.
  • You can edit the data without even downloading it that is directly from the Camera and share.


Updated Features of the App

The App keeps updating after every few months and the new update this time has some amazing additions which will make the editing workflow all the more easy and more fun.

Below mentioned are some of the updated features:

  • Faster loading of videos (3 to 5 times faster view)
  • Faster exporting of videos (exporting time has been reduced to almost half)
  • New Camera Controls  (the view of controls is more compiled and intuitive)
  • New Flashcut templates (new music clips with updated animated text and graphics)
  • New updates in Story Editing mode (new mode lets you combine photos and videos from noninsta360 cameras as well with one audio track)


So, When Are You Going To Download Yours?

The insta360 App is very convenient and easy to use. You can enjoy editing with the numerous options available now. The main reason to use the insta360 App is the Remote Control Access. It enables you to control the footage even when you are away from the camera. Also, it is a faster way of viewing and editing the data and it provides a Live Preview. So, download your app now and get started with the journey to awesomeness!


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